cool fairy tales

In creeps the witch and chops off her own child’s head, then she goes to bed. She smears the fat into the prince’s wounds and he is healed as if by magic, then she reveals her identity and the marriage is swiftly arranged. The prince wishes to marry the woman who will fit the lost items, and the witch forces her ugly daughter into them. His beloved daughter disguises herself and ventures out into the mash to get the flower that is said to have mythical powers that can heal her father. This is one of the uncommon fairy tales and is very similar to Cinderella. She then rubs dirt all over her face to disguise herself and makes her way to the princes palace. As a result, he is cut severely by the glasses. At night, Helga transforms into an ugly frog with a kind heart. This is one of the few unknown fairy tales. She kisses the hand that wielded the axe and he fashions her little wooden feet and a pair of crutches. The ogre husband, fancying a bit of human flesh, lets her in eagerly but sadly he drinks so much alcohol that he passes out before he gets to eat her. The princess is horrified to find that her new home is made from human skeletons, and more horrified still when her new hubby prepares her a feast made from human carcasses. Nella is heartbroken upon hearing of her mortally wounded prince, and goes out into the wild to find a remedy that will heal him. But the daylight comes and Helga returns to that vicious girl. They are burned alive of course. The king, angered at the sight of his servant fondling the new queen’s breast, sentence’s faithful Johannes to hang. A woman goes into the woods in search of her lost sheep but accidentally passes a witch’s path. One day, a prince invites his people to a feast, but the witch hates her stepdaughter and give her lots of work to stop her from attending the feast. Now let's take a look at the following 5 lesser known fairy tales. He, unfortunately, gets drunk and passes out. Karen is a very poor girl who goes barefoot until an old lady adopts her and buys her a beautiful pair of red shoes. The next Sunday, Karen chooses to wear her red shoes to communion and again can focus only on how pretty she looks for the entire service. As Helga grows she becomes ever more beautiful, but she is evil and black of heart. Luckily, a few minutes later, a strong young man comes across, feels sorry for him and gives him some sort of energy drink. About nine months later, a water lily opens and in it is a baby girl. The witch convinces the husband to slaughter the sheep to prevent it from wandering again. Without any other option, the priest makes her dumb with a cross. One day, when he is at the peak of his health, death appears. She begins to vomit repeatedly and the ogre promises to catch her some pigs to eat until she can stomach human flesh. When the prince comes home they tell him she is their new slave. The witch then disguises herself as the woman and returns to the house where woman’s husband and daughter live. The prince eventually overhears the young slave telling her sorrowful story to a talisman, and realizing she is his niece (and possibly his daughter) he releases her and asks her how his wife should be punished. This kind and brave princess gets married with her prince and her wicked sisters are burnt alive. She then puts the girl into an iron chest and locks the chest in a room in the palace. The witch (disguised as the woman) convinces the husband to slaughter the exact sheep. They ride away together to the marsh where Helga was conceived and the priest lifts Helga’s birth mother from the water.

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