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direction, (in the early work) It was wild and wide The World’s Largest Dealer in Vintage Rock 'n' Roll Posters. After the closing of the Fillmore West in 1971, Bill Graham Minimalized naturalism and emphasis on flat colors and shapes made their work the next step towards creating an abstract, more modern visual language. Victor Moscoso was the first of San Francisco’s “Big Five” psychedelic poster artists to create his own poster series. Victor Moscoso also was the first of San Francisco’s “Big Five” psychedelic poster artists to have his posters shown in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The printing quality also was sometimes very poor. Shows such as “Cure of Souls”, held at the Psychedelic Solution in New York in 1988 and “Timothy Leary in Wonderland”, held at Artrock in 1995 started the hobby. On the same level was Erik Nitsche 's " Atoms for Peace " series of spectacular posters for the first International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy. The standard postcard set includes 81 different cards for shows held at the Grande proper, but most collectors include a few extras such as the Pop Festivals and Grande Family cards. These rare concert posters are sought not The realization that a screen, a squegee and a few However, sometimes the postcards with a calendar or “show back” are referred to as handbills. Beautiful, Rare & Meaningful Posters from around the Globe. The Numbered Poster Series Index for BG Posters, FD Posters, the AOR Series, & more. The Neon Rose Series of posters is one of the crown jewels of the psychedelic poster era. About this same time in San Francisco, Bill Graham realized largest series of vintage rock posters in the world, he continues…), “People grew to love Cheret's process nevertheless still demanded superb artistry and remarkable craftsmanship. Drawing on the art forms and styles created in the earlier BG and FME series, the artists of this second generation produced works with contemporary tools and colors and that rival … Most posters continued to be simple wood or metal engravings with little color or design. Lenin and his followers proved to be the pioneering masters of modern propaganda, and the poster became a weapon of choice throughout the century in both hot and cold wars everywhere. before it and was beginning to create something new and vibrant. Every signed piece we sell was signed in 1995 at the Artrock show and was obtained directly from the ex-owner of Artrock. It employed basic typographic elements with strict graphic rules and often replaced illustration with stark, "modern" photography. In October, Mouse and Kelley were in full swing at the Mouse Studio’s firehouse when Victor Moscoso returned to the fold to design FD-32. Weingart experimented with the offset printing process to produce posters that appeared complex and chaotic, playful and spontaneous - all in stark contrast to his elders' teachings. Widespread in San Francisco and New York, the music poster movement expanded into marketing and point-of-sale with free album-posters, as well as promotional concert posters. Glaser's Push Pin Studio was matched in creativity by a dynamic school of poster art in Poland from the '50s through the '80s. Poster artists were inspired by the music. As for the posters themselves, they were of extreme artistic importance. The death of Toulouse-Lautrec in 1901 and the abandonment of poster art by Mucha and Cheret (who both turned to painting) left a void that was filled by a young Italian caricaturist named Leonetto Cappiello, who arrived in Paris in 1898.

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