black panther tattoo ideas

Effective use of color distribution and shading to create the snake’s scales make this piece pop. This obscure tattoo shows a house cat and a fish depicted on the wearer’s feet. It then became a backseat tattoo design before coming popular again among young African Americans, probably in conjunction with the Black Panther civil rights movement founded in 1966. This tattoo is an example of a simple concept with exceptional execution. While the styling and color palette is traditional, this depiction of a panther is far from typical. A 3/4 view can create complications for a tattoo artist. The list goes on. You have entered an incorrect email address! I am a product manager and entrepreneur based in San Francisco. Jun 13, 2017 - Explore maryam m's board "Tattoo ideas" on Pinterest. The positions of the cats create a sense of opposition and the traditional styling nods to the roots of western tattooing. I’m not sure what this animal with two different colored eyes is supposed to be, or why it can’t keep its tongue in its mouth. […] tattoo denotes about the personality of the person, and when we talk about panther tattoos it symbolises about the strong traits of the person. Two stunning renditions of jungle cats are seen in this incredible tattoo. This life-life piece illustrates a black and gray portrait of a panther framed with swirling design. The panther is traditionally colored while the grim reaper is depicted in black and gray. A remarkably well done portrayal of the snake versus panther motif. A bold black panther is accented with red details in this tattoo depicted on the wearer’s stomach. A traditionally colored and styled panther is shown wearing a Native American headdress next to the words “War Cry.”. A pic from a black perian leopard, I've seen at Zoo d'Amnéville in France. This tattoo is a refreshing deviation from typical panther images. Here is another photo of the tribal styled panther we saw earlier. Blue and purple watercolor smears create the body of a stalking panther on this wearer’s chest. Instead depicting a bright blue tattoo with a spiked collar and over sized fangs. This is a common theme throughout a lot of the Black Panther tattoos, that he represents all of of Africa. May 14, 2017 - Explore Jaime Bone's board "Black panther tattoo" on Pinterest. A sketched silhouette of a cat’s back is depicted using black outlines. A subtly colored dragon and panther head adorn the wearer’s hands. This traditionally styled panther is shown ripping his claws through the wearer’s flesh. 9. The wearer’s right thigh shows a colorful panther face accented with blood drops. Panther tattoos are mainly popular due to the popularity of Black Panther and Pink Panther character in pop culture. Black panther, using a Jane Gardiner watercolor. A black and gray rendition of the popular snake versus panther motif.

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