artist loft acrylic paint color chart

The color chart PDF is in French & English. Paint and Pigment Data along with MSDS sheets can be found on all of their products, and many other brands they sell on the site by clicking on the paint color or specific product. The color/pigment pages are separated by color hue and include color index names, brand names, color swatches and Bruce MacEvoy's own, real world, lightfastness tests. Paint Brand/Trade Name Artists' Paint & Pigment Manufactures: (updated 2018):  Page Top^, Artistic Lineage  |  Art Spectrum  |  Blick Art Materials  |  Blockx  |  Blueridge Oil Colors, C.A.S AlkydPro  |  Ceracolors  |  Charvin  |  CJ's American Journey  |  Chroma  |  Colors of Nature  |  Cornelissen, Daniel Smith  |  Daler-Rowney  |  Davenport, Jane  |  Da Vinci  |  Doak  |  Earth Pigments  |  Ferrario, Gamblin  |  Genesis  |  Golden  |  Grapewood  |  Grumbacher  |  Guerra Paint & Pigment  |  Holbien  |  Isaro, Jackson's  |  Jaurena Art (Mir)  |  Kama Pigments  |  Kremer Pigmente  |  Kreul  |  Kroma  |  Langridge  |  Lascaux, Lefranc & Bourgeois  |  Leroux, Couleurs  |  Liquitex  |  Lukas  |  Maimeri  |  Matisse, Derivan, M. Graham  |  Master Pigments  |  Michael Harding  |  Mijello (Mission Gold)  |  Mont Marte  |  Natural Earth Paints, Natural Pigments  |  Nevskaya Palitra  |  Old Holland  |  Pebeo  |  Pfeiffer  |  QoR  |  R&F Handmade Paints, Redwood Willow  |  Renesans  |  RGH Artists' Oil Paints  |  Richeson  |  Royal Talens  |  SAA  |  Schmincke, Sennelier  |  ShinHan Art Materials  |  Sinopia Pigments  |  St. Petersburg - by Nevskaya Palitra  |  Stoneground Paint, Triangle Coatings  |  Tri-Art  |  Turner Colour Works  |  Umtom Barvy  |  Utrecht  |  Vasari Classic Oil Colors, Wallace Seymour (formerly Pip Seymour)  |  Weber (Martin F. Weber)  |  Williamsburg Handmade Oils, Winsor & Newton  |  Zecchi - Colori - Belle Arti. "Zecchi - which took over the business in the fifties - based on the Cennino Cennini’s treatise I Libro Dell’Arte, has succeeded in finding, reviving or reproducing all the colours and materials used by pre-Renaissance and Renaissance painters. They have a small limited palette of mostly Earth colors & pigments, that come in small reusable jars. Pre-Tested® Professional Oils (Web), MSDS (PDF)  |  Academy® Oil student line (Web), MSDS (PDF), Max® Water Mixable Oils (Web), MSDS (PDF), Finest® Astist's Watercolors (Web), MSDS (PDF)  |  Academy® collegiate line watercolor paints (Web), MSDS (PDF), Academy® Acrylic Paints (Web), MSDS (PDF). The designation has been arrived at from, in most cases, the manufacturer's literature, art books and art reference works (see the bottom of the Pigment Database's main page for a complete list of reference works), MSDS sheets, the EPA manual: Environmental Health & Safety in the Arts: A Guide for K-12 Schools, Colleges and Artisans (full PDF here), The Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI), The Health and the Arts Program - Great Lakes Centers at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health (UIC SPH), The American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works has a collection of articles on art safety, The Consumer Product Safety Commission's Art and Craft Safety Guide (PDF, 250 KB) and Art Materials Business Guidance. Natural Earth and Ocher pigments (Web)  |  French Mineral Pigments (Web), Primary Pigments (Web)  |  Oxide Pigments (Web)  |  Colonial Natural Pigments from the US (Web)  |  Mica Powders (Web). A few of the links below are Affilliate links you can help support this site, at no extra cost to you, and you can get great deals & discounts. This may be the reference source of the information that I have given, or just a link to more detailed information. Well known in the UK & Europe, but hard to get in the Americas. Substitute and tone could be also considered acceptable means of indicating a hue substitute for the actual color. Ceracolor water soluble wax paints are manufactured in the US by Natural Pigments, LLC located in Willits, California. US based distributer and manufacturer of many lines of art materials. C.I. Pigments (Web): Color Index numbers and MSDS sheets are available by clicking on the pigment line trademark/brand name. C.I. I could not find any PDF files.

[Assorted Artists' Color Charts & Resources]|[Brand/Trade Name Artists' Paint & Pigment Manfacturers], [Industrial Pigment Manufacturers]|[Uncategorised Colorants, Pigments & Inks (Tattoo, Cosmetic, Food)], I assembled these links to color charts because i refer to them whenever I'm about to buy a new paint, and it's nice to have them all in one spot. Jackson's E-Book Catalogs I Could only find a few current PDFs.

On the Clariant site, they have colorants/pigment color chart brochures available for coatings, plastics and printing, along with make-up and ECO label compliant colorants. II = Good, Pigment list (PDF) All product pigments on one list w/ C.I numbers. Discontinued Products (links are for historical reference only): W&N London Watercolors (70's/early 80's) discontinued, rebranded to the Cotman line, Finity Slow Dry Acrylics discontinued Leaflet (PDF*), Artists' Soft Pastels discontinued Brochure (PDF in Dutch, w/ CI Names*), Color Chart (PDF**),  MSDS (PDF), Winsor & Newton at Blick Art Materials afflillate link (Web). Usually sold in the US under the brand names Yarka, St. Petersburg, and White Nights, and also Jack Richeson, they are high quality artist watercolors in pans & half pans. The PDF links here automatically download in the Chrome Browser, check your download folder, or adjust your settings in Chrome, if you do not what the PDF files to auto download. Color Index Names are found by clicking the paint image. Color Index Numbers, Lightfastness, MSDS (SDS, SIS) sheets and other information is available by selecting the specific pigment/product on their website. You may have to enter your name & e-mail info to get the actual pigment information download link to these brochures. I could find only a few color charts, and could not find any color charts that included CI Pigment names, although they Ferrario was founded in 1919, and is one of the oldest manufacturers of Artist Paint in Italy. names), Utrecht Studio Acrylics, uses same pigments as Artists' grade Acrylic paints (Web**), MSDS (PDF w/ C.I. Artistic Lineage:    Art Brands Top^ † = Effects of long term light exposure are given when known, this may allow an artist to anticipate color changes and possibly use them as an advantage.

The perception of color is as individual as the the people viewing it and any such description can not be completely accurate, but merely give a general idea of the what color looks like to the average person. is a family run company that started producing artists' acrylic paint as an off-shoot to an art supply store and gallery in Kingston called Art Noise. Oil Absorption: is given in g/100g or grams of oil per 100 grams of pigment, Paint or Pigment Manufacturer Code & Art Medium:*****.
Adulterants, extenders and other additives may be added to artistic paints to improve the paint rheology, transparency, and\or drying time.

} Langridge Handmade Oil Colour (Web), (2010 Brochure PDF-may not match current line ), Pure Pigments (Web), (Pigment compatibility chart PDF). Color Index names can be found by clicking on the product number, and selecting the "additional" tab below the images. "English Manufacturers and suppliers to the trade of fine art materials, started in 1810 in London." Each color is then lovingly created using traditional tools - a glass muller and granite slab - to properly disperse the pigment into the binder. Artist manuals and handbooks (see the bottom of the Pigment Database's main page for a complete list of reference works); 6.) This is the C.I. The pigment reference is even a useful resource for Graphic illustrators, commercial artists and graphic designers. Blick Art Materials has MSDS sheets for all Pebeo Products they carry, Select the product, and on the right hand side there is a MSDS (SDS, SIS) link for that paint or product. The ASTM has not rated all pigments, and I believe will no longer be rating pigments. "In 2018 Mijello and Chartpak entered a partnership that brought this brand of watercolor products, previously under exclusive North American Distribution by Martin F. Weber, to Chartpak, Inc.", Mijello™ Mission Gold Watercolors (Web) (JPG)  |  MSDS, Mijello™ Mission Gold Watercolors at Jackson's Art (Web). Permalba® Oil Colors, color chart only, no CI (Web), CI pigment info for Permalba is on the Blick Art affiliate link (Web), wOil® Water Mixable Oil Paints w/ CI (Web), (old 2013 PDF), Prima Acrylic (Web)  |  Prima-Flo Acrylic (Web)  |  Prima Oils (Web), Bob Ross Oil Colors  |  Bob Ross Soft Landscape Oil Colors  |  Bob Ross Soft Oil Floral Colors, Bob Ross Oil Colors at Blick Art Materials affiliate link (Web).

Many pigments have a range of shades and hues. These links take you to their web site where C.I. All our colours, mediums and gessos are formulated, ground, processed and packaged at our workshop on Granville Island." Constitution Number or Colour Index Constitution Number (chemical composition):   Key Top ^ Page Top^. C.A.S. Here is a link (for historical purposes only) to an old 2005 price list that included CI Pigment names, it may not include any or all of the pigments in the current product line, the prices in this document are absolutely no longer valid. "The unique beauty of the colours, their specific characteristics and their use on the painters palette will give you the privilege to rediscover and to work with a range of rare and distinguished organic colours produced with care by the artisan Anne-Sylvie Godeau." Canadian Triangle Coatings’ business began in 1932 as a small, regional paint manufacturer. Small retailer of non-toxic pigments and paint making kits based in Ashland, Oregon, US.

Their line of colors of includes the traditional colors that have been the staple of artists over time, but they’ve also taken the classic paintmaking techniques of the old masters and brought them into the 21st century with the addition of modern pigments.  KREUL is the first German artists’ paint factory, established in 1838. The website has CI names for most of their line, except Permalba & Bob Ross. Assorted Artists' Color Charts & Resources:  Page Top^.

Charvin Extra-Fine Acrylics (Web**), PDFs' w/ CI names (PDF) (alt PDF) (alt PDF), Extra-fine Gouaches (Web**)  |  Charvin Pigments (Web**).

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