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This cylindrical blue from the Auvergne is dense yet soft. What this means is that occasionally we may give you a substitute in some cheese selections. St. Pete’s Select® Blue Cheese. In fact, they are usually smitten. It should be stored in foil or its original wrapper. Perfect for entertaining, sending as a gift, or trying something new. Unpressed, French-style, it is sold by The Courtyard Dairy at four months old, when it is flinty, minerally and light with a subtle blue taste.

Its grey rind hides an ivory cheese with little blue marks. Blue mould spores, Penicillum Roqueforti, are added to milk at the beginning of the cheesemaking process. Our FREE LOCAL DELIVERY is for delivery addresses WITHIN 6 MILES OF STAPLEHURST. Nr.

250g. Colston Bassett Stilton, Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue, Cropwell Bishop Hand-Ladled Stilton Stichelton (a raw milk Stilton in all but name) and Bath Blue are all hand-ladled. By continuing to browse this site, you accept our privacy policy and the general use of cookies. Pasteurised cows’ milk, vegetarian.

Crows Nest Barn, Click All Results for more items, Cheesemongers' Tips - Shelf Life & Home Care with Ruth, In the run-up to an unusual Christmas, a number of our Cheesemongers have donned their helpers’ hats and have prepared a few words of wisdom. Stainless steel needles are used to pierce and aerate the cheese to assist the growth of blue cultures while the cheese matures. Devon Blue. Alongside Cabrales to which it is similar this is probably the strongest and most intense of the blues. Currently more than 22 varieties of blue cheese are made in Australia. For the blue-cheese lover, these four are all outstanding but distinctly different, including sweet, mineral and flinty Devon Blue, the soft blue Brie, Cote Hill, powerful Lanark Blue and Young Buck, perfect alternative to Stilton. The curd remains loosely packed in hoops to leave room for the blue mould grow.

Emporium Selection Blue Cheese Crumbles Amount see price in store * Quantity 5 oz. This is particularly important if you are sending a surprise gift; but, even if you are planning to be in, circumstances do change. Order before 16th December for Christmas delivery! With the price of wholesale milk falling, the Davenports took a short course in cheese making and invented Britain’s first unpasteurised soft blue: Cote Hill Blue.

There is as much variety and contrasting flavours and textures in blue cheese as in all cheese, so how do you find out the ones you are going to like from the ones that you might not? After the curd is cut and whey drained, blue cheeses are not mechanically pressed but turned so the weight of the curd pushes out moisture. Contains: Kentish Blue – Traditional style blue cheese but with a modern twist, mellow flavours leaving long lasting blue notes. Kent Website Design by Oak Creative. Close search. This mellow Welsh blue also has a big fan club. Small – total weight minimum 550g It comes from from the Spanish Pyrenees and is characteristically wrapped in chestnut leaves. It is a strong cheese. Delivery will be calculated at checkout based on the delivery address. Add on Kentish Blue Saucisson as an Extra below.

It has a soft and creamy texture like brie, with a subtle blue flavour. It is made in large wheels (between 6kg and 8kg) with a natural, crusty rind that is blue-grey and mottled with orange. Strongest Blue Cheeses. We will hand pack and prepare your order the day before arrival. It is also a little stronger, but not so strong that the 'blue-unsure' reject it. Blue cheese is a unique category of mould-ripened cheese with a pungent salty, piquant flavour. Currently more than 22 varieties of blue cheese are made in Australia. This is where our curated Cheese Selections come in. Our Cheese Selections are designed to make a delicious and satisfying cheese board. Kentish Blue – Traditional style blue cheese but with a modern twist, mellow flavours leaving long lasting blue notes. At times, it can be a little saltier, but it is always profoundly creamy, and by far the most approachable of the French blues.

Each blue cheese style is made unique by the type and quantity of blue culture added to milk, the way the cheese is spiked (stitched), the size of the cheese and the way the cheese is matured. Unpressed, French-style, it is sold by The Courtyard Dairy at four months old, when it is flinty, minerally and light with a subtle blue taste. I have grouped these together because they are essentially one style. We may limit items sold. * Excluding Highlands & Islands (A Delivery Surcharge may apply). Often called English Roquefort because it is made with ewes’ milk, this blue from Devon is far more delicate and subtle. Copyright 2020 Kingcott Dairy. A selection of our favourite blues here at cheeses of muswell hill Spanish Blue cheese Cabrales , stunning Colston Bassett stilton, and the award winning Beenleigh blue Add …

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