bill gates leadership style

Among the Bill Gates leadership styles is his expertise. Throughout his career in the Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates practiced transformational leadership helping the corporation to stand out as one of the best personal computer software companies in the world. Presentation by – DINESH GERA 2. Admiring him is easy but following him isn’t that effortless. This paper will seek to analyze the transformational approaches that bill Gates practiced. Creativity. Gates has held various positions in the Microsoft Corporation, i.e., chairman, CEO, and chief software architect. Snyder (2013) posits that those who have always thought that Bill Gates earned his position by sheer chance might be in for a rude shock. You need to have the ability to take risk and passion for your target. (function(e,c){e.innerHTML=Object.values(c).join('');})(document.getElementById('e91ce6aa'), {"2":"8","0":"1","3":"8","6":"5","4":"8","1":" ","12":"0","7":"3","13":"6","5":" ","8":"4","9":"-","11":"2","10":"8"}); © 2020. • EDUCATION 1967 Bill Gates had a normal schooling at the Lakeside private school. By giving the employees generous stock options, Gates made them dedicated to the company’s success. Employees agree to comply with management authority in return for the benefit of members. 3. Gates also takes a practical approach to setting goals. Bill leadership analysis Types of Power Possessed Bill Gates Legitimate Power It is based on his position power given the organization. This approach has led to the staff coming up with new applications that are adopted by the Corporation. In transformational leadership, the leader identifies the need for change, creates a vision to guide the change through inspiration, and executes the change with the help of his followers. As a leader of the Microsoft Company, Bill Gates inspired his followers towards new ideas and goals. As we have mentioned above, not everyone can be a leader. This paper will seek to analyze the transformational approaches that bill Gates practiced. Several Microsoft Windows apps have been created based on the ideas provided by the staff of the organization. These custom written papers should be used with proper reference. All rights reserved, Place an order, Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking, Philosophy of Nursing School Essay Examples. He has stated that “if you can’t make it good, at least make it look good” (Gates and Rogak 54). Arguably, Bill Gates approach to leadership can be categorized as a personalized charismatic, where he kept the interests of his company by restraining the influence of some workers. This process leads to the productive performance of each worker. Years and years of hard work precede success In such a way, he is motivating business people to embrace failure as part of victory, as successful leaders should not blindly believe that they cannot fail at any point. Bill Gates’ style will work better if the company is a monopolist, as rigid control and toughness on partners and subordinates can create difficulties to the survival of new entrants. By going through this, you must have understood what is followed by Bill Gates. His career is quite long as he started his career in programming personal computer at a very young age of … Bill Gates Bill Gates is co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Microsoft Corporation, world's leading software provider. Bill Gates is a businessman, investor and computer programmer. Microsoft is considered to be one of the best corporations to work in, because he allows the staff to own shares of the company (Gates and Rogak 66). Gates is known to encourage followers to integrate and become part of the organizational culture and environment. 1973 He entered Harvard University but dropped out in 1975 for the sake of building up the Software empire. Transformational leadership is necessary to change the way in which organizational leadership is practiced. Their leadership style has contrasting aspects as well as few similarities. In the long run, the firm progressed since the vision was well crafted. He is the co-founder of Microsoft, which is the world’s largest PC software company. With a vision to guide the operations of Microsoft, Gates understood the resources required to realize his dreams. Microsoft Corporation has been voted as the best company to work at, because Gates has ensured that there is a fair distribution of the workload. The success of Microsoft as the leading company in the provision of software put Gates on the list of the wealthiest people in the world by Forbes due to his genius practice of transformation leadership. This intellectual stimulation has made Bill Gates one of the most successful transformational leaders. Talking of transformation leadership in the 21stcentury will always seek out Bill Gates as a measure of this leadership style. He follows a long-term approach Constantly evolving Helping others by giving back High in integrity He appreciated even the laziest people by encouraging them. Bill Gates is a business entrepreneur who has been practicing transformational leadership during his time as the CEO of the Microsoft Corporation. Traits of the Bill Gates Leadership Style 1. The two global leaders known for their achievements in their field are Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Gates showed a high level of ethical and moral conduct as a leader of the Microsoft Company. This quote motivates his followers not to be lazy, but to try to do well at everything that they are assigned. His actions emphasized values of transformational leadership, as he showed that every employee was outstanding in his capacity by thanking him/her for every successful action. For example, he would choose a lazy person to do a job, because the lazy person would find an easy way of doing it. Sep 3, 2010 #1 BILL GATES: Born : 28Th Oct 1955 Seattle, Washington, US Father : William Henry Gates II (lawyer) Mother : Mary Gates (School Teacher) Excellence : Math's & Science Alma*mater: Harvard University Designation : … Knowing something is much different than having wisdom. He has also made private congratulatory notes for the employees to boost their self-confidence (Hawkins 96). He has a big picture that he keeps in mind. He used this approach through the application of charismatic vision and behavior. Bill Gates employed authoritarian leadership in his management of Microsoft. He does it by making his followers think in rational ways and be both creative and innovative. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” (Gates and Rogak 34). Observers in world reckon that Gates’ success was not an epitome of luck; he worked tirelessly to bring himself to his present position. The charismatic nature enabled him to create a strategy for others who worked in the company. A leader possesses certain habits that he/she has inborn. At a tender age, Bill Gates impressed many by his great interest in computing, his impressive analytical skills… Gates focuses on the one thing he knows best, which is... 2. Thread starter abhishreshthaa; Start date Sep 3, 2010; Tags bill gates leadership style; A. abhishreshthaa New member. Gates has several inspirational quotes that help his followers get a clear picture of the future developments in the software business. For instance, he stated that “Success is a lousy teacher. Transformational leadership is a type of leadership style where the person causes a change in individual and social systems. Disclaimer: Buy-Essays-Now - custom writing service that provides high-quality academic papers online.Best prices on essays, dissertations, book reports and reviews, speeches, term papers, homeworks and other academic assignments for assistance purposes only. As an autocratic leader, control is the cornerstone of Gates' nature and his management practice. Bill Gates’ approach of transformational leadership includes individual consideration, as he treats every follower as an individual rather than as an employee, takes into consideration every one’s talent and knowledge, and hence decides which activity suits every individual (Hawkins 56). Big Picture. He leads by example and acts confidently and optimistically. He stepped down from the CEO position in 2000 and became a chief software officer. EARLY LIFEEARLY LIFE • Born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington, America. This kind of a leader makes most or all of the organizational decisions without the input or involvement of the employees. The employees of the Microsoft Corporation are encouraged to come up with new ideas that will help the company to grow (Hawkins 48). He develops a climate of intellectual stimulation and nurtures it within the organization. Transformational leadership is a type of leadership style where the person causes a change in individual and social systems. He articulated a clear and appealing view of the future through his quotes. Bill Gates uses transformational leadership to bring change through intellectual stimulation that aims at a self-reflective change of values and beliefs. He developed a shared vision in both economic and ideological terms in order for his followers to see meaning in their work (Hawkins 77). Many of us, hearing that Gates started Microsoft out … Bill Gates, on other hand, dropped out of school and pursued his dream, which he could not do when confined within the classroom. Initial stages This behavior was demonstrated by the way he treated staff in a personalized way, for instance, by writing thank you notes (Hawkins 45). Bill Gates’ Transformational Leadership Style Being successful and rich at a young age is every teenager’s dream, but so few of them actually do something about it. Leadership style Bill Gates' leadership style is purely autocratic or sometimes called authoritarian (Thielen, 2000). Gates is known to interact with the employees on a personal level by writing thank you notes whenever someone does him a favor. He is known for having created the state of idealized influence by articulating the vision of Microsoft to the staff and explaining how this vision has to be attained in an appealing manner (Hawkins 45). Focus. Microsoft brought about a personal computer revolution making Gates one of the wealthiest people. Therefore, he delegated tasks to his followers and commanded strict adherence.

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