artist dealer agreement

Advances: arrangements for payment to the artist of money in advance of sales/ rental fees; whether to be re-paid and when. A contract should state each party’s obligations/responsibilities, the scope of work, and the agreement as to compensation. Lawyers & Firms If there is still no signed contract, you are better off avoiding a relationship with that gallery or organization all together. ‘artist’; limited company/partnership). Buyer shall be responsible Signature], ________________________________ This slideshow requires JavaScript. whether the gallery will use its own, or the artist’s. One such leading West End London gallery proprietor has expressed the view thhat without clear written evidence of agreements with artists and buyers, and regular written statements of account to artists, the business efficiency of the gallery would be severely impeded, and sales, shows and, consequently, profits and livelihood would be lost or wasted: and that is not in the best interest of the gallery or the artist. No Ads, No Affiliates, No Subscription Plans, No Hidden Fees, No Sharing Your Data. Contract for Receipt and Holding of Artwork, Artist Gallery Contract/ Consignment/ Account, Contract for Transmission, Sales and/or Rental Media. Make sure the contract is clear and specific. 6. Duration of Agreement: when the parties may end the agreement. provision for adding a signed list of new works to those already consigned; that all consigned works are held by the gallery in trust for the artist, and are not part of the gallery’s capital assets or stock-in-trade for tax or bankruptcy purposes. The contract should be clear and avoid any loose-ends or uncertain language. with respect to the sale by. Website by Good with Digital. name] ("Artist"): 1. and Statutes & Codes, About Us Very few galleries use written forms of agreement, preferring to rely on memory, and mutual trust. The article is for information only, and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. and Many non-commercial – ‘public’ – galleries are unaware that artists they wish to show have a ‘gallery deal’, and can unwittingly make embarrassing ‘double-deals’, often with well-established artists. Artist's work delivered to Buyer pursuant to this agreement. This should only be done if a hard-copy revision is not possible due to timing factors or other inconvenient circumstances. If English law is not specified as being applicable, parties may find themselves having to pay expensive legal fees for foreign law experts.). Artists can get free online legal information from Artquest. for all of the expenses of such exhibitions, including advertising and catalogue Feel free to share this article with other artists. They clarify legal issues and add a sense of professionalism to any agreement. Make handwritten notes in the margins or on the back of a contract. If you have any questions about legal language, please consult one of the references included in this manual, or contact an arts attorney. Written Contracts of Sale/Exhibition/ Commission: Copyright: clarification that the copyright remains with the artist and is not for sale by the gallery with the work without prior written consent, and for an additional fee to be agreed. Leases & Real Estate Artist's work delivered to Buyer pursuant to this agreement. The use of written Gallery Agreements makes good business sense, particularly for a gallery with a large turnover of sales and shows. Business Ventures The matters discussed below are considered essential points for discussion and agreement: many seem to be entirely obvious; all have caused serious economic and aesthetic problems in the past which could have been so easily avoided. insurance – by the gallery for the artist’s benefit.         [Buyer's Signature], ________________________________ This agreement shall be governed by and construed in 3. less than the price set forth on the back of such photograph. Contracts are useful if not vital for a number of reasons. Schedule a meeting with the gallery and ask it to clarify both responsibilities. __________________, ); what the financial arrangements are concerning exhibitions. If the gallery you want to work with does not sign contracts, we recommend that you at least get a list of those things that you as the artist are responsible for and what the gallery is responsible for. Being polite yet insistent on a signed contract will present you as knowledgable and unsusceptible to potential corruption. Buyer shall be entitled to retain _____% of the balance of the net proceeds of the (To avoid the expense and time involved by going through the courts. U.S. Federal Gov't They can also dodge the infamous “my word against yours” scenario. NOTE: These sample contracts are for checklist and reference purposes only. Maximilian Ventures LLC. Buying & Selling Basically what you will get out of this is an Agreement. In addition The irresponsible party desires an unfair balance in its favor. During the period of _________ years, Buyer shall Contracts & Agreements. Nov 14, 2016 - Artist, Gallery and Dealer Contracts, Agreements, Arrangements and Relationships They clarify legal issues and add a sense of professionalism to any agreement. arrange for exhibitions of Artist's works in the Cities of If handwritten notes are added to a contract, be sure to have all responsible parties sign or initial all revisions or addenda. Consignment: which works are within the terms of the agreement and are, therefore, consigned to the gallery for exhibition and sale. In addition ); Delivery: who is responsible and how costs are to be shared. Return of Work: who shall have the responsibility and bear the cost of transport – or storage charges if the work cannot be returned. 3. We have provided samples that highlight various circumstances in which you will need a contract to protect yourself, your practice, and the other party that is entering an agreement with you. If no such agreement is made, legal ownership usually passes in law when the buyer agrees to buy the work – so it belongs to the buyer, in law, even though it still hangs in the gallery awaiting payment). Name Change Agreement Formats - Legal Contracts Agreements as per Indian Law owner contractor, distributors, agreement formats selling agents & broker agreement 1. Galleries, Dealers, Agents, & Consultants, Career Options for Creative Professionals, FREE GYST Professional Practices for Artists Resources. such other places as the parties shall jointly determine. to Buyer under this agreement, to be paid to Artist on a quarterly basis. In many circumstances, they may not be knowledgable about the process or feel the that contracts are too formal for the occasion. Agency: that the gallery will act as agent for the artist to promote, exhibit and sell work (as distinct from acting as consignee, simply to sell work/s left at the gallery: see AM Nov. ’77); that the agency will cover a specified geographical area. Law School Salaries (This often causes problems. Title: when legal ownership of the works is to pass to the buyer.

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