caffeine withdrawal treatment

Med., 101 (6), 821–825. NY: Kluwer Academic Publishers. The level of caffeine in the blood peaks about 1 hour later and stays at this level for several hours for most people. All rights reserved. 8 Cornelis, M., et al. Cut down slowly on the amount of caffeine in your diet. For coffee and tea, the amount of caffeine per cup depends on the brand, the type of beans or leaves used, how it is prepared and how long it steeps. 1983. Fortin, J.

Some common withdrawal symptoms: If you just want to cut back, hold the step-down process at any point that provides the best balance for you. Clin. According to research, tiredness, as measured by a visual analog scale is the most sensitive indicator of caffeine withdrawal. 1 Schuckit, M. 2000. Caffeine is hard to give up because we can develop strong dependency on it for physiologic, psychological and emotional reasons: Many of us develop specific patterns with our caffeine consumption.

URL: (accessed 08.25.2009). are a slow detoxifier and it takes longer for you to recover from toxins in your system (yes, your body sees caffeine as a toxin). So don't be surprised if everyone and everything grates on your last nerve, until you adjust. You may have even tried to quit caffeine before and stopped because you got a pounding headache. The most common sources of caffeine for most people are coffee, tea, soda and chocolate. While drinking coffees and sodas can cause jitteriness and anxiety in some, quitting caffeine can — rather frustratingly — lead to the exact same feelings. There are coffee alternatives to check out. Health and nutrition experts agree that consuming more than 600 mg of caffeine a day (equivalent of four to seven cups of coffee) is too much. And if that's out of character for you, the lack of caffeine may be to blame. Over time, you may see your response to caffeine change so that you need more to feel the same buzz, or to feel “normal.” And if you try to ignore the desire for caffeine, you get withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue, headache or nausea. 10 Schuckit, M. 2000. These symptoms typically appear within a day of quitting and can last a week or more. For certain groups of women, even moderate caffeine dependency can cause problems. 1982. To feel better, try swapping every other cup of regular coffee with decaf, so you aren't going completely cold turkey. This means that their body gets used to having caffeine every day. These symptoms are often uncomfortable enough to force women to continue consuming caffeine despite adverse side effects like insomnia and stomach upset. URL: (accessed 10.05.2009). 331–344.edited by Barry D. Smith, Uma Gupta, B.S. Through caffeine’s effects on the central nervous system, it helps these drugs act more effectively -- and helps the body absorb headache medicines more quickly. However, caffeine does not contribute to these benefits. Of course, a lack of caffeine won't impact everyone in the same way. Reference on symptoms of caffeine withdrawal.

You may be unaware of your dependency on caffeine, until you miss a cup, or try to give it up. Policy. These can help the body effectively use insulin, which controls blood sugar. 11 Wong, C. 2006. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Does a life without caffeine seem impossible to you?

In their unprocessed forms, coffee and teas contain beneficial chemicals, including magnesium and chromium. It also causes the release of acid in the stomach, and some people report heartburn or indigestion after consuming caffeine. For most people, caffeine does not cause problems, but there are still reasons why you might want to end your love affair with caffeine. If you worry you might lose your edge without caffeine, consider this: your body and mind are not meant to be “on” all day, every day. Do you worry your social routines would suffer if you went caffeine-free? URL: (accessed 10.05.2009). Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 279. Most soda pops, not only colas, contain caffeine. This will help symptoms within 30 to 60 minutes.". Caffeine withdrawal is a medically-recognized condition that occurs when people experience significant symptoms after abruptly quitting caffeine consumption. Caffeine is the main ingredient in over-the-counter (non-prescription) stimulants that reduce fatigue (tiredness), increase alertness or give an energy boost. The body works best when you respect its natural cycles. The average American adult consumes 200 mg of caffeine a day. Over time, they must keep increasing their caffeine intake to achieve the desired effects of alertness and ability to concentrate. But caffeine affects people differently, depending on their size, gender and sensitivity to it. 2008. Then, if you still want a caffeinated drink, go ahead and have it. 4 Yew, D., & Laczek, J.

Do you have to have caffeine in the morning? "These receptors are for neurotransmitters that can induce feelings such as irritability, nervousness, anxiety, etc.". Detoxification and biotransformational imbalances. URL (abstract): (accessed 10.05.2009). URL (abstract): (accessed 08.26.2009).

Water is a healthy choice and satisfies the need for drinking a liquid. If you're trying to lower your intake, your body will get used to the new dose of caffeine eventually. Arch. Do you use caffeine to facilitate a physical activity (waking up, exercising, having a bowel movement, concentrating)? Advertising on our site helps support our mission. Caffeine is a natural substance found in more than 60 plants. Do you use caffeine to heighten the effects of other substances, such as nicotine, alcohol or sugar? Water also naturally flushes caffeine from your body and keeps you hydrated. 3. Some people always drink coffee right before important meetings, to energize before working out, or to help them stay on task. 6. Caffeine is a common ingredient in many prescription and over-the-counter headache remedies, pain relievers and cold medicines. While it may not be fun at first, there are plenty of ways to get through the caffeine withdrawal symptoms listed below, and come out the other side. These products are not required by law to show their caffeine content on the label, and there is no set standard for caffeine content. Caffeine reduces fatigue and improves focus and concentration.

For help with headaches, supplement with extra vitamin C, take regular breaks, drink plenty of water, go for a walk and get to bed on time. 2. J. Weirdly, some people might even experience flu-like symptoms while going through caffeine withdrawal, Dr. Gatz says, which can include the likes of fatigue, headaches, and muscle aches. But "when you remove caffeine from your system, these effects increase temporarily," Dr. Jey says, "causing these withdrawal symptoms." The peak time for symptoms occurs at 20 to 51 hours after forgoing caffeine. These symptoms are called ‘caffeine withdrawal.’ In general, the more caffeine you are used to consuming, the more severe withdrawal symptoms are likely to be. URL: (accessed 08.25.2009).

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