city of lacey public works

Browse our growing reports and publications library for this and other great information about Lacey's municipal infrastructure. Your water service may be interrupted during flushing (Mon-Fri, 7:30 am -3:30 pm). Development Review is responsible for coordinating the external needs of citizens, developers, engineers, and surveyors with the internal needs of various sections of the City of Lacey's Public Works and Community & Economic Development departments. The Operations Division is responsible for the overall maintenance The Director of Public Works is responsible for the overall management of Utility Operations, Engineering, Water Resources, Utility Operations and Maintenance, Parks Maintenance, Facility Maintenance, and Streets Maintenance. Administrative services are provided by one Management Analyst and one Department Assistant. We conduct this work in the summer, because our flushing crews are busy during other times of the year flushing water main lines. and professional services relating to water, wastewater, and management, and development review sections in Public Works. City of Lacey, Washington Public Works Department forms and applications. On June 1, we will begin our individual water service line flushing program, a preventive maintenance task that removes built-up sediment and minerals from water service lines. more », The Public Works Department has great opportunities ADMINISTRATION. and our city fleet of vehicles and equipment. Copyright City of Lacey, Washington, USA, Official Website for the City of Lacey, Washington, Notice a pothole, burned-out streetlight or other Public Works transportation or utility problem? more », Have a Question?From sidewalk repairs to utility system maintenance, you're likely not the first to wonder. The Association of Washington Cities (AWC) has awarded the City of Lacey the AWC Municipal Excellence Award in Public Works for its Carpenter Road Reconstruction project, completed in 2012. During and after flushing, you may see standing water in the streets. stormwater utilities. How it Works The mineral content in our ground water wells, combined with low water use by customers, can impact the water quality in service lines. You can find additional contact information for the Public Works Department under our Contact Us section. difference in the community. We are available (with the exception of holidays) Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at (360) 491-5600. water and learn about programs we have to help you save water and lower Division oversees the transportation, survey, design/construction Our friendly staff will be happy to assist your document needs. To ensure clean, fresh water, crews will go to each water meter box and flush it out. They will then flush the water out of the City’s meter connection valve. The Engineering more », We've Got the FactsDid you know the condition of Lacey's streets and the quality of our drinking water are among the best in the state? They will then flush the water out of the City’s meter connection valve. Browse our frequent questions section for the most common information requests received by Public Works. of our city streets, water and wastewater utilities, parks maintenance, Development Review is part of the Public Works Engineering Services section. In order to remove the sediment and mineral build up, we must flush water at high velocities through the service lines. Staff also coordinates all interdepartmental efforts including the annual operating budgets of the department, payroll and purchasing, and computer and software acquisition. your water bill. Official Website for the City of Lacey, Washington. beautifying our streets, you'll be helping to make Lacey an even better From improving salmon habitat in local streams to more ». Water Resources Division provides a variety of technical, engineering, PUBLIC WORKS PLANS, REPORTS, AND DOCUMENTS . The for individuals and groups looking for meaningful ways to make a Water Conservation ProgramsA leaky hose, a running toilet, or a long shower may not seem like much water, but every drop counts—our water bills are proof of that! We will notify residents before we begin flushing in an area with door hangers and signs placed near neighborhood entrances. Report it, The water being flushed does not go through the water meter and. In addition, administrative support is provided for a variety of special projects and research as needed by the Public Works Director. Discover the many reasons to conserve Lacey, Washington . Lacey's Public Works is the largest department in the city, with 114 full-time staff and up to 27 seasonal and part-time staff. Copyright City of Lacey, Washington, USA, Official Website for the City of Lacey, Washington. Over time, these accumulated materials can cause discolored water in some homes. However, crews will knock on your door to inform you before they turn off your water. place to live, work and play. We are organized into three divisions to serve our city population of 42,830 and approximately 60,000 utility customers both in the city and the surrounding urban growth area.

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