convert alkane to benzene

The dealkylation zone may therefore contain a bed of a solid catalyst such as the catalyst described in U.S. Pat. Write structures of all the alkenes which on hydrogenation give 2-methylbutane. A process for the production of benzene which comprises the steps of: (b) passing the entire first conversion zone product stream into a first fractional distillation zone operated at conditions effective to separate entering hydrocarbons into a first fractionation zone product stream, which is rich in benzene, and a first process stream, which comprises toluene and C, (c) passing the first process stream and at least a portion of the hydrogen-rich gas stream into a hydrodealkylation zone operated at hydrodealkylation conditions, and producing a second conversion zone product stream comprising benzene and C, (d) passing the second conversion zone product stream directly into a second fractional distillation zone operated at conditions effective to separate entering hydrocarbons into a second process stream comprising benzene, a third process stream comprising C. (e) passing the second process stream into the first fractional distillation zone; and. In some geographic locations, especially some Asian locations, there is only a minimal demand for C4 olefins while there is a sizable market for both LPG and aromatic hydrocarbons. The dealkylation reaction is exothermic in nature. 3,761,389 issued to L. D. Rollman et al describes an improved process for converting C2 to 400° Fahrenheit hydrocarbons to aromatics over a ZSM-5 type catalyst. (i) Generation of sulphur trioxide (electrophile). The zeolitic material, preferably ZSM-5, is normally bound during the particle forming stage with another material primarily to increase the strength and durability of the catalyst. Invention further describes a method for preliminary treatment of hydrocarbon aromatization catalyst comprising following steps: (a) providing aluminum/silicon/germanium zeolite whereon platinum is deposited; (b) treating zeolite with hydrogen; (c) treating zeolite with sulfur compound; and (d) retreating zeolite with hydrogen. SUBSTANCE: method involves hydrocarbon transformation in a reactor in the presence of modified catalyst containing, mass %: 53.0-60.0 of ZSM-5 high-silica zeolite with the ratio of SiO2/Al2O3=39, 34.0-38.0 of Al2O3, 2.0-5.0 of B2O3, 1.0-5.0 of Zn, 0.0-5.0 of W, 0.0-3.0 of La, 0.0-3.0 of Ti at 300÷700°C, including separation of liquid and solid transformation products, followed by burning oxidation of gaseous products and addition of the obtained mix of carbon dioxide and water vapour to the source hydrocarbons at the rate of 2.0÷20.0 mass %. It is highly preferred that this binder comprises a phosphorous-containing alumina, as can be prepared by the gelation of a hydrosol precursor in accordance with the well-known oil-dropping method. Referring now to the drawing, a feedstream of propane representing the numerous feedstream compositions which may be passed into the process is directed into a DHCD reaction zone 4 through lines 1 and 3. Within the DHCD reaction zone, the feedstream is contacted with a catalyst under dehydrocyclodimerization conditions effective to convert a significant portion of the propane to aromatic hydrocarbons. Content of the said metals in the catalyst is 1.5 wt.% maximum. If the process is operated to coproduce both benzene and naphthalene from a feedstream of propane, the following product distribution is to be expected. When processing a feedstream of pure propane and/or butane at preferred reactor temperatures, the C6 + liquid product composition should contain less than 0.5 weight percent of nonaromatics. Sulphuric acid" is 18M. (i) Ethyne         (ii) Ethene          (iii) Hexane, Calculate the amount of carbon dioxide that could be produced when. Then the obtained aromatic hydrocarbon and hydrogen are separated, hydrogen is at least partially used for synthesis gas obtaining in order to change the ratio H2:CO 1.8-2.3:1), and if necessary it is partially used on the stage of desulphurisation with synthesis gas obtaining from hydrocarbon gases (unreacted and formed on the aromatisation stage). Also not illustrated on the drawing is a clay treating zone.

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