best squat rack for small space

Will Haddad shows you what it takes to install it, unfold it, and fold it, and how does holds up under some heavy lifts (405lb?). The stringers are also black powder coated and made out of 11-gauge steel, so they’re tough and don’t take away anything from the look of your rack. The average exterior width of a squat rack is 47.4 inches. Note that some makers call these wall mounted power racks. If you have a tight space to get work done in, this power rack is a decent full-rack option to make use of. Some racks use 12-gauge, and depending on how much weight you plan on lifting, this could still be ok. var myRandom = [‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, ‘5’,’10’, ‘-1’, ‘-2’, ‘-3’, ‘-4’, ‘-5′]; Titan for example does ok with some things, but this rack needs to be all perfectly aligned so that you can install it with nothing weird going on in its stability, connections, and fold-up procedure. That’s because the rack is just 71.5” at its highest height. Therefore it doesn’t entirely fit into this article, but I thought I’d mention it. affordable. For best results, the hinge point would probably need to be roughly the distance equivalent to the thickness of the tubing. That was smart of them to do this, while Fringe and Titan insist on having a unique size and only hurting themselves. Privacy Policy Doing this before and after workout could become a *chore* if you’re also vertically challenged (at least for the top ones). Then consider space requirements and included features. Waist Healthy earns a commission through the following hand-picked links at no extra cost to you. They’ve been at it a while and have gotten better and better with their design considerations. Assembly the rack is easy enough. It has a slight angle, but everything works. The only downside is that it can wobble a bit when compared to the $1000 dollar home gyms. This is why I review equipment such as the best compact elliptical for small spaces. The chances of something breaking down is rare, but it’s nice to know you’re covered in case something does. Both have their advantages. The pull-up bar is smooth and designed for a comfortable grip as well. There’s plenty to compare between the brands I’ve selected, and in this case they can’t be explained in a comparison chart. The rack is simple in design and features a set of chrome catch bars that are made of thick steel for safe support during lifts. This rack pairs nicely with a lightweight bench and would make a solid option for a new weight room in your home. The multi-functional design and unique base allow you to perform various exercises, making it convenient to use. That particular rack is the only one compact against the wall like that, other than the folding racks. Most wall mounted folding racks fold horizontally- you remove the pull up bar, pull out 4 pins, and swing the columns up against the wall. It’s all the same. Most nice racks will include a pair of J-hooks to get ya started. It’s very practical in 2020 and I’m about to own my first house in August. A traditional power rack, or even an open-ended squat rack, takes up a painful amount of space. [A Review], Everything You Should Know About The X3 Complete Home Gym [A Review], The 5 Best Compact Treadmills For Small Spaces. A squat rack with columns this large is pretty much guaranteed to be strong enough to handle any workout you can throw at it. This squat rack features a sturdy overhead workout bar, which makes it a versatile option. var minTime = 24; But you can make your own stringers with 2×8’s and a trip to your local Home Depot. Browse by Topic The rack comes with a set of tough red support bars and features matching weight bar hooks and a pull-up bar at the top. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack w/LAT Pull Attachment, #6. Since this rack requires wall mounting, it can be a bit troublesome for those who not familiar with DIY projects. If you’d like to skip the guide and go directly to my top picks, I understand, no hard feelings- click here. Some options are welded and include additional strength-enhancing brackets and fasteners. The folding racks are surprisingly hard to navigate to on Rogue’s site menu. And they do ok at it. It takes some time and care to put this thing together, but once it’s assembled it’s a rock-solid bit of performance equipment that you can depend on to hold up for you. I don’t see much about this company or rack online. This rig folds vertically, using 4 gas shocks that make lifting and dropping smooth and easy. UHMW lined cups and feet, quick attach pins, 1.25″ pull up bar, etc, etc. The H-shaped base of this unit makes it very stable and more secure during use. Required fields are marked *, Titan fitness wall mounted squat rack review. Squatting heavy is an excellent way to keep your body feeling good and for maintaining good mobility over time. The rack is sturdy and reliable, but a bit more compact than other power racks on the market. Around 101″ for the 40.5″ one. An average review puts this as a high-ranking squat rack, but we go deeper than that. Have you figured out the best solution? Your email address will not be published. The whole unit is built from thick plate steel and it comes with a powder coat finish to keep rust at bay after extended use. Attachment optionsBeing as this is an R-series rack, Rogue’s Infinity attachments will fit this rack. Thanks for kind words man, I appreciate it. If it were possible to easily dislocate/disassemble the right side’s hinge point, then yes, you’d be able to lay the right side flat against/overtop of the left side, for the estimated net distance from the wall of 8″. This squat rack comes with a multi-grip pull up bar that allows several different types of chin-ups and pull-up hand positions to build upper-body strength. The CAP Barbell full cage power rack is a low-cost rack built for new lifters looking to get started at an affordable price-point. Speaking of which, the rack doesn’t come with weights as they are a separate purchase. Anyway, it looks great with an orange bar and functionally much better than 50” width. I have the 41” T-3 V2. If you don’t / wont us the pull up bar is the Titan for cost saving purposes able to just move the to fixtures in 2 inch’s when installing to eliminate that awkward 50 inch width. So if you’re looking for a heavier-duty rack, you found it. This compares to the R-3W with 2″x3″ steel. Most folding racks are compatible with all the accessories you can use on full size racks and cages. This makes it less enjoyable for larger lifters and can make getting the perfect position during lifts more difficult. × Lat pull-down station is a bit weak and prone to wear. Depth: 24″ from the wall, folds to 4″ from wall. It features a pull-up bar at the top for excellent back and arm workouts. He has steel stringers (which Titan used to sell and maybe will again) lag screwed to the studs. 2. The Best Squat Racks. It’s a tough call between this PRx rack and the Rogue one I listed as #2. This rack is still a good piece of equipment that comes with floor anchor holes, good sturdy legs, a pull-up bar and all the features that you need to get a good workout in. Its sturdy frame allows it to support a maximum weight capacity of 550 pounds. Guest Bloggers, Recent Posts As a garage or basement squat rack, bare concrete can be just fine, depending on what else you have going on with your gym. The set also includes a separate bench press that makes it convenient for those who want to do bench presses. This PRx Profile Rack uses 11-gauge steel and comes with 2″ x 3″ upright columns. If you like the idea of the Rogue rack above, but are on a tighter budget, the X-3 is the way to go. My issue is that my wall it small and i fear I would hit the perpendicular wall when I rack the bar on the 20.5 but the folding issue of the 41.5 may also be a. See my notes above about the T-3 as well. We ♥ honesty! var maxTime = 24; Fold either side in or out. Thanks. As long as you have the room to set up this rack, it’s spacious, durable and capable of withstanding heavy use over time without much wear. This pattern of spacing was popularized by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell, hence the name. Otherwise, not a big deal. Wow, you were not kidding about getting those in the outer holes of the two stringers. Make sure you have at least 83.5 inches of clearance, and preferably more if you’ll be using the pull-up bar. The rack makes a good addition to a newer gym but is tough enough to offer protection for mid-weight lifters. It’s going to be the only vertical folding rack for some time I’m guessing, because they invented the technology and have a patent pending on it. The beautiful thing is that it has an adjustable base. Some users report cable wear over time which could lead to a potential failure in the future during heavy lifts. This can be a significant factor in your progress over time! Pull Up Bar – Get the Kipping Bar if you Can3 options – None, regular, or extruded 36″ from the wall for kipping pullups. Space efficiency wise, it is very compact when stored away. The pull-up bar is adjustable and reversible with 8 different positions, making it ideal for various squat exercises at home. Easily worth the $50 in cost and time. Fortunately, there are now compact squat racks with small footprints. It’s something to keep in mind if you need a very durable LAT pulldown station. up to racks built to withstand 1,000+ lbs. The front face of the uprights are a mere 14″ from the wall. Other than that this unit is an excellent budget option for people that have access to a spotter or for anyone looking to do pull-ups at home. Even if you load 500 lbs onto it, it still wouldn’t wobble. Merax Athletics Fitness Olympic Power Rack with LAT Pull Attachment, #9. Contrary to widespread belief, not only are squats good for shaping your butt, but the right squat exercise also involves a ton of muscles in the lower body and core, including obliques, hamstrings, and calves, which makes booty-building exercise interesting. Any preference if the prices are almost the same? Best Space Saving Squat Rack for Small Spaces. If you don’t see the gauge listed, it’s not a good sign. Hey, I posted about the Rogue stringers working with the T-3 folding rack. I’m set on getting Rogue Fitness but would like to know their newest model. Fortunately, home fitness companies have heard your cries and are now offering folding squat racks. It only takes a minute to insert the bar into the sockets and tighten the 2 screws, nearly as fast as the original bar, which I can still use, just below the socket mounts. These can include: That about does it for the guide. Overall, this half-rack is a tough piece of equipment and well-suited for home gym use. It meets the criteria for our best squat racks list because it’s durable, affordable and offers good performance over time. With a maximum weight capacity of 480 pounds, the Ollieroo Multi-Function Barbell Rack can meet your squatting needs. That would make it not possible to mount the pull up bar to hold it in place. The Marcy 3 Tier Metal Steel Home Workout Weight Rack is built from commercial-grade steel with a powder-coated finish. This makes it possible to work your back muscles in different ways and opens up a bunch of different possible workouts. This is convenient because it means you can set up one pair for squatting and another pair for benching- should cut down on the amount of adjusting you have to do. The one pro is pull up bar for the Rogue. Unlike the Powerline squat rack below, this model has no problem with the height extension. We sometimes make the mistake of thinking Rogue comes up with all this new stuff, but often they just popularize an existing idea by putting their huge market share behind it. A squat rack with small footprint is Valor Fitness’s BD-9 model. In 2014 PRx Performance invented and patented this rack. It’s 25″ from the wall. At the end of the day, the Valor Fitness is probably one of the best options for folks looking for space saving squat rack.

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