1 corinthians 6:19 commentary

Was the soul formed in the image of God? The objects of our faith furnish motives for duty; and duty cannot be rightly per- formed unless under the influence of the belief of these doctrines. Does not Justice demand this dedication?2. )Our bodies should glorify GodThe employment of the parable may be traced, says Dr. Wright, to Hillel, the great rabbi, who died a few years before the Christian era. (4) By resignation; if we be His, may He not do what He will with His own? "What special commandment?" So I am only doing my duty. To talk of how we feel, or what we think concerning Christ, is an idle tale. Let your devotedness to God be entire. you for a while. God that are most difficult to understand. Faith restores to it a more elevated guardian — self-respect as being brought by Christ the organ of the Spirit and temple of God. God. Such honour does God give everywhere to the body.II. YOUR STATE.1. )Our bodies should glorify GodThe employment of the parable may be traced, says Dr. Wright, to Hillel, the great rabbi, who died a few years before the Christian era. "To bathe myself in the bathhouse," said Hillel. If thou Wilt not glorify His holiness by thy obedience, thou shalt glorify His justice by thy perdition.3. It is not only disobedience and ingratitude, but robbery of the worst kind.2. He redeemed me! But I exhort you to covet the spirit of love as your own personal possession. He has bought us and set us free. The moment we hold this fact beside the other that fornication desecrates our body as does no other sinful act, the true character of this vicious sin becomes clear to us. They carry the light of hope on their brow, and that is what they call their religion; whereas, I understand religion to be this: the right carriage of body and soul, all together. We must bow down before Him, and by external actions manifest our reverence, and praise Him with our lips. v22 Because of Adam we all die. Does not Justice demand this dedication?2. Go to the National Gallery, and the artist's work, in each case, may be said to " glorify " him. (4) By resignation; if we be His, may He not do what He will with His own? And more than many people think a clean body is a help to purity of heart. 13-20; 1 Corinthians 3:17-23).II. (a) All the institutions demand the employment of our bodies. (2)Thou degradest God too, and exaltest something above Him.2. And that is its beneficence and its glory. We must bow down before Him, and by external actions manifest our reverence, and praise Him with our lips. And it must be redeemed. What was the result of this habit? It has meanwhile become the property of another. *Yeast is a tiny substance. Perhaps the other Who can imagine that God is to be glorified in the spirit while the will opposes Him? Such being, then, the body, we should pray about our bodies as much as about our souls. Take care of your mouth. 13), and bringing it into His house, and consecrating it to Him as His temple to be kept holy.2. Though we were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, the transaction was none the less real and effective.2. - Nothing can be more evident than that the writers of the New Testament often use ὁ κοσμος, the world, to signify the Jewish people; and sometimes the Roman empire, and the Jewish state; and in the former sense it is often used by our Lord. v5 There are different ways to serve. (1)By a most devout adoration of His infinite perfections. But everybody does think. They will not let the things of God circle their brains, stimulate their lives, or influence their conduct. To glorify God is to think of God. "Glorify God" with it. To glorify God is to think of God. A consideration which robs thousands of all their pretensions to excellence! Paul used words from Exodus 12:23 when he spoke about the ‘*angel of death’. If that were turned against the man who designed it, or discovered it, would not every right-minded person cry "shame"? into the tube. "Ye are Christ's." Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost - What an astonishing saying is this! Consider —(a)The price He paid infinitely exceeds the value of all that thou art and hast. was not the time to make important changes in their lives. The root of all lies in having the heart for God.(J. Our body, like everything else about us, was forfeited; just like a thing that has been put in pawn. Body and spirit include the whole man. (2) By gratitude; He has given us all back again with great advantage. Men think about life and society, about dress and manners, about literature and science, about history and politics. And as the design of glorifying God, and a regard to His will and authority in prosecuting or fulfilling that design, are necessary if we would glorify Him indeed, so further in our regard to His will we must beware lest we mistake that will. You have surrendered as believers your right and property in yourselves, for —(1)You live, whereas you were dead. On the title-page is the name of the man who wrote it; at the foot of the page, the name of the man who published it; on the other side of the page, or at the end of the book, the name of the man who printed it; on a little label inside the board at the end, the name of the man who bound it; and on another, inside the board at the beginning, the man of the man who sold it. That is the culminating point even of an apostle's motive.II. Self is a dethroned tyrant. Verses 1-2 The book of Exodus (chapters 13-17) and Psalm This is practical religion; it answers the requirements of our blessed Lord that we do His commandments. And the tongue! Consider here —I. Which portion is it which is to be unconsecrated? in a church meeting, he would only use words that people could understand. We must glorify God —1. who can behold a believer walking through the valley of the shadow of death without seeing that God is glorified?(M. In the Midrash on Leviticus 25:39, it is related that his scholars asked Hillel one day where he was going. In the days of slavery, when one had bought a slave, he regarded that man's body, and all that the body could do, as his. Attacks have often been made upon the doctrine of redemption, for it is well known to be the Redan of the gospel. And those knees. In the Midrash on Leviticus 25:39, it is related that his scholars asked Hillel one day where he was going. How can you determine your actual interest in this redemption, unless you have dedicated yourselves unto God? Your hands for God. THE CONNECTION BETWEEN YOUR STATE AND YOUR DUTY, OR THE DERIVATION OF THE ONE FROM THE OTHER. free to eat food for which he has thanked God. (a) All the institutions demand the employment of our bodies. Obedience to Christ is our element.V. Crummell. At last she said, with more outspoken honesty I am afraid titan many who mean exactly the same thing display, "I don't want to give myself right over to Christ; for if I were to do so, who knows what He might do with me; for aught I know, He might send me out to China." If a person does not *worship God, he will *worship something or your spirit, which are God's." Few things are more injurious to the mind than that passive contemplation which fails to run out into active desires or stimulated hope. an *apostle with Christ’s authority’. Is not this robbery? How great must be that guilt which is contracted by living in opposition to the great end of God in calling us into being! (3) It will remain to you eternally the grandest of all facts. Use yourselves only for honourable purposes, for God puts honour upon you.2. Because He sustains it. Spurgeon. My soul is athirst for God, yea, even for the living God." Do you think that this lady is less happy obeying the Divine call, and working the Divine will out yonder in China, than she was when she shrunk from that will, and preferred to live a life of worldly ease and self-indulgence at home?(W.

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