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Uranium is NOT one of the good elements. So what the hell is the issue?

And you CAN feel androgenic hormones and things that increase them; and you are irrational in rejecting your experiences over the experiences of others, with few exceptions. Borium: supplement voor behoud van sterke botten Borium is een spoorelement dat een belangrijke rol speelt bij het behoud van sterke botten.

Still good enough for getting a fist impression of your diet. on workout days (2-3x/wk), then do L-OptiZinc (or Zn Carnosine?) It's possible that boron works by progesterone metabolism so adding progesterone increases boron's effects and duration. This is not recommended for shared computers, Sign in anonymously Honestly, for me with a serious age-related health issue all this is just too much assumption in to the blue.. Boron also functions strongly in improving bone health and hardness and reducing Arthritis and osteoarthritis, so it should be good for preventing bone and and stopping auto immune conditions. So read my posts instead. The highest max level on this chart was 80 nmol/L, where I seem to be in the highest tier. The first 19 days, it had no effect on my RA. An ideal supplement plan - especially not concerned about short term highs but long term outcome - has to be based on testing, not guessing. Its known that ground and water levels in Turkey, Israel, and areas of the South West USA are high, yet despite fears and research, there have been no outstanding medical problems found. Cow/sheep testicular powder is used in China - any data on this regarding test boost? Those wanting to see a recent Boron video can look up Jorge Fletchas MD 2013 report on Boron. Zinc has been tested and confirmed to raise testosterone independent of a zinc deficiency, and I can feel it. My genetic total testosterone is around 600ng/dl. D I do need the other cofactors, like magnesium, so I wonder if the same is true for Boron.

The amounts of supplements of course varied, usually always starting at the lowest possible dose increasing gradually over years to find the optimal dose (not by feeling, but by comparing to laboratory results), so the amounts taken stated here are of course only average per day for the last 8 years.

During that time my free testosterone, except the last test, was always below normal, total T close to low end of normal (again except the last test). Yeah I agree with dunningblue, be careful with boron. Zinc and boron works INDEPENDENTLY of a deficiency (read the studies), but they still cease to exert their beneficial effects after approx. Be very careful with boron + vitamin D3. Would it make sense to supplement something like 3mg of boron (glycinate?)

I have read that B6 is used with Zinc metabolism with popular stacks like ZMA) ? I have very low oestrogen, but I also have a mother who died of breast cancer, so am glad of this thread - I'll leave it xxxx. Boron increases D3 absorption by a large amount (see Examine for study) which can lead to hypervitaminosis D/hypercalcemia which I was diagnosed with after using 12mg boron for a couple of months along with 10000iu D3 daily.

We all come with different nutrient levels, metabolism, preconditions - where all this factors could later change again, so it is always wise not to rely too much on hearsay, but by carefully experimenting and testing. The content on our website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Very interesting -- my progesterone was listed at < 0.2 ng/mL (RED), where their normal reference range was a minimum value of 0.27 up to 0.9 (avg. Unlike you I have actually taken illegal androgen hormones so I know how they feel.

I do eat a lot of vegetables, which I guess is a source of Boron. The effect of boron supplementation was investigated in 19 male bodybuilders ages 20-27 years. I was reading that high protein generally raises IGF1, but this doesn't seem to be the case for me. crap. Overall, I do not find the uranium assay to be of clinical value.”, “The "good" elements are Ca, Mg, Zn, Cu, Na, K, S, Mn, Fe, Pb, Se, P, and Cd.”, “Others that are decent (qualitative relevance) are Sb, As, Hg, Cr, Mo, Li, Ba, Ni, Sr, and Co.”, “Terrible assays (according to my tests) are: Al, Be, Bi, Pt, Th, Tl, U, Ag, Sn, Ti, V, B, I, Ge, Rb, and Zr.”, “We've obtained hair Zn and plasma Zn levels (simultaneously) about 40,000 times.

Ten were given a 2.5-mg boron supplement while 9 were given a placebo every day for 7 weeks. I dont remember reading anything which says it raises estriol which is protective of breast cancer, or estrone. Are there any ideal forms or timing strategies with exercise, insulin, and sex hormones in mind? For example, I supplemented 8 year in average 44 mg of zinc per day. You'll better off supplementing what might be deficient (therefore causing the issue) and after a while test again for the issue itself (in your case SHBG/free testosterone) in order to check if that was actually the cause, it would be cheaper and by far more reliable. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. So maybe worthwhile to shop around for better prices?

Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise program or taking any dietary supplement. Forum » Main Forums » Supplements » Boron - does it raise testosterone or estrogen in men? Hair Cu values can provide information of clinical significance, but by itself is not clinically decisive.”, “Elevated hair magnesium nearly always means magnesium depletion in the body, presumably because of increased Mg excretion. What on God's green earth are you even arguing?

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