accountant in a sentence

If the problem looks insurmountable, talk to your accountant or other professional adviser. Plant originally had plans to become an accountant and went as far as spending two weeks in an accountancy training course. His accountant then discovered the loophole of which I speak. “I shook hands with this miracle, and I learned he was the Company's chief, 9. Consult your tax accountant to learn more about the donation of these goods. For this reason, it's a good idea to speak with your accountant about how a direct sales opportunity will affect your tax liability. It has been designed with the needs of the practicing accountant, solicitor and company secretary in mind. Our client would like to recruit a part-time qualified financial accountant for 2 days per week. He is a fully qualified accountant and in addition is Honorary Treasurer of the brain injury charity Headway. My work at Accountants International over the past five years closely resembles the accountant job you are looking to fill. However, you will want to consult a qualified accountant for specifics on how to prepare your return with this deduction. D P Atkinson is a trainee chartered accountant with Arthur Andersen, Cambridge. You will be a part-qualified accountant with at least 3 years ' experience of working in a finance environment. Be sure to have your lawyer investigate the company and your accountant review the books thoroughly before buying the business, since businesses are valued by their profit history. In the case of a casual vacancy, the National Council shall have the power to appoint a qualified accountant. To obtain a position as a corporate staff accountant. regaled the audience with funny stories of his previous roles, which included being an accountant! Look to establish ongoing relationships with an attorney, tax adviser / accountant, mortgage broker and real estate agent with commercial and investment expertise. Consult you accountant for further information. Consult a business attorney or business accountant to ensure you're paying applicable state, federal and other taxes; you cannot hire people "off the books" legally. Then with the keywords related to each topics, we trained a residual convolutional neural network with data labeled according to surveys of fund manager and, 12. If property taxes are the reason you are thinking about a reversible mortgage, consider contacting an accountant or your county about tax deferral programs or a homestead tax exemption. Generally, it's a good idea to make an appointment to speak with an accountant who has experience in preparing returns for a home-based business before you get too involved with your project. The cost of an accountant is tax deductible as well. All Rights Reserved. Show More Sentences. Consult with an accountant who can explain what the requirements are for the area where your business is located.If you are incorporated, different income tax rules apply. (2) She fiddled the books while working as an accountant. Before this event, however, Richard had been appointed a baron of the exchequer, his great industry and exceptional abilities as an accountant being recognized by giving him a special seat at the exchequer table, and from 1168 until his death he frequently acted as one of the itinerant justices. The company are currently recruiting for a project accountant with industry and Oracle experience. Many business schools offer courses and an increasing number offer bachelor or masters degrees in the field, and many forensic accountants have either the Certified Public Accountant or Certified Fraud Examiner designations. (3) That firm is looking for a new accountant. Contact your accountant or other professional to see if they can advise you who to contacy. Three revenue commissioners, one of whom is an expert accountant, are elected biennially by each county court to examine the books and reports of the collectors, and three state revenue agents are appointed biennially by the comptroller to examine the records of all officials charged with the collection or disbursement of state or county revenue. Yet he had given her his accountant's name and telephone number. trainee accountant with Hutton, Turner, Lawson, now part of Ernst & Young. Contact your accountant or tax professional to learn the tax implications associated with these programs. To get information for your personal situation, please consult with a licensed attorney and/or a qualified accountant in your state. Behind Prince Bagration rode an officer of the suite, the prince's personal adjutant, Zherkov, an orderly officer, the staff officer on duty, riding a fine bobtailed horse, and a civilian--an accountant who had asked permission to be present at the battle out of curiosity. chartered accountant with experience as both a strategy and quality management consultant. The average day of a chartered accountant has got very little to do with accounts. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. If you are considering purchasing one of these whole life policies, you may want to check with your accountant first, because in some cases buying one of these policies causes tax problems as the policy builds tax-deferred cash value. Marion is a retired accountant, having worked in local government and industry, and a fellow of the Chartered Society of Management Accountants. Charles Martin Smith provides a slight inkling of comic relief as accountant turned Untouchable Oscar Wallace. In order to determine the value of the business and other financial assets, an accountant needs to be consulted. If you have no previous experience with basic bookkeeping, you may wish to speak with a qualified accountant to see what records will be necessary and determine how starting your business will affect your family's tax liability. Sentence examples for accountant.

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