coldest temperature in alaska 2019

A fresh wave of Arctic cold has sunk south across Alaska in the past couple of days, and surface temperatures have plummeted in areas where skies have cleared. Alaska Climate Research Center 1 2019 Alaska Climate Review: Key observations Ø New temperature records were set: 2019 was the warmest year on record in Alaska, with a mean temperature of 37.4 °F, breaking the previous record set in 2016 by 0.2 degrees. (WeatherBell) 2019 Alaska Climate Summary. Fairbanks held off the cold for a while but has dropped to -40° this evening. March will be the 29th month since January 2013 to rank in the warmest 10% since 1925, while only one month -- April 2013 -- in this time period is in the coldest 10%. Coldest temperature on earth why some of the coldest places on earth extreme temperatures of the universe what is the temperature on earth e, The coldest place on earth scientific american work the 7 coldest cities in world what is the coldest temperature recorded on earth and where did it 5 of the coldest cities in world accuweather the 7 coldest cities in world, Coldest Place On Earth Is Even Colder Than Suspected Fortune, The Coldest Temperatures Ever Recorded In All 50 States, Top 10 Coldest Temperatures Recorded In Canada Durhamregion, 5 Of The Coldest Cities In World Accuweather, 15 Coldest Countries In The World Swedish Nomad, Polar Vortex 2019 The Coldest Weather Ever Recorded In Every State, July Was The Hottest Month Ever Recorded On Earth Live Science, Global Climate Report January 2019 State Of The, The Coldest Place In World Science Mission Directorate, Siberia Cold 88 Below Zero Is Even Colder Than Mars, Lowest Temperatures Records For Every European Country, A Frozen Realm Inside The East Antarctic Ice Sheet Weather, Why Is The Cold Weather So Extreme If Earth Warming, Earth Science Regents Lab Practical Rock Identification, How Long Does It Take For A Stars Light To Reach Earth, How Much Time Does It Take For The Light From A Star 400 Years Away To Reach Earth, What Are 3 Ways The Atmosphere Is Important To Life On Earth, When Was The First Time An Asteroid Hit Earth, When Was The Last Time A Meteor Hit Earth, In Your Seed Shall All The Nations Of Earth Be Blessed, A Yearly Path Of Earth Around The Sun Is Called. Statewide 2019 Year in Review. Click to enlarge the map below. Weather whiplash: Alaska is off to a frigid start in 2020 after record warm 2019 Average temperatures over a 45-day period between late December and early February in Alaska. Coldest: -80°F, January 23, 1971, in Prospect Creek. The coldest report was from a cooperative observer near Eureka, just northeast of Manley Hot Springs, where the thermometer apparently registered -65°F. Manley Hot Springs 15NE (near Eureka) cooperative observer reports -65F (-53.9C) Friday morning (obs only since summer 2016). Fairbanks, Alaska, had five consecutive days with lows in the minus 30s from Jan. 4-8 before temperatures warmed into the single digits below zero on Jan. 9. This is the lowest observed temperature in Alaska in nearly 8 years. Contributions by Richard James and Rick Thoman. The coldest place in world hottest and 0 coldest temperature records 15 coldest countries in the world july 2019 was earth s hottest month on Coldest Place On Earth Is Even Colder Than Suspected FortuneThe Coldest Temperatures Ever Recorded In All 50 StatesSo Far 2019 Has Set 33 Hottest And 0 Coldest Temperature RecordsEarth Had … Annual Summary Report 2019. Alaska. Spells of minus 70 in Alaska were documented on January 19 and 20, 1952, January 4 and 5, … Sub-minus 50°F was observed today in a wide range of locations from the Kuskokwim valley upstream of McGrath, northward to the Koyukuk River drainage, and east to the usual cold spots in the northeastern interior. New temperature records were set: 2019 was the warmest year in Alaska since 1949, with a mean temperature of 37.4 °F, breaking the previous record set in 2016 by 0.2 degrees. Hottest: 110°F, June 27, 1915, in Fort Yukon. That is the coldest temperature officially observed in Alaska since ... 326 record highs were set at major climate stations in Alaska during 2019. This looks to be the lowest official temperature in Alaska since Ft. Yukon -66F (-54.4C) in January 2012. Objective Comments and Analysis - All Science, No Politics Objective Comments and Analysis - All Science, No Politics.

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