concept of god in islam

But when the Jews did not convert, but opposed Mohammed, he became increasingly embittered against them. This chapter goes on to rebuke in the harshest terms any Muslim who refuses to go forth to fight: God will punish him and replace him with others (9.38-39). However, if this constant was less than or more than 1060 out of one, our universe would not have existed until now. [77] Muslim Turks further assimilated Tengri, the personification of the eternal heaven, with the Islamic concept of God. [50] An exception are humans, who are endowed with free-will and must live voluntarily in accordance with these laws to live to find peace and reproduce God's benevolence in their own society to live in accordance with the nature of all things, known as surrender to God in the Islamic sense. Equality of gender from the Pre-Islamic period of Turks usually remained accepted and women were allowed to participate on religious gatherings without hijab. Monotheism, belief in one God, is the most important and foundational concept in Islam. I wonder if these officials have ever read the ninth chapter of the Qur’an. The Creator is therefore eternal and everlasting: "He is the First and the Last.". Actually, God's attribute of Mercy has full manifestation in His attribute of Justice. The term has no plural or gender. 97). In this place the first taqira, the Yesevi-tariqa derived from, which had great impact on Haji Bektash Veli. This fact is emphasized repeatedly and consistently like a drumbeat throughout the pages of the Qur'an. He is God, the Creator, the Maker, the Shaper. Unto Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth. Muslims agree with all these attributes (or properties) of God. ? God is only one God. In summary of my first point, then, we’ve seen that the classic Muslim rejection of the Christian concept of God is based on a drastic misunderstanding of the doctrine of the Trinity, and that once that doctrine is properly understood, it is not only rationally unobjectionable, but quite plausible as well. You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Undoubtedly, this difference between Jesus’ Heavenly Father and the God of Mohammed is most clearly exhibited in the attitude we're commanded to have toward non-believers. According to the Quran, God does not love sinners. Get Dr. Craig's newsletter and keep up with RF news and events. He multiplieth in creation what He will. (2:255), People of the Book, go not beyond the bounds in your religion, and say not as to God but the truth. Glory be to God, above that they associate! The truth of the matter is Islam is a religion which enjoins violence and which, historically, has been propagated by violence. [52] There are no intermediaries, such as clergy, to contact God who states in the Quran, "It was We Who created man, and We know what dark suggestions his soul makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein. Although this doctrine may seem strange to Muslims, once it's properly stated, there's nothing rationally objectionable about it. If you still do not believe, here are some of the concrete, measurable and scientific evidences as follows; As you know, the accepted theory about the creation of our universe is the Big Bang Theory. Nothing else can be called Allah. The Prophet Muhammad was asked by his contemporaries about Allah; the answer came directly from Allah Himself in the form of a short chapter of the Quran, which is considered to be the essence of the unity or the motto of monotheism. If you want to get more detailed information about the fine tunes in the universe, please visit our Fine Tunes Argument page. [66] Ashʿari asserts, since God is the creator of everything that exists and creation does not affect nor alter God, the Throne of God is not a dwelling place for God. And that’s why Islamic fundamentalists hate these moderate Arab regimes and want to overthrow them. It is crucial that we understand this. Here's why: The word one can be used to describe many things. The ninth chapter of the Quran comes from this period of Mohammad’s life. Hence, evildoers and sinners must have their share of punishment, and the virtuous must have God’s bounties and favors. That brings us to my second point, that the Muslim concept of God is rationally objectionable. In the Gospel according to Luke, the angel says to Mary, “The Holy Spirit will come on you, and God’s power will rest upon you. The unique usage of Allah as a personal name of God is a reflection of Islam's Lo! So we can imagine a possible world in which God is perfectly loving and yet no created persons exist. Now don’t you think this is an inadequate conception of God? who created the universe and has power over everything within it. God is a being with three centers of self-consciousness. The unique usage of Allah as a personal name of God is a reflection of Islam’s emphasis on the purity of the belief in God that is the essence of the message of all God’s messengers.

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