carbon filled teflon data sheet

Typical Physical properties Property Test Method Value Specific Gravity ASTM D 792 2.05 – 2.12 g/cm3 The secret is knowing which is the right material for any given application and ensuring that is what is being supplied. DuPont™Teflon® PTFE Specifications TYPICAL PROPERTIES of TEFLON® PTFE ASTM or UL test Property PTFE (unfilled) PTFE (25% glass filled) PTFE (25% carbon filled) PHYSICAL D792 Density (lb/in³) (g/cm³) 0.078 2.16 0.081 2.25 0.075 2.08 D570 Water Absorption, 24 hrs (%) < 0.01 0.02 0.05 MECHANICAL D638 Tensile Strength (psi) 3,900 2,100 1,900 0000051368 00000 n ���yr}�F��-�{��Jm��g�is�Uo���e���cp?N}�+��#ٮt�G����G�VfQ�s����U�^�\��ח���������R4p57:��'st�7���=?������o���q��8�̿����m\�ӯ����ߏ���������O?�����O/t�?w��������TO?k2����d|�������~�7�Y�t���)����yO�|�ڳ�/�jJ����?��O�5�y���D�m�B'��73���N�i���?�d��ne�@i}��?y x��_�I����M����a�z�ӎ%��rHqүz~�>�8����4�۸ 0000023789 00000 n 0000029602 00000 n ?>N������s���v5���ƚ||��M9kCO,�ٲ(� K���$�j�2O��^��"�Y�����������,�.��{�Y����L���z���iA�M�n�f���ޏ}�wC��~�������E��߾W�@�_���b���N�����.r���s�y&�w�jG��0{�~��qY��O�z�"W���?�Ǜ݀w/^�R;?����oc`H�$W�_8�=���[wpO�xg���\��,�r��W��������'�����â�w}~@o��/m�w�[V�پ���e�득�~�S������{b���n8?bU_^l�T�9���u�p����ǵ�����rz����Ĉr�v~^"�Ɵ��ݯ�~����������h�����r{�ڔ���r. The type and percentage of carbon added to PTFE is a variable and is critical to material performance. %PDF-1.4 %���� 4 0 obj <> endobj xref 4 31 0000000016 00000 n 0000028263 00000 n The addition of Carbon Fibre to PTFE increases the compressive strength and wear resistance. It provides good thermal conductivity and low permeability. 0000050888 00000 n PTFE has a very high melting point and is capable of continued service at 500F (260 C). 0000061526 00000 n 0000061501 00000 n :?�o?p�����H����ѷW��D�����s Gǟ�:k��(����?����2��/uQ��K��Ow�����_��w���H��K{>W!��4����3��� Our team are happy to answer any questions you have about the chemical compatibility of the materials we provide. Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your project. filled PTFE's maintain their excellent chemical and high temperature characteristics, while fillers improve mechanical strength, stability, and wear resistance. 0000101558 00000 n 0000050562 00000 n 0000001531 00000 n for ptfe and teflon@ surface treatment of ptfe ptfe sheet & film (see astm d3308) ptfe rods, molded & extruded (see astm-di 71 0) ptfe rod ptfe molded sheet or shapes ptfe skived tape filled compounds of ptfe molding & extrusion materials ptfe molding & ram extrusion materials ptfe skived sheets 5% carbon-filled ptfe skived tape Reinforced PTFE Products All reinforced PTFE products are available in Plate (molded sheet-i.e. Materials can be manipulated to offer particular property improvements over others. Commonly used in sealing applications. stream As long as the gas being compressed is relatively clear of solids and liquids, you can expect favorable performance for this family of filled PTFE in the following gas service: HYDROGEN AMMONIA, NITROGEN ETHANE, NATURAL GAS PROPANE, … trailer<] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 5 0 obj <> endobj 34 0 obj<, Presented courtesy of Aetna Plastics Corp. \(\). �}���ݼ8� s�\�ʹ�����ʮf���n�g^^�_�_����f8}�E00N[~!~�����NvQv�����_��_Q�^?��X��X�g\���p���Q�*���OT�c� |���R�˭��r� �i��n��u��s��Yp�"p��������% �� �HpT�����n�����fm_�#��e��d�^��8A9�w�nKi�0��H?��b�b��ӈ�����9M�br.�k�;���y�q �y�Y���p����O�����B��ί���/Y�,�_3�������޹a�?_q�A�9��c�ф��|:�������n��Vc���)��|���z���w������a��� w�������˃,κ9�p`�'�5f6���E�a������0����T.~���/X�0�T��9�\O$�.�. 0000002463 00000 n Call us on, Quality & Environmental Commitment Certifications. 0000025927 00000 n Commonly used in sealing applications ! 0000024404 00000 n Carbon filled PTFE has excellent compressive strength, wear and chemical resistance. xܽM�dɑ$x�_�{ �?�kO�n�3� �2�}��CM��"�YE��������V��TTT��+���� ��%�"*OM��{������t}����_.O�/������������)�O��������r=~�A�o��t��x:ݿ�B"�~|>ݟ_���������������������?��o_}:���?,�������\M��U"=�����������t��w8;��/1��? Even the base grade of PTFE used can display dramatic variations in physical properties and material performance. Carbon Filled PTFE was developed to provide a PTFE based material with improved mechanical strength. However it doesn’t tell the whole story. 0000025951 00000 n ���OVU8L?��^i_��|�������i�w#����b[�.8 =���)�ciA,��|��O? PTFE on its own has excellent frictional properties, elasticity and wear resistance but relatively poor mechanical strength and tends to fail in high PV applications. 0000023624 00000 n 0000050537 00000 n When a filler ratio or type is unspecified, it is fair to assume this is the material. SG13 7DJ United KingdomTel: 01992 515880Photography by Katie Blair Matthews, High percentage fillers mean low elongation, TYPICAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF CARBON FILLED PTFE VARIATIONS, Whether you need help choosing the right material, or are looking for fluoropolymer components designed or manufactured, we can help. 0000076226 00000 n It can be as little as 0.2% and as much as 40%. 0000051103 00000 n Different percentages of carbon will display different material properties and performance. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> ?~?b��������m����LJ�����z� +�wo�Gs�0�:������x:���x��|8�����7Xy���o�����/��烫�_�����/S�R}1{�z}��U����Zo�7���x�����������W�?�__����}������?�����~x��邵}yA"������l�� ^dk��ܟ/y8S����\����/�n(_���F��-�ח��+J��pz��Cπ��t�����H�߾C�����:�����\? An ideal material for dynamic sealing applications. Fill in your details below and we'll be in touch. AFT Fluorotec Head OfficeUnit F City Park, Swiftfields, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1LYUnited KingdomAFT Fluorotec Coatings Manufacturing Site Hertford Town Mill, 49 Tamworth Road, Hertford, Herts. 0000075940 00000 n 3/8ths thick to 6 inches thick), skived sheet (5 mils to .250 inches, depending on the material, cylinders (7 inch OD down to 3 inch OD, various ID sizes); some Reinforced PTFE products are available in … AF201 25% Carbon Filled PTFE The addition of Carbon Fibre to PTFE increases the compressive strength and wear resistance. 4 0 obj The type and percentage of carbon added to PTFE is a variable and is critical to material performance. It provides good thermal conductivity and low permeability. The most common carbon filled PTFE composition is 75% Virgin PTFE with 25% Carbon powder by weight. 0000061798 00000 n Carbon in itself is a brittle material with poor wear properties and mechanical strength. However with the two combined in Carbon Filled PTFE formulations, the resultant material has excellent mechanical and wear properties, retains the excellent frictional properties and is an excellent choice for seals and rings in dynamic and high pressure applications.

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