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This particular mid-century house garners so much interest due to York’s devoted restoration work. Engineer training, Ellwood had a special interest in the application of materials and manufacturing techniques in architecture. On the inside, Ellwood left the conventional use of floor to ceiling partitions to replace panels embedded in steel racks seen giving the impression of floating space. “For many years, I thought my house was more challenging than others’ homes only because it was in such disrepair as remodeling by previous owners had moved the house away from its original design. A testament to this commitment is that York made his home smaller in order to restore the home’s original layout. Located at 1811 Bel Air Road, Case Study House #16 was designed by Craig Ellwood in 1953. Built-in Bel Air Road in the hills of Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, USA. © All rights reserved. The CSH No. The basic shelter materials were steel, glass and concrete, treated with extreme sensitivity and elegance. 1811 Bel Air Road in Los Angeles, CA, is currently listed for $2,995,000. By the time I occupied the home, I had been in regular contact with Jackson and Alfonso Perez-Mendez who was also in the midst of publishing two books on Ellwood.”. The interior walls and, in part, the external factors seem willing freely in space, especially where the translucent glass panels visually protect the house from the street. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls invite warm natural light into the 1,664-square-foot interior. Unbeknownst to him and the house’s then owner, York had stumbled across Craig Ellwood’s Bobertz House. “Seeing, in black & white, how the original interior was composed has led me to several decisions – from cork flooring to the purchase of fiberglass arm shells by Charles Eames, a ball clock by George Nelson and so much more. The home is located on an 8,427-square-foot lot in Bel Air, and its "layout and siting align with the views and sun orientation, taking full advantage of both.". The house was already driving York toward research and involvement in mid-century domestic architecture, and he soon understood that he was not simply buying a home, but buying a work of art and innovative design. The vertical of the “T” contains the living and dining area, divided by a fireplace, providing the most dramatic vantage point for … Steel beams support the home’s roof while creating a trellised covering for the side patio. One of Craig Ellwood’s architectural masterpieces is now on the market. York’s dogged restoration and historically influenced furnishing of the home was made possible by his striking an important friendship with the house’s original commissioning client, Gerry Bobertz, who kept the original landscape drawings, fabric samples, letters and photographs that related to the house, and obtaining the original drawings from Ellwood’s draftsman, Ernie Jacks, in 2003. “In 2000, I leased the house to keep it from going up for sale – buying time while I fixed up my house for sale – and later in the year purchased it. 15 years on, the house now stands in stark contrast to the condition it was in when it was purchased. York was sold, and wasted no time working towards acquiring the home he now loves. Mar 15, 2018 - Explore Edward Perez's board "Craig Ellwood Architecture" on Pinterest. One of Craig Ellwood’s architectural masterpieces is now on the market. The home’s free-flowing floor plan seamlessly connects the main living areas. Now, for the first time in 50 years, the property is back on the market—currently listed for $2,995,000. York was sold, and wasted no time working towards acquiring the home he now loves. “In short, Craig Ellwood was a complex man in search of a simple architecture,” says designer Michael Boyd, who has edited a forthcoming book on Ellwood’s life and work titled Making LA Modern. Having purchased the house and embarked on a journey into the joys of modernist architecture, York then began work on restoring Ellwood’s design to its original state. Unbeknownst to him and the house’s then owner, York had stumbled across Craig Ellwood’s Bobertz House. © All rights reserved. Scroll ahead to see inside. Mid-Century Home 2019, Transforming a 1950s Victorian Home into a Down-to-Earth Dream Home, Modern Residence Brings in its Surrounding Scenery, A Transformed Midcentury Cottage Focuses on Sustainability. Such a structure is the hillside house in California by Craig Ellwood.” The “T” shaped plan was chosen to divide view benefits in consideration of area. The residence has been meticulously maintained over the years by its two owners, and today it’s the only surviving Case Study design by Ellwood. Believing that the structure was not so different to the other 1950’s constructions on the street, the owner gave no clue as to the house’s origins but did gave away one piece of information that would ignite in York the desire to hand deliver a letter of enquiry within a few days; beyond the vast, opaque redwood` walls, the house was comprised of floor to ceiling glass walls. Most importantly to York, however, is arriving home every day to the stained redwood wall that faces the street with contempt, and being able to enjoy this magnificent home with his family, in the knowledge that his daughter, growing up in these innovative and inspiring surroundings, will be shaped by the home in which she lives. This builder of “exquisite boxes”, as Boyd calls them, was a playboy who took his surname from a liquor store and drove a Lamborghini with a license plate that read ‘VROOM’. His approach is exhibited in Case Study House #16, which is primarily constructed of steel, glass, and concrete. Today, the two-bedroom abode is the only surviving member of the trio, as the other two homes were since heavily remodeled. Introduction. Craig Ellwood’s houses were the beginning and the origin of his experimentation, and as domestic architecture built until his last years, the houses provide a large enough of his career. © 2020 Dwell Life, Inc. All rights reserved. From midcentury classics to the best contemporary spaces for sale, see the latest listings for modern homes on the market around the world. Standardization is the idea pursued Ellwood with their projects, using a combination of steel and wood structure. The work displays a high degree of rationality in its entirety while a strong sensuality in terms of finishes, textures and details. Craig Ellwood’s houses were the beginning and the origin of his experimentation, and as domestic architecture built until his last years, the houses provide a large enough of his career. An architectural superstar, he was fashioned and honed by ambition, charm and an eye for great design. Craig Ellwood (1922-92) – the Californian Modernist best known for his Los Angeles Case Study Houses and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena – was a product of Hollywood. Education Structural Engineering UCLA Night School, self-trained as a cost estimator at ‘Craig Ellwood’ and Lamport Cofer Salzman. The Fields House / Case Study House nº18 by architect Craig Ellwood was built in Miradero Road, Beverly Hills, California, United States in 1956–1958. Translucent glass panels shield the modular steel structure, making the residence read as a floating pavilion from the street. 16 ª similar to a flag was the first of three works with the architect involved in the Case Study Houses. Although he was an engineer by trade and had no formal architectural training, Ellwood had a passion for using industrial materials and construction techniques in residential architecture. Big break Case Study House 16, Salzman House (1953) Buildings Case Study Houses (1951-58) Smith House, Los Angeles (1955) Scientific Facilities, California (1969) York also stayed true to the design’s vision by removing windows in the eastern wall of the home as they undermined Ellwood’s either-or determination, which dictated that walls should either be solid or completely transparent. Craig Ellwood 1922-1992. Set on a flat site in the hills of Bel Air, the residence has had only two owners since its completion. The book also benefited from residential testing in commercial architecture. Completed in 1953, the single-story, flat-roofed home was the first of three contributions Ellwood made to Arts & Architecture magazine’s Case Study House Program.

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