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The challenge was to introduce this program to the brand’s global user base and complex international network of stores and resellers. A brand strategy is the foundation of your business. How you look, how you sound, how you behave - defined, created and ready-to-use. A “brand” is a promise to the customer about the kind of product or experience they are purchasing, and how they will feel when they use it. Full of inspiration about the latest trends, projects we are proud of and much more that makes our digital hearts beat faster. We’ll make it strong enough to hold you up for a long time. And lastly, when we craft brand templates for specific media items that will be reused later we define the brand. STRATEGY – The foundations of all branding and design work. It outlines the key elements that make your brand unique, your purpose and goals, and how you will deliver on them. Your submission has been received! “Learn How to Rank Your Brand’s Strengths & Perform Your Own Brand Audit”. Skip to content. It rallies people around simple human truths that matter, and inspires the progress that founders strive for. Something went wrong while submitting the form. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you boost your business with Digital Marketing solutions. At Konnect, your brand is our brand. We help brand and businesses worldwide to achieve their goals, accelerate growth and win more customers. You need more than a nice logo to compete in today’s marketplace. This is at the very core of our values. We question your brand’s current position, your current strategy and if necessary, we initiate further research to build detailed insight and to empower the brand development process. A solid brand strategy provides a fresh perspective on your organization and reveals possibilities for growth. Clients; B2B Case Studies; Leadership; Services. We want to help our clients, big or small, achieve not only their business goals, but challenge what’s wrong with the world today. Before we begin creating a digital strategy, we first host a kickoff call with the client. These will be highlighted in presentation and daily updates sent to the client, along with specific due dates to keep the project on track. As a brand strategy agency, we help you kick your marketing efforts into high gear.. It combines these creative attributes to your daily interaction with your target audience. The digital strategist will finalize a comprehensive list of competitors – both from our perspective and from the client’s perspective – to analyze. By putting strategy at the heart of the brand development process, our clients gain the benefits of competitive advantage, company growth and increased brand engagement. Dool Creative Agency. These specialized companies understand your existing customer base well and they know what keeps them coming back. Common goals include increasing organic website traffic and campaign revenue. You work directly with hands-on experts, which saves you time & money. we interrogate your market, your competitors and your existing research. HP wanted to implement a new rewards program to increase brand engagement and incentivize repeat sales. To do so, we will develop a deep insight into your audience’s behavior, aspirations and expectations. Although communication strategies are similar to brand strategies, they differ in their uses and deliverables. A digital strategy is an all-encompassing guide to build a better, more effective online presence. Your brand marketing strategy and positioning are the keys to growing equity and achieving your long-term goals. He'll be happy to help you! So we work together in developing a brand strategy. HP wanted to implement a new rewards program to increase brand engagement and incentivize repeat sales. When we define how a brand sounds, what words can best describe it, and how photography and typography should look when associated with it you get a context of that brand. The larger your company becomes the more important it is to make sure every employee understands your brand and knows how they should present it to the outside world. Brand content . Would you like to see some of our strategy work and have a chat in our London office? This is why we create a set of brand guidelines so that everyone in your organisation has a clear understanding of your brand values and how your brand identity should be represented. Social media Together, we put all colours, words, ideas, and feelings related to your brand in the blender to create a brand strategy. The next step is to identify the channels that will lead you to your goals. Elements of a brand strategy include a brand statement, mission, promise to customers, value, personality and tone, logo, and more. Meaning we have the capacity to not only think outside the box, but also act upon it. Contact our Commercial Director Jord Wessels if you want to know more. BRAND PROMISE – Two clear concise paragraphs: your brand in a nutshell. With increased exposure comes the need for strategic reputation management. Providing your budget limitations may help us suggest a refined specific scope of work to better fit your creative project goals. You probably have an ad blocker installed. We will develop a brand style guide that will document and ensure a coherent use of your brand’s visual assets. Explore. The result: 43% conversion rate. To ensure your brand strategy is still as relevant and effective as it should be. Every brand strategy is unique. Branding Agency Case Studies . Create your unique brand identity system today, or update an existing system with a new creative direction. No email required.) Spoke & Fork & Unity Q’in Branding for Hyatt Portland, Full Armor Coffee Brand Identity Design & Packaging Design, – Florida Solar & Air Website Redesign, JVS Nonprofit Branding & Interactive Design, Lifestyles Illustrations & Brand Identity, Aspire Consulting Branding & Interactive Design, C-SPAN Video Library Brand Identity Design, MD Films Brand Identity Design & Interactive Creative, Portsmouth Painting Company Brand Identity, Lifeseven Photography Brand Identity Design. When it comes to business, if you’re not first, you’re last. brand strategy agency. To make the website user experience as easy and personal as possible, we make use of cookies. While we specialise in the luxury, property and education sectors we have expertise across a wide range of business-to-business and consumer markets and can provide clear strategic thinking and objective insight whatever your business sector. Please select which services you may need assistance with. Brand Strategy Agency for Business Growth. You need an overall brand strategy that makes you impossible to ignore. And a brand strategy is the roadmap to create that emotional response from customers. Top industry with proven experience who are hands-on in managing projects, 7 Challenges Of eCommerce And How to Overcome Them, How to Create a Social Media Branding Strategy From Scratch, How Nike Uses Artificial Intelligence To Improve Customer Engagement And Personalize Consumer Experience, Search Intent Guide: What It Is, How To Optimize Content For It And How To Use Custom Intent Audiences In Your Targeting, Unique Approach To Driving Results Online, We Value The Results We Create For Our Clients, Get In-Depth Insights Into The Latest Digital Trends, Proven Industry Leadership & Recognized Results. We help you answer these questions by creating guiding principles tailored to your brand’s specific needs. Brand Strategy Agency. As part of a global family of brand leaders, we are connected to a wide network of academics and professionals.It gives us the power, sharp insight and agility to help brands stand the test of time.

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