combustion of fuels equation

The following reaction represents the combustion of methane: CH 4 [g] + 2 O 2 [g] -> CO 2 [g] + 2 H 2 O[g] + energy One molecule of methane, (the [g] referred to above means it is gaseous form), combined with two oxygen molecules, react to form a carbon dioxide molecule, and two water molecules usually given off as steam or water vapor during the reaction and energy. When carbon burns in sufficient quantity of oxygen, carbon dioxide is produced along with a release of large amount of heat.

See also Heat of combustion, Fuels - Higher and Lower Calorific Values and Fossil and alternative fuels - energy content. In general, for complete combustion: hydrocarbon + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water.
Here is the equation for the complete combustion of methane, used in Bunsen burners: This is represented by the following chemical equation : It means that 1 kg of carbon requires 8 / 3 kg of oxygen for its complete combustion, and produces 11 / 3 kg of carbon dioxide gas… Emission of CO 2 from combustion of some common fuels are indicated in the table below.
On combustion of fuel these elements are converted into gases like CO 2, H 2 O, SO 2 etc., Combustion of carbon : C + O 2 CO 2 (g) Note! For full table with Specific CO2 emission - rotate the screen!

Heat loss - 55-75% - in power generation is not included in the numbers.

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