constitutional law notes

Article 19(2) imposes certain reasonable restrictions on these freedoms. But this freedom is not absolute or complete, no one can speak in such a manner which is injurious to others and on such a matter which is prohibited by law itself. The amendment has obviously reserved the idea of single citizenship and introduced a limited sort of double citizenship. Defamation:- Any statement which gives injuries to man’s status under section 499 and 500 of IPC. In a case LIC v/s Manu Bhai D.Shah, the apex court held that,”speech is Gods- gifted  to mankind. Come onboard. You have entered an incorrect email address! There is no restriction on him for this purpose. Fundamental Rights: Constitutional Law Notes, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 13 November 2020, Notes on General Defences against to Tortious Liability, Divorce Under Muslim Law (Talaq): Family Law Notes, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 12 November 2020, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 11 November 2020, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 10 November 2020, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 9 November 2020, Prolawctor Daily News Update | 8 November 2020, RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF RELIGION (Article 25 – 28), CULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL RIGHT (Article 29 – 30), RIGHT TO CONSTITUTION REMEDIES (Article 32), Constitutional Law of India by  Dr. J.N. Conscience is an internal matter upon which there is no control of any other person. Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth (Article 15), Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment (Article 16), Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech, etc (Article 19), Protection in respect of conviction for offences (Article 20), Protection of life and personal liberty (Article 21), Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases (Article 22), RIGHT AGAINST EXPLOITATION (Article 23 – 24), Prohibition of traffic in human beings and forced labour (Article 23), Prohibition of employment of children in factories, etc (Article 24), Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion (Article 25), Freedom to manage religious affairs (Article 26), Freedom as to payment of taxes for promotion of any particular religion (Article 27), Freedom as to attendance at religious instruction or religious worship in certain educational institutions (Article 28), Protection of interests of minorities (Article 29), Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions (Article 30). act, there is a provision for slaughtering the cows in the public place because of its effects on the health it is not reasonable even if to be related with religion. Freedom of speech means one has the freedom to speak. 19(1)(f) and Art.31 of the Constitution. Precisely written notes and helpful for better understanding in less time because only relevant points are given in these notes.

2. Related documents. Law Notes About Me Name: Mayank Mehandru . The Preamble of the constitution is a key to  open the mind of the makers for which they made several provisions in the constitution. Any such thing or scene or speech which is injurious to the society will be prohibited under Article 19(2). In a case State Of West Bengal v .Committee for protection Democratic Rights, West Bengal Supreme court held that, Any law that abrogates or abridges fundamental rights are void and would be violative of the basic structure. Fancy yourself a bit of the entrepreneurship? ( i ) Entire share capital is owned or managed by State. Press is the fourth estate of the democracy the fourth pillar of the democracy. 19 there are certain freedoms, but art 21 contains certain other types of freedoms which are particularly related with. As early as in 1214, the English people exacted an assurance from King John for respect of the then ancient liberties. Practice means to perform, activities. : Liberty of thoughts, expression, belief, faith, and worship. Your email address will not be published. Self-incrimination can only mean conveying information based, There is not constitutional disability against an accused, a witness on his own behalf. Article 20(1) of the constitution of India provides, “No person shall be convicted of any, except for violation of a law in force at the time of the commission of the act charged as an, subjected to a penalty greater than that which might have been inflicted under the law in force at the time of commission of the, , if the act was charged against him was an, under the law in force at the date of commission of the act. But this freedom is not absolute or complete, no one can speak in such a manner which is injurious to others and on such a matter which is prohibited by. Thereafter from time to time, theKing had to accede to many rights to his subjects.

Liberty means freedom.

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