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When adding in small amounts of oils and nuts I don’t adjust the hydration or flour percentages at all — many bakers take this approach. I’ve played around with this quite a bit and I usually either add it right before bulk fermentation, in my second phase of mixing, or right after the second set of stretch and folds. Still delicious though. Agreed, I could see how those things could be misleading. I’m not a fan of bread that has a pale and uninteresting crust with a spongy crumb, and this is not that kind of bread. Wet your hands with a little water to prevent sticking, and then lift one side (North) of the dough with two hands. Once again loads of great information and stunning pics! Her recipes focus on fresh, whole-food ingredients; this is comfort food you can feel good about.”. Thanks, Maurizio. How do you know when the proof has gone on too long or hasn’t gone on long enough? The first time I thought this was the problem because the first bake was after 6 days. The added whole wheat and rye flour boosted fermentation activity and contributed to a nice crumb structure, and imparted a desirable creamy hue to the interior. That is a very specific elevation… you wouldn’t happen to be a fellow Denverite, would you? Hi Maurizio – thank you so much for taking the time to put together such a comprehensive blog (and especially this post!) Most bread baking cookbooks are full of rigid rules, from the type of flour you need to complicated calculations and timings for success. What could have caused this? Transfer your dough to a bulk fermentation container and cover. I’m a total beginner and this site, especially this recipe, has made it possible for me to bake my first loaf. Really glad to hear that, Anthony! Hi, Steven! A Sourdough starter is a living organism and doesn’t always play by the rules which makes it fascinating. Also, I’m not seeing the “Vitals” section you mentioned above and that’s something I’d really like to check out. Just bake on parchment paper in a flat cast iron pan or an oven tray. Elaine follows one personal rule, and one only: keep it simple. The book includes everything you need to know to be able to make sourdough from scratch, plus my master recipe in full detail, with lots of additional tips; all of my hints and tips and FAQs in one place; plus over 60 recipes using whole grain and ancient grain flours.It is available for immediate delivery right now in some countries, and to pre order in others; there’s lots of links listed below which I hope is useful…happy baking! My only smal variation was a final S & F 30 mins before bulk was completed then in the fridge for an hour to make shaping a little easier. This helps bring significant strength to the dough, so less mixing is required and makes things a bit easier for your first loaf of bread9. Thanks again, your site rocks!! And that’s totally fine! I just purchased a few vitals missing from my kitchen, but unfortunately made and fulfilled my list before finding your site. Will it not rise or get a nice crust without something on top? I hope it will be good tomorrow. Her recipes are simple to follow, foolproof, and utterly delicious. Only issues: that the bottom crust was pretty tough and dark on both — hard to cut through and a little hard to chew. Next I want to go back to mostly white bread flour and incorporate some black garlic I just made, maybe with walnuts or dry cured black olives. Some bakers do bring their bread up to temperature but I’ve never found a need to do so — I take my dough out, unwrap it, score it and into the oven. However, one item is necessary to draw attention to it upfront: a kitchen scale. Wow, well that’s great then! Happy baking, Anna . Go bake your crappy bread. Happy baking! Sourdough is simply the best bread you can eat and Elaine is simply the best teacher. You’re welcome, Kelsey! on getting started with baking sourdough at home, using only the most I haven’t yet been to Naples but it’s high on my list of places to go! Many thanks for the reply. Made my first loaves last weekend – lots of questions and your post came at the perfect time. I’m sure it’ll be delicious, just keep an eye on your dough as it might move along faster than the times I’ve listed in my recipes. Not only does it initiate enzymatic activity in the dough which helps draw out sugars from the flour, but it also increases its extensibility (the ability for the dough to stretch out without tearing). When I preshaped, and then shaped the dough, it was sloppy and spread a lot, and didn’t hold shape. You can always attempt this later on, but smaller quantities of dough are easier to preshape and shape. Are there any good tips for beginners to do pre-shape? Then, grab the top of the circle and stretch away from your body and fold down to the bottom of the resting dough. Many bakers treat their sourdough starters like a family heirloom. My bread didn’t work out, and I thought you might have some tips. And just like any sound engineer, I dove in head-first and got my hands dirty. Lots of changes when I sum it like this, but I was very pleased how it went. Cut a piece of parchment paper to fit over the top of your basket and place it on a pizza peel. Nothing to be scared of. A starter is a mix of flour and water that naturally ferments. Glad my tips have helped out, here’s to baking some amazing sourdough at home! Most of my family is in the south (near Brindisi) and some up north in Bologna. Leave the large side of the combo cooker in the oven to the side. Highly concise guide for beginners with beautiful and to point photography. I’ll let you know how it goes. I did a more vigorous slap and fold at the beginning and added a set of folds and it held it’s shape much better! I tend to get nicer final crust caramelization, more extensible dough and a host of other things. Increased extensibility is a good thing: it allows the dough to expand and fill with gasses, resulting in a light and airy loaf. I’m just wondering how that ends up working out in the end in terms of gluten development etc. And is there such thing as overmixing? Excited to see if there is a more open crumb. Let the loaves cool for 2 hours on a wire rack before slicing. I know a longer proof could lead to a more sour flavor, perhaps, but how much does it affect the crumb and rise? Thanks for the comments though, I definitely appreciate another take on this! I figured that you probably saying to just use half but I wasn’t really sure. If your oven heating element is at the bottom try raising your baking stone away from it as much as you can (make sure you can still easily access the DO lid!). I appreciate the weights in grams because they are easy to calculate. This creates tension, forming a skin on the top of the dough as you drag. It’s a good result and next weekend I’ll bake this bread again! A rustic bread like this begs to be torn apart and eaten with a thick, hearty stew. Also the crust was quite hard, almost too much to chew. Dog-eared pages, post-it notes, bookmarks, torn pages, and highlighted passages peppered the book … Not only does it add flavor complexity to the dough, but it also is the primary agent responsible for making it rise. At the end of bulk fermentation, your dough should have risen anywhere between 20% and 50%, should show some bubbles on top, sides, and the edge of the dough where it meets the bowl should be slightly domed, showing strength. The flour I used here also has such a high protein percentage the dough strengthens up rather quickly during bulk, even with just a few stretch and folds. Im guessing this stops it sticking? Thanks Jinal, I really appreciate that! Don’t worry, no rewording of the page will happen (unless it’s a fix :)). Thank you for posting this recipe! and where do you keep yours? As I’m getting ready to make bread today. Description. It seems with the whole wheat that it should be able to take 80% water, but maybe it’s over hydration? Can I use this recipe if I want to use a loaf pan? I think long autolyse without levain was the thing that helped. My hands and bench knife always dither over the wobbly dough! The resulting loaves were two of the best I’ve made to date. You’re very welcome, glad you’re enjoying my site! So precise and easy to follow. You could try letting your dough sit out 30m-1h more on the counter after shaping but before placing into the fridge. Do you have any experience with this? Let the dough rest 30 minutes, covered, between sets. They are considered “add-ins” and not part of the base formula. Any new baker is inevitably hit with question after question. If not, what should I do with the dough – send it the way of the discarded sourdough starter (compost)?! It’s like telling a college kid he needs a $2,000 laptop on day one of school when his old one he got for $200 will do the same thing. I had to do the same thing in the past, each oven is a little different . Your dough should hold its shape on the counter after you do your final shaping and should be nice and smooth on top. One does have to start somewhere, right? I realized my oven runs hot, like I set it to 500 and it gets up to and sits at 510-515. Let me know if you have any more questions and let me know how things turn out, today is the day for you to get started! Your instructions and method are so comprehensive compared to other stuff out there. The final dough temperature (FDT)6 is the temperature of the dough right after mixing all ingredients. I would love to try again this weekend! In the end, bread was fine, maybe a bit overfermented so I’ll try to adjust it a bit tomorrow. What is the reason for leaving the cover to the combo cooker in the oven? My starter is quite active on two a day feedings. Not a n00b question at all. And in her book, you will learn to bake artisanal sourdough like a pro without any unnecessary jargon. I’ve reworded that a few times and I just can’t seem to get it right, sorry! WOW that looks fantastic! Dietary labels (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan) for quick and easy browsing, Recipes include: delicious dinners, soups, pasta dishes, veggies, tray-bakes, and a few sweets. Both times, however, I have ended up with a very dense crumb with a few large bubbles. I usually decide based on the ingredient I’m adding in: porridge (like oats or polenta) goes in early but more “harsh” ingredients like nuts go in later. I’ll be using organic sprouted white wheat flour and arrowhead mills organic rye, plus I have some whole wheat already on hand (can’t remember the brand). I haven’t tried that, but I mean to do that very, very soon! Her Einkorn ones are my favourite, again never heard of it before discovering Elaine. Excellent, your bread looks great! See my post on what a levain is and how it’s different from a sourdough starter. I’m sure it tasted amazing Yeah the hydration I’m using for my spelt loaf is so high mostly because the spelt flour is milled hours before using it, and it’s able to take on a little bit more water. In the photo above, you can see all these signs. Thanks for sending over that picture and detailed description, that helps a lot! Does it show significant bubbling around the sides and top? The only real difference was slicing the box pattern instead of the single slit in the middle and the additional couple of hours in the fridge waiting to be baked. Once you get the process and feel down of course feel free to try other recipes here or adjust things to your liking. The video is what I need. Once your starter is rising to a peak at around the same time each day (that’s when you should feed it) it’s strong enough to use! I cannot stand touchy-feely recipes that gives no reason for doing things except some cosmic goodwill. Thank you so much for your answer! you’ll get that spreading on the counter when you go to load them into your oven. During this time, the divided and shaped dough continues to ferment, further strengthening the dough and leavening it. You don’t need the thermometer, scale, dutch oven, special tools, multiple types of flours or any of that. I am now at the end of Step 7 – my dough has been resting in the bowl for hours. It sure fills the gap between sourdough baking books, I must have flipped cover to cover, a few 100 times looking for ‘that’ little more information. Water was filtered. If you’re new to shaping bread dough, have a look at my Guide to Shaping a Boule (a round) in addition to the steps below.

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