all types of fruits with pictures and names

When ripe, the fruit becomes extremely soft, and squeezing the fruit should feel like there are large amounts of water inside. However, it may also cause stomach distress in some susceptible people (51). Per fruit, the full nutritional breakdown looks like this (23); Jackfruit grows in tropical regions throughout the world, but it is believed to have originated in India. However, since white mulberries are predominantly from China, we usually buy them in their dried state. Blueberries are small dark blue or purple berries that have low sugar content despite tasting so sweet. They have an incredibly sour taste, so give them a try if you’re one of those people who like eating a raw lemon. These small fleshy fruits are closely related to peaches and plums. There are a lot of food/nutrient composition resources for professionals (e.g this list:, but most of this information is very overwhelming for the casual reader. Drupes. They have a delicious flavor too, and they offer a fairly impressive nutrition profile. For an extra special way to enjoy fruit, try some dipped cherries or strawberries! Strawberries are thought to be berries, but this is not botanically true, and they are an accessory fruit. Fruits are packed full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Interestingly, goji berries are one of the only kinds of fruit to provide carbohydrates and protein. The tangerine also has a softer skin which is easier to peel, and this makes them an easy snack for when you’re out of the house. Perhaps the best characteristic of this large berry is how juicy and refreshing it is; boysenberries grow to a large size and contain around 88% water by weight. This tiny orange-like fruit can be eaten in one bite. Some examples of delicious fruits that are classified as drupes include mangoes, apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, and dates. Pepo fruit types are generally relatively large fleshy fruits that have multiple seeds throughout the flesh or grouped together in the center. The fruits in the pomes category are extremely popular. This special fruit lives up to its name. © 2020 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. - All rights reserved. This is an overview of various types of fruit so you can shop with confidence. (17). Kiwifruit is often used in dessert items like tarts or eaten by itself. Similar to other tropical fruits, pineapples have many culinary uses. Since bananas have a very sweet taste, dessert recipes often use them. One of the best things about the avocado is just how adaptable it is. There are three main fruit categories: simple, aggregate and multiple. This type of fruits have multiple seeds throughout the flesh or grouped together in the center. Cut a slice out of this small yellow fruit and it will be shaped like a perfect star. In particular, banana splits, banana milk, and banana bread are some of the most popular options. Passion fruit is one of the more unique fruits, and it is about the size of a golf ball. These two varieties are fairly similar, but sour cherries have the slightly better nutritional profile. So, if you’ve ever wondered what specific nutrients a fruit has, the amount of carbohydrate it contains, or some random trivia – you’ll find it all in here. They are believed to have originated in the India to Middle-East region, and they’ve long been cultivated in the Middle East and Mediterranean region. Per cup (165g) serving, mangoes provide (33); Sticking with the higher sugar fruits, melon is another sweet-tasting fleshy fruit. The flesh is crunchy as you bite into it, with a large amount of water locked inside. If you also include tropical fruits as a type of fruit, then there are actually 6 types of fruits. Despite the name, the ugli fruit isn’t the worst-looking fruit in the world; it just looks a little dull. Berries. The best way to have fresh and delicious strawberries is by storing them properly. Rich in minerals such as manganese, iron, calcium and potassium. Ugli fruits are very juicy and sweet and taste somewhat like a slightly more sour orange. Try adding it to your salad or just slice and eat! If you don’t have access to fresh peaches, don’t worry! The 3,000 known types of pears could either have red or green skin or even come with a golden-yellow or cinnamon body. All kinds of citrus fruits have many benefits due to their high levels of vitamin C. Some of the most commonly-known fruits in the list of citrus fruits are lemons, limes, grapefruits and oranges. (14, 15), Strawberries. They are native to South Asia, and they’re a common fruit in countries such as India, the Philippines, and Thailand. The nutritional profile of one plum is below (45); Pomegranates are unique in appearance and taste. Examples of tropical fruits include papaya and mangoes which are drupes, pineapples which are actually a collection of berries that have fused together, and guabana (soursop) which technically is a kind of berry. Apart from being delicious and easy to eat, clementines also have a wide range of health benefits. However, their flesh usually contains seeds as in the case of blackcurrants, grapes, blueberries, gooseberries, and persimmon.

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