5 sentences about mountains

The strata here show some traces of the upheaval which formed the Appalachian Mountain chain. In the Mountain Region and in the Piedmont Plateau Region the rivers have numerous falls and rapids which afford a total water power unequalled perhaps in any other state than Maine on the Atlantic Coast, the largest being on the Yadkin, Roanoke and Catawba; and in crossing some of the mountains, especially the Unakas, the streams have carved deep narrow gorges that are much admired for their scenery. These ranges reach their culmination in this state, and with a series of more or less interrupted cross ranges constitute the greatest masses of mountains in the E. - one of these, the Grandfather, rises 5964 ft.; and about thirty peaks in the Unakas and in the several cross ranges exceed 6000 ft., the highest being Mount Mitchell or Mitchell Dome (6711 ft.), of the Black Mountains, a short cross range extending N. Other noteworthy peaks are Black Brother (6690 ft.) and Hairy Bear (6681 ft.), the next highest mountains. Eight miles from Ouray, but still four miles from the summit of Red Mountain Pass, the road leveled out. The area between the northern border of the Persian high lands and the Caspian and Aral Seas is a nearly desert low-lying plain, extending to the foot of the north - western extremity of the great Tibeto-Himalayan mountains, and prolonged east- Trans- ward up the valleys of the Oxus (Amu-Darya) and Caspian Jaxartes (Syr-Darya), and northward across the country re ior, and of the Kirghiz to the south-western border of Siberia. She still hadn't been able to talk to him about her place on top of the mountain. They hollowed out a tunnel through the, 18. Tossett or Toppid and Turaw mountains command extensive prospects, and form striking features in the scenery of the county. It lies on the south-western outskirts of the Matra mountains, and carries on a brisk trade in the Erlauer wine, which is produced throughout the district. Rather than risk Traveling to the center of the phenomenon, Jenn ran down the driveway the vamps had cleared of snow to the narrow country road leading up the mountain to the Black God's hideout. It is deeper and more sandy where granite is the underlying rock, deeper and more fertile on the north-western than on the south-eastern mountain slopes, and shallower and more clayey where slate is the underlying rock. Of wild animals may be noted the moufflon (Ovis Ammon), the stag, and the wild boar, and among birds various species of the vulture and eagle in the mountains, and the pelican and flamingo (the latter coming in August in large flocks from Africa) in the lagoons. Yes, prayer can move mountains, but one must have faith and not pray as Natasha and I used to as children, that the snow might turn into sugar-- and then run out into the yard to see whether it had done so. In the west Persis borders on the mountains and plains of Elam or Susiana. The drive from the mountains to the safe house had seemed to take forever. Along the full length of the eastern coast extends a succession of mountain chains. Mountain ranges are long chains or groups of mountains, such as the Rocky Mountains or Himalayan Mountains. In Sardinia it covers the mountain slopes to a considerable height, and in Sicily covers the sides of the Madonie range, reaching a level above 3000 ft. It is situated on the right bank of the Maros, on the outskirts of the Transylvanian Erzgebirge or Ore Mountains, and consists of the upper town, or citadel, and the lower town. They reached a small encampment at the bottom of a mountain and passed around it, one calling out a greeting as someone trotted out to meet them. The mountains both in Victoria and New South Wales were snow-capped, and glaciers flowed down their flanks and laid down Carboniferous glacial deposits, which are still preserved in basins that flank the mountain ranges, such as the famous conglomerates of Bacchus Marsh, Heathcote and the Loddon valley in Victoria, and cf Branxton and other localities in New South Wales. Ryland worked for the National Forest Service and regaled Donnie with tales of the outdoor splendors of the Colorado mountains. In the area of the Newer Appalachian Mountains, the eastern Panhandle region has a forest similar to that of the plateau district; but between these two areas of hardwood there is a long belt where spruce and white pine cover the mountain ridges. plateaus are finally crowned by the wrinkled crests which form its two modern mountain systems. While Dean held out no illusions of leading the pack through the mountains, after turning out 73 miles of rolling hills on a humid Saturday, he felt more confident of his chance of least not embarrassing himself. The head of a white goat obtained in 1900 from the mountains at the mouth of Copper river, opposite Kyak Island, has been described as a species apart. It took many days of mountain sunshine and the comforting routine of the bed and breakfast to blur the trauma of the Lucky Pup shooting. She led the way up the side of the mountain, following a switchback trail above a twenty-foot bluff. Venezelo raised the standard of revolt at Theriso in the White Mountains. Who's going to take you up to the mountain now? Greene gassed everyone in the mountain and intended to take over the Peak and use it as a base of operations for his people to use as they took over the eastern half of the US. Sheriff Fitzgerald hardly gave Dean enough time to exit his vehicle before tearing off up the street in the direction of the mountain road. “I ascended the mountains to hear the voice of God, and was answered in echoes from afar.” ― Meeta Ahluwalia . Then he annexed its colonies and thereby extended his dominions to the Polar Ocean and the Ural Mountains. Now we have to wait until Joseph gets around to leaving and beg a ride down the mountain. The department takes its name from the river Ain, which traverses its centre in a southerly direction and separates it roughly into two wellmarked physical divisions - a region of mountains to the east, and of plains to the west. The picturesque Bureya Mountains above the Amur, the forest-clad Sikhota-alin on the Pacific, and the volcanic chains of Kamchatka belong, however, to quite another orographical construction, being the border-ridges of the terraces by which the great plateau formation descends to the depths of the Pacific Ocean. She continued up Seventh Street and turned south on Main and drove toward the mountains. Perhaps being out here in the mountains would take your mind off all the troubles you're having. There are no mountains of any considerable height in the Ogasawara Islands, but the scenery is hilly with occasional bold crags. A snow-capped mountain ridge or an arid desert forms a barrier between different forms of life which is often more effective than an equal breadth of sea. The Caucasus, the Elburz, the Kopet-dagh and Paropamisus, the intricate and imperfectly known network of mountains W. the Altai, the still unnamed complex of the Minusinsk Mountains, the intricate mountain-chains of Sayan, with those of the Olekma, Vitim and Aldan all arranged en echelon - the former from N.W. Except in the extreme north and south, and on the tops of the highest mountains, where there is no insect life as food supply, spiders are found all over the world, even in isolated oceanic islands. Hopefully he hadn't come over to walk her up to the mountain. They continued up a winding path toward the top of the lowest of the mountains. Hopefully there was another route out of the mountains. Ben Nevis, in Scotland, is Britain's highest, 28. There are, it is true, mountain ranges which are formed of folded beds; but in many cases the direction of the chains is different from that of the folds, so that the ranges must owe their elevation to other causes; and the folds, moreover, are of ancient date, for the most part Archaean or Palaeozoic. The mountains both in Victoria and New South Wales were snow-capped, and glaciers flowed down their flanks and laid down Carboniferous glacial deposits, which are still preserved in basins that flank the mountain ranges, such as the famous conglomerates of Bacchus Marsh, Heathcote and the Loddon valley in Victoria, and cf Branxton and other localities in New South Wales.

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