bane vs hulk

This topic is locked from further discussion. Instead of getting cancer which is what would happen in reality, it gives him Hulk's strength. Seriously how is this not locked? -Bane is always 2 tons stronger than Hulk, Obviously bane not only did you make him 2 tons stronger but hulk has no healing factor and bane is actually very smart and skilled in fighting so he would destroy him. Cause he doesn't get Hulk's durability, just his strength. . Anyway, thought I'd make a come back with another Marvel Vs DC piece, enjoy! . 30 feet apart. Hulk & Captain America vs Doomsday & Bane. Was expecting someone to say Hulk is faster or more skilled. Maybe a half toner. Bane in a stomp , Venom isn't in the same league as Bane in strength,speed,agility,durability Bane wins . this hulk has still busted through walls and what not. Shipping containers only weigh five tons. @squaddoubleyou: @kryptonianking88: Alright, how about against pharse 1 Hulk? TV Hulk was different to comic hulk, very different, in strength, durability and healing factor. ce. Bane trips. I haven't submitted any new work in a while, feel like I've really lost that creative spark if you know what I mean. They both start 50ft apart in the same tunnels Bane fought Batman. is equivalent of knowing kung fu? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Bane vs The Hulk # The Hulk Hahaha NOPE. One guy got super strength, he tried to punch a while and his arm pretty much turned to paste. To have any version of Bane be more powerful than any version of the Hulk is IMO . Hulk doesn't stand a chance. Bane doesn't need Hulk's strength to stomp Hulk. @atheistknowledge: I was just assuming he got hulks durability what's the point without it? The Hulk begins to grow even larger in Bane's arm, the luchador barely able to keep hold of the wriggling behemoth. wow.....i thought i was going with hulk on this one but tv hulk just dont seem so powerful....yea he a lil strong but not much going for him.....bane win, Oh...*Put beer back in bag* Guess I'll be on my way then, TV Hulk is certainly not anywhere close to his Comic Book incarnation...but he's still way more powerful than Nolan's Bane. 49 Comments. Hulk rips him in half and that this exists sucks. Wow. @sufferedtoker: Nah, if this was the case Thor would one shot him in all of their fights. That's why I did this match up, cause the only thing this Hulk has over Bane, imo, is strength, and Bane aint lacking in that enough that he couldn't use it wisely enough to work him and hurt him where it works, again, imo. Because Bane doesn't have Hulk's durability, it's either Bane punches Hulk and kills himslef orr Hulk punches Bane and kills him. 2008 is even worse than Endgame Hulk. Bane vs The Hulk # @ninjawarrior268: Actually if he happened to fall into a pool of radiation in real life he would die immediately not get cancer then die slowly. He can't have that much swag. Spider-Man (with the "Other" powers) vs Bane (using the "venom") on the NYC rooftops. @lordraiden: Yeah I wasnt sure either if the tv hulk had a healing factor or not, the comic versions and the movie versions did, but this one i cant remember, i remember an episode where a few thugs tossed bruce banner out of a home and he got angry and when he came back as hulk he tossed them around like toys, so no hes not as big, strong or as durable as the hulks in the movies or comics, but he still seem'd durable enough, but as far as this battle goes i guess i could call it a stalemate. Hulk from 2008 solo film (Avengers 2012).Bane's feats for anyone not seen the show: show 2 replies . The way Bane’s steroid works is that the venom injected into his body triggers receptors in his muscles which spark growth. he killed 12 Arkham royal guards without any effort. First round on me. Superhero Class. Yea compared to comic book standards that ain't sh!+. I guess Tv show Hulk is not more than 2 tones. Well apart from Thor..... @k4tzm4n: hulk can take his own hits pretty casually, not to mention he isn't exactly a bad fighter himself and bane would literally have his head knocked off if hulk hits him. Except Bane didn't gain his strength through years of training he just fell in a pool of gamma radiation and gained Hulks strength, after all this is a random hypothetical scenario, now whether or not his bones and muscle would break and tear if he tried to actually exercise that strength is another thing. any other more over powered versions would kill bane faster. But then I saw OP again and realized that this was TDKR Bane, this makes this more interesting. It's not really a contest: Hulk can head butt bane and he'll be out.. Bane is strong don't get me wrong he is But he doesn't even remotely come close to the Hulk It's like comparing Bane vs superman not really fair. even lou ferrigno hulk would solo easily. TV Hulk never impressed me. morpheus_ Follow ... #32 Edited By Incredible Hulk-Prime. 2008 Hulk got hurt by a grenade launcher, got cut by Helicopter Rotor(?) LMAO !!!!! half ton? The Superhero Database Classification number, or SHDB Class, is a number that represents the overall 'power' of a character. He gets one-shotted. Bane vs The Hulk # The Hulk tf. Bane created a fist size crater in concrete. It just occurred to me. I would actually love to see a decent Bane vs Hulk fight since one is someone who chooses to be strong by taking drugs whereas the other is forced to become the Hulk when he's angry. @joker567892: Why not? @ezra_: @greatspiderbat: @kryptonianking88: @wolverinebatmanftw: You guys made good point about 2012 Hulk being more impressive, 2008 is closer match indeed. I'd go with Bane because of skill, but he'd have to be light on his feet, or else he'd die in one hit. cepic 1 y 10 mo 1 d . Bane gets one shotted. Due to Mjolnir tanking and the Leviathan punches. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He is not that very strong. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Doesn't that mean they both keep their respective durability levels...? Bane lifts Hulk up and attempts to squeeze the life out of him, locking him in a tightening bear hug. @sufferedtoker: You think Cap and Iron Man could beat got to be trolling on that one. Bane goes toe to toe with Lou Ferrigno's Hulk from the TV series. He's impressive, but he's got nothing on the Leviathan punch. Bane goes toe to toe with Lou Ferrigno's Hulk from the TV series. Team Red Hood vs Deathstroke & Bane. Battle in a dock yard. Bane from "The Batman" might be stronger than Hulk from the TV show. Hulk knows kung fu now, so no one is safe. This one would be much more fair but this Titan Bane would certainly slaughter Hulk but still would be more fair. @rpgesus: Considering the OP is being specific with what powers he gives and takes you shouldn't just assume he has Hulks durability. Yes it does. So waving one's foot and yelling Ki-yah! 5K Views. Bane shoots him with a stinger missile. Without the durability Bane loses, he may get a few hits in but even without his healing Hulk can tank his own hits. to bad he doesn't win, Hulk still has thrown a bear around and lifted motorcycles above his head, Bane still doesn't compare. @void_reborn: I agree with that. Since Thanos durability feats >>>>>>>>>>>> Hulk I'm pretty sure Cap's combos combined with lightning can knock him out like how the Hulkbuster did. Bane doesn't have The Incredible Hulk's durability. Bane would get an uptick in durability. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. This is a question that really comes down to natural versus and artificial strength. Titan is atleast 5 tones. They both start 50ft apart in the same tunnels Bane fought Batman. This particular Hulk struggled to push down a tree and struggled to lift a motorcycle. 30 feet apart. This is a huge mismatch, Bane is not even close to durable enough to do anything. @joker567892: We don't see Hulk onscreen for minutes and he's back with a nose bleed. Hulk Wins, even without a healing factor he still has invulnerability enough to tank nukes. I don't think it's possible to have super strength without proportional durability unless the power is telekinetic in nature. Everyone knows Kung-Fu these days. That makes perfect sense considering he is not durable enough to handle his own strength and how hard he will be hitting. Even the guy who considers Hulk fodder still thinks he stomps this . Instead of getting cancer which is what would happen in reality, it gives him Hulk's strength. Not cool , now everone will think I wrote that when it is in fact blatently wrong . Iron Man I can agree with. @lordraiden: so your saying the tv hulk didnt have a healing factor too? @limitless82: Not really, they're both fodders and dumb creatures. The tv Hulk had a healing factor I think it was just very slow one episode Bruce was crippled in and it took the Hulk a little while to heal.Also tv Hulk wasn't all that strong his top feats were beating through a brick wall and throwing people across rooms. Dialogue here is critical . I know his skill is his intelligence but Hulk throwed a Brown bear 10 meters in the water. Tendons, ligaments,and bones also grow and strengthen. He snapped zipties without any problem. Bane's feats for anyone not seen the show: He could beat 2008 Hulk excluding the glacier feat, but he's not beating AoU. The point is Hulk stomps unless we just take out the whole Hulk part of him and just give it to another character and add things like he is always just a tiny bit stronger. This is his strongest version of his current venom. You still didn't give him Hulks durability which means he literally get's oneshoted. ALl three are better feat than lifting a bike. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. how could bane pull this off? Seventh in a number of Marvel Vs … Team Red Hood vs Team The Joker. Hulk from 2008 solo film (Avengers 2012). TV show Hulk is a lot weaker than his counterparts, and Bane is no slouch in the intelligence department. 24 hours prep Bane should be able to collapse the tunnel on the Hulk like in TDKR or bring some heavy firepower. Second scenario is same except Bane has 24hrs prep before leading him down to his lair. I thought all version of Hulks had healing factors and that dna in them which keeps em close to indestructable... if bane fell out of a helicopter, he'd die too. odd. Comment deleted. @theacidskull: He was being sarcastic and mocking the whole thing, not actually serious... Because Bane doesn't have Hulk's durability, it's either Bane punches Hulk and kills himself or Hulk punches Bane and kills him. Look at Hulk's right hand, the paint is coming off lmao. Bikes like Hayabusa don't weight even 1/4th of a ton. @angryhulks: you are correct. You do realize that this Hulk could be injured by bullets and not impervious to heavy firepower......and died falling out of a helicopter! @sufferedtoker: Worth noting that the Blasts seemed to have wrecked the building Hulk was on, so I guess Chitauri Weapnry isn't all that weak, especially considering bullets do nothing to Hulk. 1) Going unphased by a strike w/ a baseball bat to the back of the head (not on vemom) 2) Venomless Bane VS Azrael on Venom. Super strength without durability or invulnerability is useless and is only good for may be able to lift a 25 pound weight, but try punching it and see what happens. Not to my knowledge?? Can he take down Nah, Hulk in the tv series may not compare to the movie/real Hulks, but even he was above superhumanly strong, as he could lift cars, plow throw walls of brick/concrete etc, he would have been a 3-5tonner, possibly?? Maybe not the hulks level but he would get the durability of someone who press 100 tons without their bones snapping or tendons ripping. For no reason at all, this clip will be played at my wedding and I will give no explanation as to why. When someone lifts weights their muscles are not the only thing to get stronger and denser. Battle in a dock yard. Bane explodes himself when he punches hulk with his hulk lvl strength. I think MCU Hulk is overall a good character but to be honest, he's not that powerful. Of course he'd die without the durability. Does anyone else find the picture of Bane and the cop really hilarious? DeanDinosaur6 6 mo 9 d . Can he take down the green behemoth?? @sufferedtoker: Hulk didn't get Ko'ed, he got overwhelmed but wasn't knocked out. Bane winning a battle at all is drink worthy. @joker567892: Thor was holding back both times and having the upperhand. Team Red Hood vs Team Clayface.

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