3 ingredient bbq sauce without ketchup

Like this recipe? Sir Kensington’s doesn’t either. Published by. Healthy BBQ Sauce is the perfect low carb sauce to serve with Healthy Summer Sides, like Baked French Fries. This is a way to cut out some of the garbage ingredients in processed sauces. This BBQ sauce recipe is perfect for meatloaf and slow-cooker pulled pork sandwiches. Salut Alex. I am not good at just chucking stuff in and tasting!!!! You could start with fresh tomatoes but this stuff is packed with umami. I kept it simple to give you an insight on how to make the core of a bbq sauce. Seems like that would taste awesome! Even my parents make it all the time! I’ve actually used it to “baste” my meatloaf a few times and it’s delicious. I will have to try it. Add more salt at the end, if needed. Bacon fat looks tantalizing but I would recommend a neutral fat like oil instead, which will make the sauce more versatile. Combine all ingredients. You can keep it chunky, but it will then be a pain to bottle it, and to pour it as well. Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipe Ingredients. This homemade barbecue sauce is so good, it puts all the store-bought sauces to shame. Nothing to accomplish for ones health with this one. Share it with us! Be creative :). Food brings love : In return, I love Food ;) If…, Truffles Coated in Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder. I hope that helps! 3 ingredients bbq sauce Quick simple no cooking required kids love it. This sounds really good but the other problem for Gluten free people would be the soy sauce. Add in tomato sauce, tomato paste, balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, paprika, salt and pepper and stir well. Easy 3-Ingredient Barbecue Sauce. . This BBQ sauce recipe is perfect for meatloaf and slow-cooker pulled pork sandwiches. Just replace that by dark brown sugar. rss link. My husband is completely obsessed with finding sauces and dressing without high fructose corn syrup. Do you even know how difficult this endeavor is? Here are the ketchup brands without high fructose corn syrup I could find: Looking forward to grilling (or already started)? Thanks for this easy recipe! Barbecue sauce is too often made with lots and lots (and lots) of pre mixed, pre made, and precooked ingredients. Shared on April 15, 2020 This post may contain affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. I'm here to help you live well on a budget by making every penny count. Enjoy. Your email address will not be published. Although using less sugar makes it low carb, this BBQ sauce still isn’t Keto. twitter link While this isn’t one of those 3 ingredient BBQ sauce recipes (a bi-product of that fact that it’s not a barbecue sauce recipe with ketchup), it is still super simple and its flavor is a dead ringer for the barbecue sauces I’ve tried at legit BBQ joints. Read my disclosure policy. This post may contain affiliate links. I can’t wait to try this. See the disclosure policy for more information. Whip up this homemade low carb bbq sauce in just a few minutes, with no cooking required. Tamari can be substituted. Pour sauce over ribs and bake for 2 hours at 350 degrees. After having my child I was diagnosed as being allergic to corn- all things corn. I'm Angela Davis, a PNW native, mom of lots of kids, and I love saving money. You probably have all the ingredients in your pantry right now! 1/4 cup honey (raw honey tastes SO much better than those little squeeze bears) Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can’t much easier than that! Even the low carb BBQ Sauce you can buy, often use highly processed sugar alternatives. Use it to flavor ribs, a beef or pork brisket, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken, or even a vegan burger. Also great tossed with cooked chicken wings. Business / Personal inquiries : http://www.frenchguycooking.com/contact New video every week ! MORE HEALTHY MAINS TO SERVE WITH BBQ SAUCE. Yield: 12 Servings, Amount per serving: 56 calories, Calories: 56g, Carbohydrates: 12g, Protein: 1g, Fat: 1g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Sodium: 482mg, Potassium: 344mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 9g, Vitamin A: 695g, Vitamin C: 7.1g, Calcium: 22g, Iron: 1.2g. All images and text © for Cooking Made Healthy. Can you put this sauce inside the meatloaf? 5 mins Ingredients. The total time is just under 40 minutes. Your email address will not be published. I love how simple it is and that I can use a “real” sweetener. Save it to your Pinterest board now! Obviously, you’ll have to find a ketchup sweetened with regular sugar or cane sugar to completely avoid the HFCS situation. Note: click on times in the instructions to start a kitchen timer while cooking. A few recipes ideas for you: Find more delicious recipes on our Recipe Page! Tomato Sauce … This BBQ Sauce relies heavily on plant-based ingredients like tomato, onion and garlic for most of its flavor. We make about 16 pints of it at a time. I am not as experienced as you so I would really like to have the measurements!!!!!!!! Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. If you’re looking to decrease the amount of high fructose corn syrup or just want food without 192 ingredients, you definitely need to try out this incredibly simple 3-Ingredient BBQ Sauce. (or one Naga Viper if you really feel like it), finely chopped. While this isn’t an entirely sugar-free BBQ sauce it does have much less sugar and less net carbs than most store-bought barbecue sauce and other homemade barbecue sauce recipes, without losing the tangy and sweet taste. You'll find deals at your local stores, ways to save online, recipes, and frugal living tips and inspiration. Sukrin All-Natural Brown Sugar Alternative. I’ve been wanting to try it but it is a bit more expensive. Apple cider vinegar: To me 3 Tbsp is plenty but if you want it a little more sour feel free to add more to taste. This is my NEWest favorite BBQ sauce. OK. Do I keep the same amount of dark brown sugar (3 tbls)? Let’s break it down, BBQ-style. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and cook for 30 minutes until thickened. The texture should be silky, and the color quite dark. Add a cup of water, a pinch of salt, bring to a low simmer and reduce the sauce down for at least an hour. Sabrina is a trained professional chef who has cooked for private clients for over a dozen years. There’s no end to the delicious meals this easy sauce can make even better! par quoi je peux la remplacer ? Read More! Thanks for the recipe. 2 T. Worcestershire sauce. Below are all the steps but if you wanna watch a video instead, help yourself : These are the key ingredients of a bbq sauce. Which means low-sodium and decreases the amount of sweetener. The small amount of brown sugar used in this barbecue sauce is much better for you than many sweeteners you’ll find in store bought brands that often use high fructose corn syrup. Share it to your friends and family! Brown ribs and pour off fat. Fred Meyer’s Simple Truth Ketchup has no HFCS : …Organic tomato concentrate (water, organic tomato paste), organic sugar, organic vinegar, salt, organic onion powder, organic spices…. Did you make this project? Pragmatic BBQ Sauce With No Ketchup. Yes, you can still eat clean and enjoy a lovely home-cooked BBQ without sacrificing flavor. As a professionally trained chef of 12 years, I've learned to make delicious, flavorful and healthy food you can enjoy while feeling good about what you're cooking. BIG HIT. It also has less sugar, which means a lower calorie and carb count overall. If you want to jazz it up even more, add about a teaspoon or so of adobo sauce from a can of chipotle peppers. 1 cup ketchup 1/4 cup honey (raw honey tastes SO much better than those little squeeze bears) 2 T. Worcestershire sauce. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yep go for it. The base needs at least 3 ingredients to be more palatable : - 1 mild chili. All those ingredients influence the final taste : sour, sweet, umami. Experienced in handling dietary restrictions, allergies and picky kid eaters, she’s well versed in coming up with healthy, yet flavorful recipes. Made with tomato, paprika, garlic, and brown sugar. Then taste it and adjust if needed. Like this recipe? This barbecue sauce also uses tomato paste and sauce, and no ketchup. Let cool then put into food processor and puree until smooth. It really is crazy how many things corn is in. 1/4 cup ketchup 1 tbsp A1 steak sauce 1/4 brown sugar Steps. Thank you so much for this, I’ll add it into the notes. Tabbie Stone. My husband always makes a vat of bbq sauce and I actually can it in mason jars instead of freezing it. This BBQ Sauce relies heavily on plant-based ingredients like tomato, onion and garlic for most of its flavor. Yay!! It tastes better. The honey and ketchup are both in “cup” measurements (I updated above!) Molasses: use unsulphured molasses (you can read about the differences of unsulphured vs. sulphured here). Heart Healthy Recipes Low Calorie Recipes Low Carbohydrate Recipes Low Fat Recipes One-Pot Sauces Summer Vegan Recipes Vegetarian Recipes, Your email address will not be published. So glad you found it.

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