anti monitor vs beyonder

multi-universe level feat. "I'm pretty sure this has been done. The story remains the same. These marvel debaters here are cancer. And yet, this is only the beginning. -Not all versions of a character in Hypertime are the same. Do you see the difference between using your mind to warp reality and having the power of Imagination itself? Seems his own innate power is lacking tremendously and was getting effected by material beings that are bound by physics quite a bit. That was written into the comic, and that isn't debatable. EmptyHand 1 y 2 mo 5 d . And a Galaxy level blast severely hurt AM also, What about it?! In this thread, he consumed the entire DC Continuity. Sort by. Pre 52/New 52 feats are allowed. -The Infinitely powerful reality warper isn't infinite at all if he requires a large portion of his power to do something. These titans destroyed many universes with a small amount of power! King Dedede VS King K. Rool is a What-If? The Anti-Monitor is the opposite of his brother, the Monitor. -Marvel Abstracts die from energy blasts launched by aliens, they aren't the same as DC abstracts. All of this still couldn't beat him. I'm not trying to say it's not canon I just didn't want to get into the newer stuff and wanted to stick within the actual storyline. Which Grant says is legit not-canon and not part of Hypertime because he hated it. -What about requiring a large portion of his power to remove Lady Death from Existence? Owen fixed the damage to planets and star systems, he didn't resurrect the universes themselves because they were not destroyed. But my point being the Beyonder himself was not a evil entity per say even if he technically might of displayed such. His power should go both ways logically, also his own thoughts mirror this as he can make multiverse into whatever he wanted, he simple didn't, 3. The Most powerful being in the Marvel 616 U vs the being that tried to takeover the DC multiverse. " More low showings, yikes, You mean besides the stories and points I made, ok. Are you suggesting he's at higher levels then COIE storyline? What are you talking about? this is canon to DC thanks to Hypertime. Pre-dating Vertigo Sandman, but still having similar powers and origin. 100% Upvoted. Taking reduced damage from Reality Warping and Magic to begin with is enough to handle The Beyonder. No, definitely not. Anti Monitor vs Beyonder (DC vs Marvel) Battle. He uses evil intent often, and that is a fact. These are arguments that are pointless. What about getting chained by a universal aspect of death? The scan didnt say anything at all. best. I mean...that alone makes the power of The Beyonder basically nothing by comparison. Beyonder stomps, you can argue with your keyboard. -Did you even read the first post and battle rules of this thread? You aren't looking at his powers at all and you are judging only on he who destroyed more universes. Or have feats that defy physics yet are still much below the Beyonder. He in fact just changes/overrides it to become logical within new physic laws established. Who has the biggest appetite for battle? Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Anti Monitor still won against all of this. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. He harmed a lot of people and smacked a girl around too. Come on now? Fate, stole dreams from Sandmans Dream Stream against his will. Ok this imagination power for DC hierarchy you go by does not equal the same within marvel. In the end we need to go simple by who is the more powerful for simple reason of being from two different comic verses. No way in all of the hell's in the multiverse is anti-monitor winning. Anti Monitor scrubbed a genie with wish granting abilities from the 5th dimension like an ant. Okay... -Not when he was in full power. You are going to pull the cows with wings scan. Yz is also a 5th Dimension Imp who gave all his power to The Spectre. There are several instances of beings displaying power that break physics itself and yet are still part of physics and the multiversal structure. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Rules: No morals. Like I said then, show AM effecting the beyond realm. EmptyHand 1 y 4 mo 10 d . Nobody has ever made 2+2=Fish like Mr. Myxztplk has. The power of Imagination objectively defeats infinite reality warping. Don't play games, Yea full power COIE AM I got it. Sorry, but no. That is the power to imagine physics and have it adhere to the limits of physics. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Everyone is a reality warper, even TOAA, who is limited by physics. As strong as Anti-Monitor is, his feats pales in comparison with Beyonder's, who was supposed to be (almost) omnipotent. save hide report. Beyonder: 72 M: Over Monitor Monitor Mind: 72 M: The Living Tribunal: 18 M: Featherine Augustus Aurora Featherine Augustus Aurora ∞ Battle options. The Beyonder is all that combined, he is the god of a realm truely outside of entire marvel multiverse. I thought it was common knowledge that DC's cosmology>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Marvel's cosmology. How the hell is it a reason Anti-Monitor stomps? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Imagination itself couldnt stop The AntiMonitor and the comic said even divine magic from God can't stop him. episode of Death Battle by Austin A, featuring The Beyonder from Marvel franchise and Anti-Monitor from DC franchise in a battle between evillord. … Beyonder smiles and removes Anti-Monitor from everything, everywhere, nothing and nowhere. So you just put Anti-Monitor against the guy who was TOAA before TOAA even existed. hide. Except for Death of the New Gods. Forum Posts. He said he couldnt be hurt, one scan later he was almost killed by the sum of the Multiverse. Anti-Monitor vs Beyonder # Beyonder I told you that he is infinite dimentional in AM vs Galactus. It has everything to do with it. Can you admit your wrong or what on this? share. @dami24434: i hope people doesnt get your troll seriously . He tanked the full power of Imagination, the aspect of Gods vengenace and also was stated to be of a type of "reality" that normal physics cannot affect fully. Once while just contemplating marvel multiverse he has by accident erased entire realities as accidental side effect I remember, pertty sure he restored them after also. Your going off on tangents now and ignoring points being brought up to spew your opinion on DC characters power levels compared to marvel, not facts. I guess we fundamentally disagree on what power of imagination is. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Pre-Retcon Beyonder is used. Follow 253. Nothing in there that says he has the power of literal Imagination. Though sometimes I believe I have resorted to mocking somewhat on occasion, nobodies perfect lol. I provided that scan only for fact that u said he never destroyed any realities. Supergirl and Kal-L in COIE, SBP in SCW, etc. You simply are not looking at the power sets of each character and as I said, Bigger Boom = winner to you. Probability is not beyond physics and is more a fundamental concept, yet was above mxy and is infinite imagination. How do you say its all canon but no sorry that one canon story isnt canon? @dami24434: No he didn't. Who would win? -The rules of the topic are that Anti Monitor ate the entire DC Continuity. He is naive and felt everyone else was fake, so he didn't care about anyone. DC has something that Marvel does not: Divinely inspired God characters. Yikes, that throws all your beyond this and that stuff out the window. Beyonder also is beyond physics, who cares though. @michaeljulius: You're the same guy who said a fully powered Galactus would be stronger than any Marvel abstract including LT. Yeah, MichaelJulius, when you look at it, is right about few things. Even within Marvel i'd only put him at 5th or 6th, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. 100% Upvoted. -Actually you can. I think a lot of readers here forgot Yz was in that string too. Casual. Imagination itself used as a power simply unimagines The Beyonder and the Beyonder's infinite control over particle physics does nothing to the concept and power of Imagination. You are indeed where you belong. 100% Upvoted. 0. He is an supremely powerful being who controls the Antimatter Universe, awoken at the dawn of time and bent on the destruction of all. The Anti-Monitor is the opposite of his brother, the Monitor. No level of reality warping is going to work. - You cannot possible be serious. hide. Because there is nothing divine in Marvel. Let Rob explain: Guess I'm going to have to address some of your points. Doctor Doom only got the Beyonder's powers because he allowed it and he only did it once. Marvel vs DC! Who would win? He is an supremely powerful being who controls the Antimatter Universe, awoken at the dawn of time and bent on the destruction of all. share. You get respect points for it. Or AM/spectre being effected by beings within material multiverse? Just saying Beyonder proves you didn't read COIE. I would think the Anti-Monitor would be about on par with Doom as far as evil schemes and super-science go. How do you explain the Beyonder almost dying from the sum of the multiverse in energy on a surprise attack? The Anti Monitor doesn't need to consume the entire DC Continuity to win this. I'll copy the entire scans text here to prove you are mistaken: In a Galaxy so distant that its light will not reach the milky way until long after the Earth has been reduced to cosmic ash, the one from beyond stands and ponders the fate of this many layered universe. save. Nobody can honestly say that the destructive needs of the Beyonder were not evil, you dont have an argument on this one at all. -Um. If we are assuming that Anti-Monitor ate the entire DC continuity as the op implies, this implies composite DC and that means anti-Monitor ate the entire beyond triple-Infinite D structure of the Unwritten. AntiMonitor Removed them. @michaeljulius: Anti monitor used millions of years to destroy infinite universes, mostly universe by universe. We are discussing COIE AM here, don't get lost in your current monitor cosmology please. If anything, he is talking about the universe he is currently in and nobody is disputing he can destroy a single universe here. Both have full prior knowledge about eachother. That's not the reason he wins. I just don't consider high end reality warping any differently. Any top tier character from the sphere of the Gods could solo marvel, due to the nature of the God sphere alone. As for my opinion, BEYONDER STOMP. Sorry, all DC is canon with the exception of Death of the New Gods. Who has the biggest appetite for battle? Anti Monitor vs Beyonder (DC vs Marvel) Battle. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. If its coie anti monitor he beats the Hmmm out of beyonder just sayin. I never used scan to make any point of anything u said other then to prove your wrong about things you said Beyonder never did. 2. I mean it would be awesome to see Beyonder whip his ass with ease but I mean, poor Anti-Monitor, he was an evil bastard but he did not deserve this. 4. These are obvious points and prove nothing in the end. Should he wipe it clean? Ok, so you are judging by statements and not feats? again, another example of whats so wrong with marvel if even the ostracized monitor wankers whip your ass.

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