chinese jade meaning

亭亭玉立 (tingting yuli) is a phrase used to describe something or someone that is fair, slim, and graceful. The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our, Feng Shui Crystals A-Z: Meaning and Properties, 25+ Popular Feng Shui Cures for Your Home, Turquoise Stone Meaning and Use in Feng Shui or Jewelry, Using Pyrite (Fool's Gold) in Feng Shui Practice, How to Use Feng Shui for Wealth and Good Luck, Complete A to Z List of All Feng Shui Terms and Cures, Dragon and Phoenix Feng Shui Symbols to Promote Harmonious Marriage, Popular Chinese Good Luck Charms Used in Feng Shui, Quan Yin Statue as Feng Shui Cure for Your Home. The Chinese value jade for carving as well as religious and medicinal purposes. Green is for friendship, harmony, and renewal. Never miss an update! Burmese jadeite is called feicui in Chinese. Here is an introduction to jade and why it is so important to Chinese people. The Emperor spent hours contemplating his jadeite treasures held in the Imperial Treasury and is said to have composed over 800 poems and songs about jade. Ancient Chinese healers believed mixing powdered jade with water produced an elixir that strengthens the body and prolongs life. The Chinese have historically regarded carved-jade objects as intrinsically valuable, and they metaphorically equated jade with purity and indestructibility. Jade has been a familiar substance in Chinese culture for a very long time. This is significant because the Chinese language uses half the character to convey the meaning of the word, while the other half helps dictate the pronunciation of the character. In 221 BCE, the emperor Qin Shi Huangdi conquered the Zhao state, and as the ruler and founder of the Qin dynasty, he had the disc carved into a seal representing the new united China. Explore the meaning of various feng shui symbols to help you make a better choice for your home or office. Chinese culture considers jade to be a lucky stone. Xu Shen, an ancient Han scholar, wrote that jade symbolizes the five virtues of humanity: wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty, and courage. Feicui is now more popular and valuable than soft jade in China today. The term "jade" applies to two different minerals: nephrite and jadeite. Confucius wrote that jade is like virtue, with its brightness symbolizing Heaven. "He Shi Zhi Bi" tells the story of Mr. Eventually, after some amount of political chicanery, the jade disc was returned to the Zhao State. In fact, many Chinese proverbs use the word 玉(jade) to express ‘one’s beauty, grace, elegance, and importance. Now when you browse through an antique shop, jewelry store, or museum, you can impress your friends with your knowledge of this important stone. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. The first jadeite reached China in the late 1700s, coming from Burma. In the Li Ji (Book of Rites), Confucius said that there are 11 De, or virtues, represented in jade: benevolence, justice, propriety, truth, credibility, music, loyalty, heaven, earth, morality, and intelligence. The Chinese call jade 玉 (or yù). The Supreme Deity of Taoism is known as Yuhuang Dadi (the Jade Emperor). Frequently, these were carved onto the jade objects themselves, keeping with the tradition of Chinese rulers. You can find endless good luck feng shui charms made of jade, employed for various purposes—from creating wealth to attracting more friends. In feng shui, jade has been used for centuries for its abilities to create a serene feeling of harmony and balance. The stories involve a man named Bian He and a piece of jade that eventually became a symbol of united China. He did this by importing countless tons of raw jade from Burma to fuel his obsession with the stone. For followers of alternative healing practices, jade carries a sweet, light and nourishing energy that can feel very healing. The first jadeite reached China in the late 1700s, coming from. Jade also occurs in colors like black, white, purple, blue, yellow, red, and orange. Yellow is for optimism, success, and generosity. So, yet another meaning of jade is harmony and balance. Artisans carve or construct a wide variety of jewelry and objects from jade. All jade shares the same symbolism, but extra meaning can be derived by the color of a stone. Ancient music instruments were made out of Chinese jade, such as the yuxiao (a flute made of jade and played vertically), and chimes. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our, Biography of Qin Shi Huang, First Emperor of China, The Yellow River's Role in China's History, Emperor Qin's Tomb -- Not Just Terracotta Soldiers, Filial Piety: An Important Chinese Cultural Value, Fun Facts About Ancient China With Pictures, Importance of the Lotus Flower in Chinese Culture. If taken prior to death, they thought it would delay decomposition of the body. Later, with the transition to the early Western Zhou period, jade objects began to lose t… Tell us in the comments! Jade has been a part of Chinese civilization from the earliest days. Chinese jade was used as a material for practical and ornamental purposes at an early period in history, and it continues to be very popular today. One obvious meaning of the jade stone is purity or purification. Jade is so ingrained in Chinese culture that there are famous stories about Jade (here called "bi"). For centuries, jade has been a cultural touchstone of China. Jade was an important part of ritual contexts in the middle to late Neolithic periods, such as the Hongshan culture that existed along the Lao River and the Liangzhu culture in the Tai Lake region (both date between 4000–2500 BCE). He and how he found a piece of raw jade and tried to give it to two generations of kings, but they didn't recognize it as valuable and cut off his feet as punishment for trying to pass off an unworthy stone. What color of jade is your favorite? Early Chinese jade use was in the form of nephrite and was used in tools due to its hardness. This makes its energy very different from other popular feng shui stones, such as pyrite or hematite. The beautiful color of jade made it a mysterious stone to the Chinese in ancient times, so jade wares were popular as sacrificial vessels and were often buried with the dead. Jade, known for its green varieties, is one of the most favorite materials in carvings used in various feng shui cures, and it is also much loved as a medium for various jewelry pieces. To them, it is known as “The Stone of Heaven.” Jadeite is so precious that there is a saying that goes, “gold is valuable while jade is priceless.”. (Jade is known as 价值连城, 'Valued at multiple cities" because of this story.) Emperor Qianlong built the most extensive known collection of jade artifacts during his reign. Carvings of flowers, especially peonies, are popular in jade because of the way flower energy seems to flow through this gentle stone. Of course, another reason why jade has been extensively used in feng shui is that jade is widely available in China, the birthplace of feng shui. In feng shui, jade has been used for centuries for its abilities to create a serene feeling of harmony and balance. For some users of jade, the stone may have the feeling of an ancient sage that is so centered that merely being in its presence creates a feeling of being elevated and nurtured. Most of the world's commercial supply of jade comes from China, Russia, and the U.S., though the mineral is found all over the world. Jade jewelry is also a popular feng shui application for the body energy, which is no less important than your home feng shui! It is one of the most important of minerals in the practice of feng shui, for example. Color and imagery plays a big part in Chinese jade symbolism. Chinese words for jade include 玉, 玉石, 瑭, 碧, 瑜, 绿色, 璇, 驽, 琭 and 璐. Archaeological artifacts of jade include sacrificial vessels, tools, ornaments, utensils, and many other items. He was buried in a jade suit composed of 2,498 pieces of jade stitched together with gold thread. Green is the traditional and most prized jade color. Since China only had soft jade until jadeite was imported from Burma during the Qing dynasty (1271–1368 CE), the term "jade" traditionally refers to nephrite, and so soft jade is also called traditional jade. Find more Chinese words at! 80s Inspired Statement Earrings for Fall 2020, Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics by Kim Baker Comes to Shop LC, 6 Quick and Easy Ways to Prepare for the Holidays, Easy Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Posture, 10 REAL GOLD JEWELRY HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS FOR ANY BUDGET, 10 PINK TOURMALINE RINGS TO LEAVE YOU BLUSHING, Zodiac Gems: Top 5 Stones for Libra, Meaning, and Uses, Zodiac Gems: Top 5 Stones for Virgos, Meaning, and Uses. Darren Bogus is the Content Editor at Shop LC. Not originally from Texas, he got here as soon as he could. Additionally, 玉女 (yùnǚ), which means jade woman, is a term for a lady or beautiful girl. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. Jade objects originally begun as forms of spiritual connections or value but in later years, developed into symbols of authority and status. IS A FACE MASK CHAIN THE BEST CHOICE THIS YEAR? While the beautiful translucent color and the ease with which jade can be shaped and carved certainly accounts for much of its popularity, jade resonates on a deeper spiritual level in many of the world's traditions. British Designer Rachel Galley Unveils Sterling Silver Collections, Shop LC Hosts First Annual Virtual One for One Customer Gala, FALL 2020 PEARL JEWELRY TRENDS THAT HAVE US CLUTCHING OUR PEARLS. Jade comes in many colors—from green-blue to white, and you can choose your jade stone correctly by better understanding the energy of specific colors. Jade occurs in a variety of colors besides green. Jade is also used as for protection and for good luck feng shui stones. Called 玉 (yù) in Chinese, jade is important to Chinese culture because of its beauty, practical use, and social value. When it polished and treated, the vibrant colors of jade can be extraordinary. Jade is classified into soft jade (nephrite) and hard jade (jadeite). Jade jewelry is also a popular feng shui application for the body energy, which … Culturally, green jade represents the heart. Rodika Tchi is an experienced feng shui consultant who guides clients through all aspects of applying feng shui in their homes, offices, and gardens. Chinese people love jade not only because of its aesthetic beauty but also because of what it represents regarding social value. This is closely related to the word for Emperor, which is 王 (wáng). Find out why jade, called 玉 (yù) in Chinese, is important in Chinese culture. Jade is also used as for protection and for good luck feng shui stones. Black is for elegance, security, and pride. The carved disc was subsequently stolen from the Chu State and eventually ended up owned by the Zhao. For example, 冰清玉洁 (bingqing yujie), which directly translates to "clear as ice and clean as jade" is a Chinese saying that means someone is pure and noble. Jade symbolizes prosperity, success, and good luck. Throughout Neolithic Chinese culture, jade remained, however, saturated in purposeful iconography and symbolism. Below are some of the most common motifs and their associations. The most popular kind of jade in Chinese culture is green jade, which has an emerald hue. The seal was part of the royal stores in China for 1,000 years before being lost during the Ming and Tang dynasties. Copyright © Shop LC | All Rights Reserved. It is also a symbol of renewal, longevity, and even immortality. Below are some common representations of jade in these ceremonies. All bagua areas except the north and the south can benefit from the soothing energy of jade. Subscribe to the Shop LC blog with the form on this page. Jade is especially popular in ancient and modern Asian arts and crafts but is also popular with artisans from all over the world. You can also find jade used in Fu dogs, Wu Lou (Chinese gourd), various mystic knot designs, as well as numerous animal carvings, such as dragons, elephants, turtles, dogs, fish, and much more.

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