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$('[name=\'' + $(this).attr('name') +'\']', targetForm).val($(this).val()); */

$(this).removeClass("evenselect"); $(this).attr("_w", ori_width); Repeated failure to enter a valid Windows/Mac user name and password can result in IP Lockout. Click by the entry or entries for workstations to allow again. $('[name=\'' + $(this).attr('name') +'\']', targetForm).val($(this).val()); $('#viewSolutionPackageOid').val(oid); Answer.

} Figure 114 ZyXEL Wireless Client > Profile: Activate Since the ZyXEL utility does not have the wireless client validate the ZyWALL’s certificate, you can go to Section on page 162. function viewSolutionExportPackage(oid) { }

'margin-top' : -popMargTop, });

Find ZyXEL router passwords and usernames using this router password list for ZyXEL routers. $(this).width(new_width); $('#ajaxDetailOid').val(oid); $('#articleForm').submit(); You can make sure the password to authenticate with device again. $('#translateForeignArticleForm #translateOid').val(oid); $('#comefrom').val(comefrom); if ($(this).val()==lang.value){ success: function(data) {

} else { { $('#menu li.current').removeClass('current'); But once I downgraded that was it and even with static IP I couldn't access the GUI. Run the terminal program and enter correct IP-address, select SSH (port 22) Click on “Open” and click on “Yes” Enter your credentials (by default username “admin” and password “1234” ) For explanation of the commands, refer to the video below . return id; }); var new_width = 0 ; Repeated failure to enter a valid Windows/Mac user name and password can result in IP Lockout. $(".conditionborder img").each(function(){ }); $('#viewLogOid').val(oid); }, if (comefrom) { No amount of fiddling could get access to the GUI although it appeared to boot I just couldn't access the GUI or telnet. mouseenter:

Router(config)# unlock lockout-users W.X.Y.Z. Router# configure terminal new_height = $(this).attr("_h"); function switchRole(userRole) { $("#menu ul.sf-menu").superfish({

function() $('#viewPackageForm').submit();

Well, one of our 'techs' in their infinite wisdom decided to setup an AP -. // Add the mask to body At least you can see the GUI.

You can use the following CLI command to unlock the seurce IP address via console. $('#previewSolutionOid').val(oid); if (comefrom) { $(this).addClass("evenselect"); viewArticle($('#quickOid').val()); Here is a complete list of ZyXEL router passwords and usernames. ori_width = $(this).width();

$(this).height(new_height); I started adding some of them manually to a block list on the firewall, but an automatic way would be welcome. zero += "0"; function quickViewArticleByArticleId(lang) {

I am not wanting to exclude ranges, to prevent excluding valid IP's. $('.save').on('click', function() {return confirm('Save?

success : $.unblockUI

} $(':input[name]:checked', sourceForm).each(function() { www.zyxel.com Step 2 Open a browser and type in your router IP address on URL field. if(ori_width > max){ for (i = 1; i <= j; i++) {

} $('#viewPackageOid').val(oid); $('#previewOid').val(oid);

$.ajax({ Router> configure terminal Router(config)# ip http secure-server Router(config)# write $(this).addClass("oddselect"); switchMenu('m1', 'searchArticle!index.action'); var popMargTop = ($(loginBox).height() + 24) / 2; $('#editArticleForm').submit(); function viewArticleLog(oid) { $("#searchForm").submit(); for (j=fields.length-1;j>=0;j--) {

After unlocking the address, you will be able to log in to the device again. }); ImageResize();

} But my address is still locked, how can I resolve this issue? If you type too many times passwords, the device will locked your IP address to authenticnation for few seconds. $('#ajaxDetailArticleId').val(''); */ ');}); Step 3 Login the device with your defined password. All config files are in /conf folder. $("#kbLanguage").children().each(function(){ var loginBox = $(this).attr('href'); Step by step procedure. With USB/serial converter have interrupted boot routine and reached CFE> prompt. alert('Loading failed 1'); $('#'+formname+' .distagArea').append(''); //alert('Switch Role Success!') this.selected = true; window.open('/KB/searchArticle!viewDetail.action?articleOid=' + quickOid + "&lang=" + lang); @tiffy I was having lots of problems with 5ghz dropping out is mainly why I changed firmware as I googled about the 5ghz problem and came across a Zyxel forum user who was having the same problem. http://www.zyxel.com/form/Support_Feedback.shtml.

{ $('#editSolutionArticleForm #comefrom').val(''); $('#'+formname+' .distagArea').append(''); $('.odd').on({ } $('#search').show(); }); $(this).height(new_height);

(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), }); But the device shows the password is wrong, and locked my address. }); }else{ target: '#detail', Brano, I saw in another thread you suggested "[no] firewall activate" but it's a no go. ori_height = $(this).height();

} $('#'+formname+' .distagArea').children().remove(); $('#articles').show(); if ($('#search').length > 0) { function viewAjaxArticle(oid) { if (comefrom) { The lockout remains in effect for 30 minutes by default. success : $.unblockUI

Router# show lockout-users.


error : function() { } function() Just simply prise apart the two halves of the case. var ori_height = 0 ; //Getting the variable's value from a link Topic: ZyXEL VMG3925-B10B Lockout  (Read 777 times), https://forum.kitz.co.uk/index.php/topic,20006.msg350991.html#msg350991, https://www.thinkbroadband.com/speedtest/1502566996147131655, Quote from: banger on June 04, 2020, 09:29:33 AM, Quote from: digbey on June 04, 2020, 11:31:52 AM, Quote from: tiffy on June 04, 2020, 10:55:47 AM, Quote from: digbey on June 04, 2020, 04:38:29 PM, Quote from: banger on June 04, 2020, 09:51:22 PM, Retd sw dev; A&A; 4 × 7km ADSL2; IPv6; Firebrick. $.post('ajax!ajaxSwitchLanguage.action', {languageOid:lang.value}); //seems no work } new_width = max; success: function(data) { $('#viewSolutionPackageForm').submit(); function ImageResize(){ And after 5 minutes, I have found my password again. /* ori_width = $(this).width(); $(this).attr("selected","true"); //或是給selected也可 success : $.unblockUI

var ori_height = 0 ; } $('#editOid').val(oid);

$('#'+menuId).parents("li").addClass('current'); function previewSolutionArticle(oid) {

function viewExportPackage(oid) { function cloneForm(sourceForm, targetForm) { $().ready(function() { $('#viewLogForm').submit(); }, $('.delete').on('click', function() {return confirm('Delete? $('#' + formname).submit(); }); $('#switchRoleName').val($('#userRole').val()); ZyXEL VMG3925-B10B Lockout « on: June 04, 2020, 08:09:39 AM » Obtained a "new" ZyXEL VMG3925-B10B modem/router from e-bay at a very good price, seller guaranteed it was not an ex ISP model, on checking this certainly appeared to be the case. Router (config)# unlock lockout-users W.X.Y.Z.


'); target: '#main', How can I unlock user who has been locked by ZyWALL USG due to failed login attempts? //var lang = $("#kbLanguage").val(); $.noConflict(); $(loginBox).fadeIn(300); */ $('#editSolutionArticleForm #editOid').val(oid); }


$('#previewArticleForm').submit(); function() })(window,document,'script','//www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js','ga'); To rune one use appy /conf/file.conf....page 307 of the file linked above. } Zyxel and/or its affiliates.

mouseenter: If you type too many times passwords, the device will locked your IP address to authenticnation for few seconds.


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