activa i mileage

It just the size and design that suits you. Too much maintenance cost.plastic body get damaged soon and parts are expensive than real Fair cost. The analogue instrument console has been refreshed as well. Comfortable on highway with full covered helmet. Hope this helps! 103 kg is the kerb weight without passengers on it. The cylinder of Honda Activa I makes a displacement of 110 cubic centimeters. 103 kg is actually the kerb weight of the bike. Maximum net torque is 8.74 Nm at 5500 revolutions per minute. The Activa-i is powered by a 109.19cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, BS4-compliant engine which churns out 8.03PS and 8.94Nm, mated to a CVT gearbox. This engine uses the same type of air filter that is the viscous air filter. Otherwise unbeatable on city roads, even bikes cant compete with it. This length is from the front part to rear part. My doubt is electric scooter doesn't support more mileage and service centeres. Width is 704 mm, which is closer to Activa 125 model. Kerb weight or curb weight (in US English) is a term used to define the total weight of the vehicle with all the standard equipment, essential oils such as motor oil, transmission oil, air conditioning refrigerant, coolant, and with the full fuel tank of the vehicle. Also Honda is a trusted a brand and Active is the most selling scooter. The ground clearance of the Honda Activa I is 165 mm which greater than both the variants of Honda Activa series. My present vehicle is giving normal mileage, maintenance cost is too much, today 2nd time my engine has repaired, i have to spend 10k in my present situation, I can't go for again Honda Activa. According to me Honda scooters are no good for perfect handling. Very good experience in two wheels one city to other cities going in very good experience in this vehicle is beautiful. If you are enthusiastic rider and would be using the vehicle yourself and for someone who prefers fast and agile riding, Let's should be your choice. If a company is providing self start then that company is more aware of situations than us because we buy only 1 vehicle from them but they sell lakhs of vehicles. The type of engine of Activa I is same to engines of other variants. Both are good for ladies. Seat height is 765 mm that makes sitting comfortable on Honda Activai. For 2018, the Activa i gets new dual tone colours and colour coded mirrors. If possible pls send me the details. if you do not need features like digital instrument console and want a basic cute looking scooter that suits your pocket then activa i is best. Its shock absorbing system is very poor. ->You Would Love to Check Recently Launched CNG Activa. Engine Type. The distance between the lower end of the vehicle (called chassis) and the ground is called ground clearance. Pl.provide feed back about Delivery Periode & Price. Very good scooterer for travelling and very comfortable.Never broke down always a smooth ride remembered.A family member. features - almost same features you get within same price range, check out for the most suitable ones you get. Moreover, it is even lighter than its companions. very low maintenance.But my scooter is 17 years old and often having repairs. Even if you need it for short ride it should be comfortable2. 46,744 in Delhi (ex-showroom). No. I had seen the Pep Plus It is meant only for short distance commute. While you ride on it your weight get added on the balance and centre shifts to rear tires. Heard a lot about its Size, Weight & FUEL CONSUMPTION. There are other options available try those. Activa is best let's have issue on milage, If you want a lightweight scooter go for the suzuki let's or if you opt for more of a daily commute go for Activa. It is cheaper than other models of Honda Activa. a Matt Axis Grey Metallic colour. Thank you! Honda Activa I is totally rich in terms of colour variants. It has approximately 110 cc engine but to be exact, it has 109.19 cc of displacement. CC means Cubic Centimeters. Honda Activa I can be the best choice for the one who want a balance between speed and the mileage of the gearless scooter. The mileage that this latest variant of Honda Activa series gives is whooping 66 km. Honda claims that the scooter can reach a top speed of 83kmph and returns a mileage of 66kmpl… If Honda Activa suits you go for it else try other vehicles, as long as it is comfortable for your future driving habits. Suzuki Access 125 gives a better mileage and power when compared to Activia. The more the compression ratio, the more is the fuel efficiency of the engine. Honda Activa I concentrates more on giving mileage than hitting the top speed. The bore and stroke are 50 and 55.6 mm respectively. Whether you want to go to another city or visit your friends living on the outskirts of the town, just fill the fuel tank of Honda Activa I up to the brim and travel without any fear of emptying the fuel tank in the way. I am very happy that.....Read More, Good milage and feel comfortable also can carry easily, easily handle. Follow the link and select your city accordingly for. It's amezing with speed between 60 to 70 kmper hr. Fan Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI, BS-IV Engine. The length of Activa I is 1795mm. Moreover, Honda Activa I has HET (Honda Eco Technology), the mileage is increased to a great extent. Also new is a metallic heat shield, 4 into one seat lock opener and hooks on the apron and below the seat. Activa i is the latest of all the models of Honda Activa series. It means in one litre of fuel (petrol), Honda Activa can run a distance of 66 km. Also there is a price difference of approx 3.5K, Well activa i has the same engine as activa 5g the difference is styling and material used so activa i is lighter compared to 5g well 5g is a little robust perfect for Indian roads, Height is not critical here.Go for anything, Yes u can try, Im sure ur height will be well adjusted, Yes you can have that as it is also lighter weight, Yes it is you can ride it with full comfort, Interact with car / bike owners & experts. The new Activa I has new SI engine. Although, Activa I has not seen many changes from the original model of Activa, but the design has been slightly changed that it gives a slight feminist touch to the gearless scooter. Honda Activa I can hit the top speed of 82 km/hour that is as same as the top speed of Honda Activa 3G. Is there Honda ACTIVA i color PEARL WHITE complete body in new 2017 models. Activia has a better resale value. Still, I am using it and I have.....Read More, Very bad service and charges are too high, do not have any service criteria, they take your phone number and say this.....Read More, Very happy with the product and engine without any noise as compared to another activity. I would like to know the current on road price of Activa I DLX in palakkad, Kerala. In this case, the top speed does not matter much but the Honda Activa I is able to deliver both speed and mileage in a balanced way. I change the engine oil after every 1200-1500 kms and service it once in 5-6 months. Honda Activa I has been able to gain the trust of its customers like other models have done it before. verry good scuttey,this milage is verry good. Also would like to know is it possible to get the Activa on a bank loan basis. of Cylinders. That is why Honda Activa I has been able to give such a superior mileage than its contenders. Why honda not providing telescopic suspension for 110 cc model? is compact compare to activa 5g, it is slim and very easy for short riders to handle in trafic, Both have the same engine, combi break and the reliability of Honda. Fuel tank capacity of Honda Activa I model is 5.3 litres which are ample if you are using it for daily purpose. Nice pickup, not a fuel-efficient.kick problems after sometimes require telescopic.....Read More. Also view Activa i interior Images, specs, features, expert reviews, news, videos, colours and mileage info at In terms of fuel efficiency, the Activa i offers a superior mileage of over 60 kmpl, and one of the reasons why it has been possible in because of the extensive use … The height of this model is 1115 mm. You will receive all the communications on : rvmp_similar_cars_slider,rvmp_qna,rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner,rvmp_model_wise_user_review. availability of service center near your house - since you are a beginner, it is required to have service center near by for quick service & support3. 1. 109.19 cc. SI stands for Spark Ignition. The large fuel tank has made its riders to rely on it without any suspicion. Honda Activa i Price ranges from Rs. Urgent braking and sharp turns can't be made on Honda scooters. Activa is a class apart. Let's is good for youngsters as it is sportier, lightweight and quite nimble. The new Activa i retails at a Rs440 premium over the older model. I am looking for Activa onroad prices in Calicut. The compression ratio is 9.5:1 which enhances its fuel efficiency. So I want to buy a new Honda 6G. This ground clearance of 165 mm is measured without any load. Pearl amazing white and standard black colours are available in other models as well but the yellow and jazzy blue are new for any Honda Activa model. The mileage is excellent and gives me anywhere from 45-55 per liter. Hi, 8 Things to have for Activa Service at Home, Honda Activa 4G – [10 Points] You Need to Know. When on outside city roads, it is a painful experience to drive. Honda Activa i Specifications. Moreover, Honda Activa I has HET (Honda Eco Technology), the mileage is increased to a great extent. This deluxe variant can be an attractive design to the female riders. Hero pleasure plus.iTs cool.maintenance free and swift .Its a girl thing. Honda Activa I is 5 kg lighter than the 3G model. Despite Honda’s claim that Activa I is a unisex scooter, we cannot fully agree with their claim. Whereas the Activa is more focused on catering a wider age group. Activa is a good scooter and I am having it for my daily use. The i is more suited for people with a shorter stature. and both are highly reliable. Your question has been submitted. Does this actually matter given a chock switch in a scooter. pleasurable, dependable which considered most important, and used for long distance too. Activa is preferred for short girls....go with pleasure or pept or ntorq. The new Activa i retails at a Rs440 premium over the older model. Being an advocate I am going to courts at Erode even in small lanes in which a car cannot enter. The weight of Honda Activa I is the lightest of all the models.

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