black bean enchilada bake

Whoop! Have you ever tried sweet potato burritos? So, a can comes with many peppers in the sauce. I just did and it’s delicious! So glad you enjoyed it, Ariana! Adding water should work well! Guess I will add a few decorations for the Super Bowl! I tried to make smaller version mine came out to thin !!! You may find this post on dairy-free cheeses helpful. I’m going to try again. Definitely use more plantains…at least 6. Fa-la-la-la-la! Love Mexican food, and this sounds awesome. There are no social login steps defined in Sitecore for this flow! Bake 25 to 30 minutes or until cheese is melted and sauce is bubbly around edges. I made exactly as written and topped with chopped white onion, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime. Taste and adjust spices if necessary. Garnish with remaining ingredients. We took our tree down almost immediately after the relatives left, otherwise I knew it would never get done. It was really really good, spicy and sweet, I’m impressed. Any suggestions? Delicious! I believe if I had soaked the cashews prior to blending, it would have been a much creamer, but still firm sauce. In the meantime, add drained black beans to a large saucepan and add cumin. I have to say, the cashew “queso” was amazing! Everyone I made this for (including meat eaters) were pleasantly surprised and raved about it. Thanks, so fun and delicious! I love how this uses plantains in place of tortillas!!! Hi!

I baked the plantain for just under 30 minutes and it was too long, they were too tough. I want to use dairy-based cheese – what type do you recommend and how do you suggest i make the cheese sauce? Wow! Best friends, really , AH! Will try it very soon, Julie. I also ended up using more sauce (I made Minimalist Baker’s Easy Red Enchilada Sauce) than the recipe called for.

I’ve made really decent enchiladas using Nomato sauce as the base for my enchilada sauce. Next, add another thin layer of cheese sauce and top with the rest of the beans. Would it still taste great without the cheese sauce or do you have any suggest for what I could sub for the cashews? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You made my day , This looks awesome! That would be enough for me, but it’s also beautiful, filling, and healthy all at the same time.
I bought enchilada sauce instead of making my own. Meanwhile, heat oil in medium saucepan over medium heat until hot. The next layer is black beans simply spiced with cumin and sea salt. I made this last night and WOW!
On microwavable plate, stack tortillas and cover with paper towel; microwave on High 1 minute to soften. definitely will be making this again and again. I have always thought using the green plantains get the best result. So good, especially with the jalapeño/cilantro and some guacamole on the side :). The 9×13 dish just seemed too big. Using a 9×13 glass pan, and cutting each into 5+ slices, I wasn’t able to make a complete 3rd layer. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Line the bottom of a greased 8x8 casserole dish with tortillas. Although, I did choose to omit the optional small chipotle chili in adobo sauce when making the cheese sauce.

Hmm I’m wondering if you used too much sauce which resulted it in sliding around more? Definitely will watch them as they’re baking next time.

But in this recipe, we recommend spotty, yellow, ripe plantains which will be sweeter and caramelize nicely. (I served it with the Mexican Quinoa Salad Cups, and it made an outstanding dinner.). I mean, cheese and more cheese. Add another layer of enchilada sauce, reserving a small amount for the top player. I only used 1.5 cups of sauce- only because that’s what’s in a jar from Trader Joe’s, and mine held together great! It was first time cooking with plantains, they are delicious. Cheers, friends. Can I come over the next time you make it? If you try this dish, let us know! I served it with grilled corn tortillas and some at it with those and others at it as-is. All 3 of my kids loved it, we halved the recipe for the five of us as I wasn’t sure how the kids would like the plantains (they haven’t been fans in the past) but now I wish I would have made the full portion! Hope your having a great holiday weekend. I then spray a small casserole dish and line it with yummy corn tortillas. The next time I make these I will definitely slice the plantains thinner as well as save a third of the queso to put on after it’s baked, it seems much more flavorful fresh as opposed to baked. I wasn’t sure about this recipe going in, but absolutely enjoyed it. Next time I will try your recipe for enchilada sauce and I will use a slightly smaller pan, or a few more plantains. Pour enchilada sauce over enchiladas, spreading to coat all tortillas. I absolutely love the plantains and the cashew cheese in this dish. I adore the idea of winter lights. All three trees.

This would make such a delicious meal for both weeknight dinners and hosting friends. I decided to add fresh corn off the cob when I layered the black beans. I have a very close relationship with tacos Thanks for stopping my today! The flavor was great though, and I would love to use it as a dip. I can make this black bean casserole recipe in my sleep. I can’t believe how good the cashew cheese is. could I use cashew butter and add the rest of the ingredients for the cheese sauce to it so that I don’t have to blend plain cashew for mins? This looks delicious! Delicious meal! Add beans, enchilada sauce and green chiles; mix well.

But we love everything else in your ingredients list. Thanks for another great recipe! Hmm, it would definitely be different but it might work! Ha! I get the best recipes and fashion ideas from you. Hi Dana, I was wondering if you could sub your “cashew-less queso” for the cashew cheese. *Learn more about chipotle chilies in adobo sauce.

I subbed jalepenos for chili peppers I had from my garden. Brush plantains with melted coconut oil (or spray with coconut oil) on both sides. I added a little Harissa paste like your other quest recipe calls for. It was a lot of time in the kitchen because I made your enchilada sauce and black beans from scratch. Learn how your comment data is processed. And I might actually look into crock pot option so I have time to take those trees down Thanks for linking up with Tasty Tuesday .

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