2010 royal enfield bullet 500 review

Ciao a tutti vorrei segnalare il link per vedere la Royal Enfield trattati in Italia.sono veramente fantastici.http://mcdeeb.it, First of all a big hats off to the Royal Enfield team for making the legendary bullet all along though markets were not very encouraging. Reliability is better, and they’re dead simple to maintain, but still expect to have to get hands on once in a while. The Bullet is happy on twisting rural roads, thanks to decent geometry and surprisingly good Avon Speedmaster tires. Yes folks, this is a high caliber Bullet which you and me can buy, own and enjoy firing! Speaking of which, I must narrate an incident which happened among our staffers after all had been fighting to ride the Bullet Classic everyday. Ask Don what his favorite bike is and he will tell you, "Whatever bike I'm on.". Would I be overselling the Bullet to call it an adventure bike? And yes, the bike did leak a bit of oil, the drain bolt being smeared in the stuff at the end of about 1600km of sustained use. In the interests of packaging as well as reliability, a complete unit construction unit was long needed and finally, almost 54 years since the first 350cc Bullet single, the world now has an all new unit construction single from the marque! even i know a person who is 5'5 and 60 kg but looks cool and rides well !! Royal Enfield Bullet (2010) Price - ₹ 99,000 in India. By design, it still looks straight out of the 1950s, even though that is not the case. That’s about your lot – it’s simplistic motorcycling. Making a relaxed 28bhp, the Woodsman EFI isn’t a thrasher’s dream, but it makes big handfuls of torque right from tickover in a charismatic, lumpy fashion. once after reaching 90, the engine vibrates so baldy, and engine noise and piston knock is so load! Fuel Capacity: 3.8 gals., warning light on last .8 gal. Just last year I borrowed it and put about 200 miles on it myself, but it does not suit my size and style of riding. You are not likely to find a closer to new Indian Enfield that isn’t just a left over at a dealer being sold for the new MSRP. Zero to 60km/h in 3.98 seconds compares well to the 3.8 seconds of the Pulsar 220 DTSi and thanks to the strong fourth cog and of course its displacement, it beats the fastest Indian in the zero to 100km/h sprint - 10.97 seconds to the Pulsar's 11.3 seconds. Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, Now I am not a violent person, believing more in the non-violent form of sustained reasoning to put my point of view across. It is, however, genuinely descended from classic British machinery from over 50 years ago, and remains the most authentic way to get the classic biking experience on a zero-mile machine. 2010 Royal Enfield Bullet C5 Classic Road Test: Motorcycle Specifications That's because this techno-detail has permeated right through to the overall delivery process of the engine: from low revs to mid range and top end in such a clean, crisp and torquey manner that I have to say this seems the best manifestation of an EFI engine from an Indian manufacturer that is spot on from the word go! Go with the flow is a much abused term but it sits beautifully well on this machine. Getting astride the Bullet C5 reminds you of just how welcoming motorcycles were over half-a-century ago. Displacement: 499cc Modern tech with precise electronic control has seen all these packaged together as a huge reward to the user. Fire away folks, the new Bullet Classic is surely of a different caliber. The catalytic-converter-equipped C5 meets Euro 3 and California emissions standards. A 40.78kmpl overall mark is terrific by any stretch of the imagination but this is the real world we are talking of and it equates to a 550km range using the bike's 13.5-litre petrol tank. It is slow by 21st century standards. Engine Type: Air-cooled single, OHV, 2 valves per cyl. The clutch action is not just precise but very well weighted and the throttle response is crisp whatever cog you are in. No owners have yet reviewed the ENFIELD WOODSMAN (2010 - on). While Siddharth Lal, a long-standing Bullet buff was enamored of this idiosyncratic detail, he knew that modern day gearbox technology, especially in the manufacturing of the components meant such a detail was not needed. 2010 Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5 Claimed power: 27.5hp @ 5,250rpm Top speed: 80mph Engine: 499cc OHV air-cooled vertical single Weight (wet): 412lb (187kg) Price: $6,395 ($6,695 Calif.) Fuel capacity/MPG: 3.6gal (13.5ltr)/65mpg (observed) From a distance, there’s not much to separate a new Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5 from the Royal Enfield Bullet Deluxe we tested in 2005. Designed in the U.K., reliability tested and EFI mapped in Japan, chassis engineered and handling tested in Italy, and built in India, the Bullet C5 embodies successful globalization. Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 Review / road test / specifications / Price Sunday, May 2, 2010 54 years to the day the original Bullet rolled out from Redditch, Royal Enfield now has an … It looks like a meticulously restored vintage machine, but upon inspection you’ll find a unit construction engine, electronic fuel injection by Keihin and a disc front brake by Brembo.

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