benchmade valet titanium

You may unsubscribe at any time. Recently, the Valet has been revamped and reborn in an exclusive, limited unlimited, Titanium Gold Class knife. Regular price $87.00 Sale price $87.00 Sale.

The 485GRY-1801 left Value Town ages ago and never looked back. The Valet’s heritage is easy to see if you know what to look for — all of its constituent elements are taken from other knives in Benchmade’s history. In the process you see the trials and tribulations of taking down an Axis lock knife. 550-227-4946 Value: Very Low (for the 485GRY-1801 and Shinola model); Medium (for base model). Fett Effect: Very Low (for base model and Shinola model); Very High (for 485GRY-1801).

To be fair I did review the Valet on another website (found here). It is the same price, generally, as the Sebenza and both are excellent. Another difference between the two, is that Damasteel will have different patterns than a Damascus steel. After this whole process is done, there is a solid piece of steel with the perfect structure left over. Second, it sports a matching anodized titanium thumb stud that sits near the rear of the blade.
Damasteel is a work of art, with a unique pattern that you will only be able to find on Damasteel. The knife comes outfitted with bright orange anodized aluminum thumb studs and an orange G-10 backspacer. Yes it has had its problems, but tuned well, it is probably the best EDC lock out there—full ambi and never requires fingers in the blade path. That is a design travesty.

Its a natural side effect of the Axis lock and this knife appears better than most. Add to Wishlist; Description. I actually like that look, but thankfully, if you don’t you can restore this knife to its smokey out of the box appearance with a dab of lubricant. Stay on point with the latest products, offers and more!

Not that there’s anything wrong with the Mini Grip in its myriad of different configurations (especially the new G10/20CV models) but the Valet offers nicer materials and similar size in a smaller footprint, fitting more as the disappear into your pocket role than its chunkier brother. Model: BM-485GRY-1801. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Manufacturer: Benchmade. The GRY is a very cool knife on this front with the base model and the Shinola model being classic modern knives—100% immune to signs of use. Titanium has the highest corrosion resistance out of the metals. Plus it still has enough belly to do some rocking cuts in the kitchen. The painfully expensive “Gold Class” Valet with its snazzy Damasteel blade and Titanium handle certainly looks the part, but paying exactly 3.5 times the price to get a blade that won’t hold an edge nearly as long strikes me as a bad deal. The handle is made out of billet anodized titanium. Damasteel is a fantastic steel option with a great aesthetic that you aren’t going to be able to find anywhere else.

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