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Fill-in-the-blank stories; reinforcement activities. This is a new video of the Phonics series! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. This is a new video of the Phonics series! It’s for the hamsters! "...flexible, very helpful at many levels. in linguistics, "These stories take the drudgery and humiliation out of mastering spelling and advanced reading as a teen or adult. Catch up or accelerate MASTERY of fluent English reading, spelling and pronunciation with phonics-based stories for all ages, all levels. Watch English stories, listen, Read aloud and have fun learning English!Let's study English with lovely new characters.Here is Great Educational Songs \u0026 Animations for kids, toddlers, children, babies and EVERYONE!Please enjoy watching fun \u0026 exciting English animation!★ Subscribe us on YouTube:★ More Our Dialogue: Phonics Story H ---What are Dad and the kids doing?Dad is cutting the board. ", - Andy & Cheri Black, both Ph.Ds. - Karen Sallman, public school teacher, library resource specialist, homeschool teacher for 10 years. Story H - English Story - Educational video for KidsHello! They learned early to earn ... "No teacher at any level should be without a copy!". library resource specialist, homeschool teacher for 10 years., Copyright 1998-2019 Nancy D. Nelson - All Rights Reserved. Phonics Story H - English Story - Educational video for Kids Hello! Internalize all words in each English pattern in minutes with a short story. ", - "Dr. James W. Berry, School Consultant, former ACSI Director of Educational Services, " and very flexible. ", JULY 22-26 • SEPTEMBER 23-27 • NOVEMBER 25-29, See our blog page for details. Allows multiple ways to experience and learn in a non-threatening environment. to apply those concepts with automaticity. The hamster family is happy with the new house.Thanks for checking out the \"English Singsing\".© Amanta Inc. When Earl and Pearl heard of the research party, they yearned to go with them to search the earth. and providing engaging but extensive exposure to all those words, this comprehensive resource provides the necessary the bridge, between phonics instruction and the word memorization needed. He is hitting a nail with the hammer.“Dad, be careful of your hand!”Dad is making a hole.Wendy is hanging the lamp.Ta-da!What a nice house!Oh! - "Dr. James W. Berry, School Consultant, former ACSI Director of Educational Services, FREE VIRTUAL HOMESCHOOL 5-day CONVENTION  -. Perfect for English learners, independent remedial, multilevel teaching, pronunciation, differentiated instruction, visually challenged, test preparation.

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