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Sarge didn’t deny them. That was it, my bodyboard got put in the shed and I got a surfboard.".

He can’t believe that lifelong friends have turned on him.”, “I didn’t see any sexual activity. The company prospered. Eventually, LMB would develop into communal accommodation for young Australian men, organised and partly funded by Sarge, to help those who were struggling to survive the tour. At Tracks, because of work, I introduced Adam Blakey to Paul Sargeant when he was 14 years old. Surfing ain’t long-hairs and doobie-suckers no more. “But I’m not going to shirk my responsibility toward the ASP and the young athletes and the support staff and media personnel on tour.

To say I loved it is an understatement. ''I can swim.''. Steve says one shot of Alan Moffatt’s RX7 was bought by his sponsor, Peter Styvesant, for $25,000, and wound up on cigarette machines around the world. The only slightly negative detail he recalls is that Sarge, more drunk than most, was “getting a little close” and invading his personal space.

No. The comments had never affected their good friendship. In France, Robert was instructed by Rab to conduct an investigation, which he did immediately, interviewing over a dozen people, and wrapping it up within two weeks. “And he said that he had been to see his pastor and been baptised again to keep this from happening again.” Robert was concerned, though, that Sarge’s only attempt to apologise had been his expression of regret – for himself as well as Adam – the next day at the airport. Keeping on the early surf memories, aside from watching a friend of mine and his older brother surfing when we were kids, one of my earliest memories of surfing comes in the shape of the Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves classic Point Break. “We had to get all of our stuff packed. If Sarge satisfied the above criteria, Robert would then present it to the board for a vote. A film by Michael and Jeff Zimbalist, the same guys who wrote and directed The Two Escobars, Momentum Generation is like The Class of '92, but for the surf world. He started his career as a defensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1977. 2 player in the world. No matter. And he also can pull his head from the bottom of the ocean, the result of one rather powerful wave. I always stuck up for them on their issues with the ASP and the industry and media, earning no end of foes in the process, and I always put their satisfaction and facilitation ahead of my own. He had to be 100 yards ahead of those guys.

And not being surfers, I think a lot of us were very weary going into these interviews, thinking, 'Shit, what are these guys really gonna ask? I tell him that his involvement in this profile, which I’ve spent eight months researching, would be a good chance for him to re-emphasise the positive contribution he’d made to surfing, but he knows that that is not all we’d be discussing, and wants no part of it. When asked if his ''mate'' was anyone worth mentioning, Scott recalled the conversation and finished the sentence Thursday. He described one of the significant things about Christianity in an interview he gave to The Daily Surf, a website he created in 2003: “The hardest thing to accept and actualise in your belief and faith after you become a Christian is that you no longer have a ‘past’. Benji Weatherley has been to Portugal and South Africa, to Hawaii and the south of France, just about everywhere a pro surfer would want to go. When the tour was split into the WCT and WQS in 1992, it brought an end to the daily revelry. ''I knew I'd be fine,'' he said. He made me feel like I was part of something, like I was doing a job out there. “Everybody was so high, we really felt like we’d nailed the trip.

But not injured.

“Murph worded him up, and he started taking his medication again, so I was fine about it. “After we all got checked in, we sat down for coffee. Lucas Glover injured his knee on a paddle board in 2012. Ireland fans left furious by ITV's national anthem error. They met through surf champion Kelly Slater about four years ago in San Diego and stayed in touch. At the meeting that evening, Sarge told everyone he was gay, and admitted to performing a sexual act on Adam, but neglected to say it wasn’t consensual.

That the surf media has never mentioned it is in itself scandalous. Aside from it being a very important film for surf enthusiasts, it's an important film for Rob too because it gave him a chance to reconnect with his brothers and share their story. It was a risk, giving PGA Tour history in Hawaii. He told Nudes, who said the roommate had already told him about it. Surfers don’t tell each other what they’re earning. Sarge’s endorsement by WPS indicates that he still has friends in the sport, and seems to confirm, as he said in that brief phone conversation I had with him, that he is not ruling out a return to the sport. HONOLULU (AP) -- Benji Weatherley has been to Portugal and South Africa, to Hawaii and the south of France, just about everywhere a pro surfer would want to go. If they went half any good, he’d ring Billabong or Quiksilver or Volcom or whoever, and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got this young guy, what’s the chance of getting a sponsorship?’”, Damien Hodge was a promising Cronulla grom at the time. I was riding a bodyboard and then all of a sudden I was able to stand up and it just extenuated everything through the roof. “I didn’t mind him celebrating the party aspect of it because the tour was different back then. However, a few years later, when Dean was 18, Sarge suddenly declared he was in love with him. Shameful. ''When he hits driver, like on No. (For Sarge) to have been around that guy since he was a 14-year-old kid and then to bung something like that on, I just can’t wear it, mate. “He just loved surfing. He always has been. Billabong or Hot Tuna, Damien replied. We have a custom Chilli ‘Black Vulture’ to gift (plus all the trim you’d expect from a premium dealer). Laughing out loud he looks at me, awkwardly says hello, and then offers up a Kanye shrug before I suggest that the soundtrack for today's interview should be Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff". “My will doesn’t matter. It was unreal because I ended up making the semis or the quarters at that event.” In fact, it helped define Danny’s career. “I think he’s a very unfortunately messed-up person who has a great heart. But I'm not sure I should.

It was typical of Sarge’s behaviour whenever he was able to shake the shackles of depression – he was full of ambitious ideas, some of which worked, and some of which crashed and burned before they could turn a profit. “You’ve got to give people time to heal,” former Tracks and Australia’s Surfing Life editor Tim Baker said, summing up the attitude of many.

he said. How could you have been so promiscuous, so presumptuous, so outrageous… so stupid?” — Paul Sargeant, Tracks, December 1998"I’ve got nothing to say,” says Paul Sargeant, 52, the most prolific and influential photojournalist in surfing history, during the third and final abrupt phone conversation I have with him.

I reckon he was just throwing it out there to see how I’d respond, then when I didn’t respond he blamed it on something else.”, Dean remains in contact with Sarge, and says, even now, little has changed. “I was like, hmm, that’s a weird question. You can now say, 'We’re going to have a surf contest on Saturday from 12-4,' and you can guarantee something’s going to happen. I dance on the water?'' If he did all those things I would be very open-minded.

It won’t take long. Both surfers were adults at the time of the incidents. It was so well done. Robert Redford surfs.'". This wasn’t about taking sides.

Robert asked Sarge about these prior incidents. Which three surfers, any era, any wave, would he most like to share the ocean with? Sarge’s younger brother Steve, with whom I have a long conversation about the many unacknowledged good things Sarge did for various surfers over the years, is taken aback when I ask him how long ago it was that he learned Sarge was gay.

''But then on the fifth, you know that hole with the dip in it?'' Meanwhile, though, Sarge continued to champion, or at least excuse, the recklessness of the diminishing Aussie challengers. Sometimes they don’t come off, but it’s better He had a high work ethic. He remained indomitable for the rest of the 1990s, however, because he worked hard, and had unrivalled access to the surfers. Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Benji Weatherley. ''He hit the down slope and it shot into the ravine. One of the many people he told was Neil Ridgway, some time during Neil’s tenure as editor of Tracks (1994 to 1997). “We were like, ‘Holy shit, did that really happen?’ When Sarge told us, I don’t think it registered with any of us. His account of LMB’s first road trip, during the five-week European leg, marks a serious change in Sarge’s attitude. Geoff Ogilvy sliced open his finger on coral in 2011.

Some time later, Sarge entered Adam’s room and performed an unsolicited sexual act on him while he slept. Eventually, the rest of the competitors, especially the hard-living Australians, would be forced to play by Kelly’s rules. humans, but goddamn it, if we ain’t the most obsessive collective you ever did see…

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