bearskin fairy tale

Bearskin meets the old man's daughters. After this the Devil vanished. ... Fairy Tale Collectible Variant Cover 12 of 12, Limited to 350: pikahyper As soon as they saw that the very handsome man had fallen to the share of their youngest sister, and heard that he was the same as “Bearskin,” they ran out of the house full of rage and jealousy. When he was gone the poor bride clothed herself in black, and whenever she thought of her bridegroom burst into tears. However, when Bearskin put his hand into his pocket and drew it out full of gold ducats the landlord yielded the point, and gave him a place in the outbuildings, but not till he had promised that he would not show himself, for fear the inn should gain a bad name. Citation: Grimm, James and Grimm, Wilhelm, authors. This done, he appeared again like a brave warrior, and indeed was much handsomer than before. The latter, when he saw himself released from his troubles, knew not how to be sufficiently grateful, and said to the Soldier, “Come with me; my daughters are all wonders of beauty, so choose one of them for a wife. Then he hung the bearskin around himself, and went about the world chuckling at his good luck, and buying whatever suited his fancy which money could purchase. Olcott, Frances Jenkins, ed. The second one stopped and looked at him from head to foot; but at last she said, “How can I take a husband who has not a bit of a human countenance? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. As soon as the eldest daughter saw him, she was so terrified at his countenance that she shrieked out and ran away. THERE was once a young fellow who enlisted as a soldier, conducted himself bravely, and was always the foremost when it rained bullets. is the place to access folklore from countries all over the world. The Soldier reflected for awhile on his great necessities, and, remembering how often he had braved death, he at length consented, and ventured to accept the offer. The bride, however, sat opposite to him in her black dress, and never raised her eyes, nor spoke a word. No one recognized him, the father took him for a distinguished general, and led him into the room where his daughters were sitting. The poor betrothed bride dressed herself entirely in black, and when she thought of her future bridegroom, tears came into her eyes. For the first year his appearance was not very remarkable, but in the second he began to look quite a monster. Italo Calvino included another Italian version, The Devil's Breeches from Bologna, in his Italian Folktales. . Thereupon the Devil pulled off the gray coat, handed it to the soldier, and said, “If you at any time search in the pockets of your coat when you have it on, you will always find your hand full of money.” Then also he pulled off the skin of the bear, and said, “That shall be your cloak and your bed; you must sleep on it, and not dare to lie in any other bed, and on this account you shall be called ‘Bearskin. In the meantime the two sisters came back in full dress, and when they saw that the handsome man had fallen to the share of the youngest, and heard that he was Bearskin, they ran out full of anger and rage. Now the old Soldier had a compassionate heart, so he opened the door and saw an old man weeping violently and wringing his hands. "We have not got so far as that yet," answered Bearskin, "thou must first make me clean." His property had dwindled away by degrees, he and his daughters would have to starve, and he was so poor that he could not pay the innkeeper, and was to be put in prison. When they hear what you have done for me they will not refuse you. During the first year his appearance was passable, but during the second he began to look like a monster. "Bears like sweet things, and if he takes a fancy to thee, he will eat thee up." "A soldier and fear — how can those two things go together?" One of them drowned herself in the well, the other hanged herself on a tree. Then he pulled the skin off the bear and said, "This shall be thy cloak, and thy bed also, for thereon shalt thou sleep, and in no other bed shalt thou lie, and because of this apparel shalt thou be called Bearskin." “For the next seven years you must not wash yourself, nor comb your hair or beard, neither must you cut your nails nor say one paternoster. But the bride sat opposite to him dressed in black, neither opening her eyes nor speaking a word. send you an email once approved. There was once upon a time a young fellow who enlisted for a soldier, and became so brave and courageous that he was always in the front ranks when it rained small shot. Bearskin was, however, obliged to promise not to let himself be seen, lest the inn should get a bad name. "Come with me," said he to Bearskin; "my daughters are all miracles of beauty, choose one of them for thyself as a wife. Bearskin and other folktales of type 361, in which a man gains a fortune and a beautiful bride by entering into a pact with the devil. “Oho!” cried he, “I will tickle your nose for you, that you shall no longer be able to grumble”; and, raising his musket, he shot the bear in the forehead, so that he tumbled in a heap upon the ground, and did not stir afterward. The youngest, however, said, "Dear father, that must be a good man to have helped you out of your trouble, so if you have promised him a bride for doing it, your promise must be kept." But pray to God that he will preserve my life.”. "Bearskin" (German: Der Bärenhäuter) is a fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm, as tale no. In the evening, some one knocked at the door, and when the bridegroom opened it, it was the Devil in his green coat, who said, "Seest thou, I have now got two souls in the place of thy one! As long as the war lasted all went well, but when peace was concluded he received his discharge, and the captain told him he might go where he liked. "I have no money," thought he, "I have learnt no trade but that of fighting, and now that they have made peace they don't want me any longer; so I see beforehand that I shall have to starve." "Take care," said the eldest, "if thou givest him thy hand, he will strike his claws into it." The soldier thought of the great extremity in which he now found himself, and as he so often had gone to meet death, he resolved to risk it now also, and agreed to the terms.

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