114 secret teachings of jesus pdf

[…] Jesus says in the non-canonical (rejected by the first ecumenical councils) Gospel of Thomas (Saying 108): “Whoever will drink from my mouth will become like me.

Seems a bit suspicious if it is in Latin.


So if you eat beef you become more docile and unenlightened. so this light from within..grants us this knowledged.. I’m not understanding why “you” are changing key words. Movement and repose are the tools of the son of man. I don’t know who u are- but u speak truths and obviously care for all souls… I myself am in the understanding that we are not to leave – not one soul behind…. Remember this: split a piece of wood and Christ is there and lift a stone and he is there as well. WHY SHOULD WE WORSHIP THAT CREATURE?? To those concerned about the lion and the man. 0000005808 00000 n You get …. Lisa and Dina, woe is the person that judges their brothers and sisters for things they do not understand!!! Is it a coincidence that there are 114 Suras in the Quran? 13:1-5) make it clear that repentance was an essential ingredient in the preaching of the gospel. It is written everywhere, and in all faiths, “Seek and you shall find.” There is tremendous, inconcievable wisdom hidden in the Gospel of Thomas, be worthy and it will bestow you. Whether you’re researching a paper, preparing a sermon, deepening your understanding of Scripture or history, or simply marveling at the complexity of the Bible – the most important book in history—the BAS All-Access pass is an invaluable tool that cannot be matched anywhere else. JESUS SAYS

The one will die, the other will live.”, (1) “I tell my mysteries to those who [are worthy] of [my] mysteries.”.

Attempted commentaries by line or by phrase would help. What is energy- well that is God of course— and somehow we all, not just the current living, but all who has done so through out all time fits in that little energy ball- to which – it is only little to some human eyes but it is the infinite to some others eyes or whatever they call them….I’m sorry to interrupt your group and I hope none has been hurt in anyways from it— but I leave u with this—as a very happy human who has realized “things” / nobody to some and well I hope some day in this time at least I hope to be something good to those in the future or wherever we are to meet—-I will not rest until everyone is home— I will not leave one behind–no one doesn’t make it–I don’t care the time for it is nothing to me somenonday….I love u all no matter who u think you are in this moment –I appreciate the ones who try – and are ultimately good because they know they like it–and most of them know- living by example is contagious, especially in love– for the rest– u are missing out, if your waiting for the boss to say your evil doing is over so the good know what good is—- well—- I just inherited the cosmic whistle key and my name is David—your job is done– now let’s see how good u are at good? He has found his ‘place. Paul was a gnostic and so was the author of the Gospel of John who makes reference to the bronze serpent (John 3:14), the one that Moses made as an anecdote to the bites of creatures referred as “seraphim” or “burning ones,” that are portrayed in Milton’s “Paradise Lost” as a category of infernal spirits who inhabit Hell an have a serpentine form. Jesus said many things which could be taken by many people in many different ways. But I do believe God is inside us and all around us when we accept him as our personal Lord and Savior. Thomas was the last of Gods followers to admit what He had witnessed was actually the truth the light and the way. You could recognise them because if God told them to move, they would move, but if God told them to stop, they would stop.

Please post the answer herein you do! We have to keep literature in its proper context, you can’t just read this and go crazy with what it says. (1) “Blessed are those who have been persecuted in their heart. Most things have multiple meanings. %PDF-1.6 %���� The All-Access pass is the way to explore Bible history and biblical archaeology. Ot��3�����I��i�4j�������πgP�`��αg7Ok�؉q�-�U�1dem�sl�g�g�g\�����f�4x:����/c��^`���6�96^`x��Ν��w�q��x���8w I’m inclined to believe that the scenario of the Israelite’s departure from Elath takes place within the period in the late 8th cenury B.C.E. that is certainly true – “If a blind (person) leads a blind (person), both will fall into a pit.”. It informs the text. You’d have to wonder if perhaps an English language version might not be more generous.

It is absolutely literal. Let’s say that many people had been witnessing an accident and some people in an authoritative position decided that only some of the witnesses was allowed to tell their “story” because of some subjective measurement. The time seems to be mature for the finding of this gospel, since we live in a time when we don’t kill people (anyway in the west), if they would have a contradicting opinion to the collective assumptions of what is the truth. Perhaps Jesus says is simply guiding us to make time to be still enough to look within and hear from God directly….. And for now i reach with my hands .to give aid..to the needy..and i serve all fathers children..

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