authentic summative assessment examples

Involve complex tasks that for which there may be no right answer, and that may not be easily scored. (1993) Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers. Indiana University Bloomington Improvement: to give feedback to instructor and students about how well students understand specific material, Judgment: to derive a grade, and to allow students to work intensively with course material, Very focused on whether students have acquired specific skills or information, Less focused on specific skills or information; instead, allows students to demonstrate a range of skills and knowledge, Requires little time from instructors or students; simple; done in class, Requires more time from instructors and students; complex; done outside of class. "How Do You Create Authentic Assessments?" Summative Assessment Examples for Elementary School Graded Tests. In contrast, formative assessment is assessment of student learning that is designed to improve (rather than to evaluate) students’ skills or their understanding of specific course concepts. Another widely-used type of formative assessment is the Conceptest (Mazur, 2001). (n.d.). Lastly, authentic assessments do not have to be chosen over traditional assessments. Other famous examples of summative assessments include A-levels and GCSEs. Contain items that isolate particular skills or facts, Are integrated challenges in which a range of skills and knowledge must be used in coordination. ), Draw a diagram of how a process works, indicating what happens if X occurs. A Conceptest is a multiple-choice question that tests students’ conceptual understanding of material presented in class. The task is multifaceted and complex, even if there is a right answer. Summative assessment has received criticism for its perceived inaccuracy in providing a full and balanced measure of student learning. The context and constraints or the task are like those encountered by practitioners in the discipline. Although many instructors think of assessing student learning as synonymous with the process of arriving at a grade for student work, assessment can be used for other purposes and in other ways as well: The process of arriving at a grade for a student (either for a test or assignment, or for an entire course) is known as summative assessment. Authentic assessment evaluates whether the student can successfully transfer the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to various contexts, scenarios, and situations. When considering how to assess student learning in a course, most instructors would agree that the ideal assessment would be one that not only assesses students’ learning; it also teaches students and improves their skills and understanding of course content. Read Step 4 in the Authentic Assessment Toolbox to learn more about rubrics. This article by Catherine Crouch and Erik Mazur summarizes data from 10 years of teaching using Mazur’s Peer Instruction methods (which includes Conceptests), demonstrating that students taught using Peer Instruction more effectively master course concepts. Formative assessments provide information to students as well as instructors about how well students understand specific course concepts, and are typically low-stakes, in the sense that they are often ungraded. Engage in a role play of a particular event in history; Describe what might have happened if one element of a historical event had changed. Motivates students to deeply engage with the subject matter leading to more constructive and productive learning. These types of assignments will vary by discipline but typically require students to complete a project. CATs are learner-centered, teacher-directed, mutually beneficial formative assessments that can be tailored to specific disciplines and teaching contexts. The table below from Wiggins (1998) compares traditional assessments (tests and exams) to authentic assessments (tasks). Are tied to real-world contexts and constraints; require the student to “do” the subject. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. This is the original classic (and encyclopedic) volume defining CATs. The instructor will need to take more time to evaluate and grade the students' work than they would if applying a traditional assessment technique such as a multiple choice exam. Students must achieve these criteria when completing authentic tasks to not only demonstrate what they've learned, but that they are also capable of effectively applying what they've learned. "students must define single integrals by week 3"). Students may use particular knowledge or skills in several different ways or contexts. | They require a considerable investment of time, both from students and from instructors, and are consequently often completed outside of class. What skills and knowledge should students have gained in the course? (n.d.). To design a good summative assessment, it is important to begin with the course goals. It describes 50 different CATS and includes examples of how each can be used in the classroom. Peer instruction: Ten years of experience and results. To start building the rubric, use the criteria established in Step 3 and then decide whether to create an analytic rubric or holistic rubric. 21 – 42. Troubleshoot a problemmatic piece of code; Develop a website/app to solve a particular problem and/or meet a set of criteria, Examine/critique a case study from multiple theoretical positions, Public Affairs or Service Learning Courses, Consider how a community agency might be impacted by a particular challenge (budget cuts, infrastructure outage, public health crisis, etc. A mix of both types of assessments can be effective, and in some cases (depending on the course objectives and outcomes), required. Summative assessments (e.g., exams or term papers) are formal, usually graded, and focused on letting students show a range of skills and knowledge. Retrieved from, Bloom's Taxonomy Action Verbs. Consider this, for example: Your student, who’s a hands-on, auditory learner, has a math test today. Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, Accessibility | Privacy Notice Wiggins, Grant. Contain items that isolate particular skills or facts, Are integrated challenges in which a range of skills and knowledge must be used in coordination. The validity of the assessment is not sacrificed in favor of reliable scoring. Once this question has been answered, an instructor can create assignments that will allow students to demonstrate that they have reached the course goals. Indiana University Bloomington Authentic assessments benefit students in a number of ways, but also present some challenges (adapted from this resource from the University of New South Wales Sydney). The table below from Wiggins (1998) compares traditional assessments (tests and exams) to authentic assessments (tasks). This is accomplished by way of an authentic assessment and does not solely rely on a written or oral exam (traditional assessment) (Mueller, n.d.). However, authentic assessments may require more time and effort on an instructor’s part to develop, and may be more difficult to grade. Correctness is not the only criterion; students must be able to justify their answers.

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