crime scene questions to ask

Identify and describe the five basic search patterns. A single barrier allows no buffer distance between what may be evidence and the crowd of onlookers.". -Before the body is moved, it should be photographed, observed, and sketched. Or glass jars [not preferred due to fragility]. Forgery considers a known writing and attempts to identify the writer. Case Detectives, ask questions and get answers directly from YCSD investigators here. If everyone in the scene is required to use proper protective clothing, without exception, this alone will remind those who are nothing more than 'inquiring minds' that the scene is not particularly safe. In situations involving exterior crime scenes where the field of evidence is not too widely scattered, but where there are no adequate landmarks. What kinds of crimes happen often? What is the most appropriate response by the crime scene technician for collecting a computer for computer forensic analysis? When, where, and with whom are these debriefings conducted? What is the primary concern of scene assessment by the crime scene technician? When confronted with a crowd at a crime scene--who do not appear to be directly involved--what should a responding officer consider before chasing them off? Mass scenes require coordination beyond the limits of a single organization; processing the mass scene will demand capabilities and personnel from any number of local or state agencies. The casings ejected from the semiautomatic handgun will include additional ballistic marks, such as ejector and extractor marks. He threatened to use it, but I doubt it was loaded.

The larger the f/stop, the less light the lens allows inside the camera. Do you think the world will be safer or more dangerous in the future.

grid, strip, etc.]. The investigator must be capable of "going back." New to the squad, where are the older files?? Fired projectiles contain striations that lie parallel to the lands and grooves that represent microscopic variations in their surfaces, which can differ from weapon to weapon.

Why is it important to establish standard team processing techniques at a mass crime scene?

During on-scene debriefing between initial responding officers and crime scene teams, what information should be provided?

Crime Scene3602 N 16th StPhoenix, AZ 85016, For Crime Scene Store inquiries:, For technical assistance:, All contents copyright © Crime Scene, 1995–2020, You are now being logged in using your Facebook credentials. In what situation are rectangular coordinates on a grid particularly effective?

Could delay or impeded the process of a search warrant. Want to exchange theories with your fellow web sleuths?

The use of photo logs is helpful. Investigators noted signs of foul play at the scene.

What is the purpose of an overall photograph? With regard to evidence preservation and emergency care, what is the overriding rule for responding officers? Is carrying a gun a good way to stay safe? Describe how a photograph might create an identification problem? What was the date, time and duration of the incident or behavior you witnessed?

Rectangular coordinates on a grid are particularly effective for large scale scenes where there are multiple teams actively mapping an area with no significant landmarks or in small scale scenes such as gravesites. Describe how tape is used to collect hair and fiber evidence at the crime scene.

-Detailed, with all pertinent facts and conditions documented. The addition of materials to the scene. A general definition of rape is the penetration of the sexual organ, mouth, or anus of one person by another without consent. Contact a supporting computer crime team before attempting to seize a computer in the crime scene. Before finishing up, they may ask if there is anything else you would like to add. Have you ever seen a crime being committed? He made me get on the ground so I didn't get a very good look at him.

When presented with a possible drug lab, how does the crime scene technician respond?

Why is sequence of order so important in crime scene processing?

If tasked to accompany a victim to the hospital, an officer is concerned with...? Cataloging the interrelationships of where items are in the scene, noting the physical layout of the scene, and documenting observations of things that cannot be physically collected are all integral parts of collecting evidence.

Is there legal behavior in your country that you think should be made illegal?

Ask the interviewers 2-3 pertinent questions about the department (ie.


The collection of the evidence and scene context in as pristine a condition as possible. A casting may or may not collect microscopic details.

Through contamination by crime scene equipment and clothing; prevents the investigator from carrying biohazards from the scene to home or office. This section is intended to deal with known/possible avenues of approach/departure from the scene--some level of inference is also necessary in evaluating the likelihood that a given approach was or was not used.

Assessing: decide on a proper course of action. "The purpose of processing the crime scene is to collect as much information and evidence as possible, in as pristine a condition as possible." What are the minimum requirements to include in a crime scene photography log? It serves to document who entered the crime scene and why--it should be put in effect as soon as the perimeter is established. How is paint layering used to differentiate two paint samples, such as when comparing a paint sample from a hit and run to a suspect vehicle? Crime scene notes should become an integral part of the case file; they should be maintained for as long as the formal file exists. Brainstorm a list of different crimes. Why or why not? The interpretive value of evidence is a function of what? "A single barrier is not sufficient for long term scene integrity. Who was involved? Some object may be apparent, but there are no supporting photographs to help the viewer see the evidence better; eliminate those problems by creating evidence establishing shots supported by proper evidence close ups.

How many people are you looking to hire, what is the next step in the process, etc.) What are the three basic photograph categories associated with crime scene photography? How does the f/stop affect the resulting photograph? CIRCLE or SPIRAL: circular direction either out or inwards. Our records show you are a member of the Public group, Guest. It can also include sexual relations with a person below a specific age, such as a minor.

During the first recheck of the scene, are the methods used for the recheck visual or physical?

Of the available methods for DNA analysis, which is best for individualization in forensic work and why? What are the four key elements of crime scene documentation? Chisum and Rynearson (1989) identified five ways in which context manifests itself in the crime scene: what are they? Victim[s]-->3.

Want to learn more about crime scene processing techniques? Why must the crime scene technician retain crime scene notes even after the crime scene report is completed? Whereas testimonial evidence is subjective and flawed by human perception. The accuracy of the instrument; the total station cannot be aligned using a magnetic compass to the same level of accuracy that the total station can measure an angle, surveying techniques suggest simply assigning a convenient north.

Why is some level of inference allowable in the "factors pertinent to entry and exit" section of the crime scene report? In the area approach, a single team handles all activities associated with processing.

Notes are the investigators best evidence; they usually hold more detail than the formal crime scene report, and they are an contemporaneous record. With harsher punishments or better education?

What is the primary purpose of the crime scene sketch? The body of 19-year-old Jasmine Ledbetter was found wrapped in plastic and left in the woods off Highway 7 south of town. Additional data such as the distance, time the photo was taken, and any remarks can certainly support the overall documentation effort. At what age are we fully responsible for our actions? Prior to placing a corpse in a body bag, what are some of the documentation efforts the technician must take? Lawyers can make claims of inappropriate effort or improper procedures on the part of the police, claiming that the police "lost crucial exculpatory evidence.". 1. What two additional steps are required when using polar coordinates to map a scene in which elevation data are required? What are two variations in creating a sketch that will effectively allow the technician to document evidence on vertical objects? What type of information is described in the "conditions of the scene" section of the crime scene report? Does the photograph accurately depict the scene. Personal assistant Lee found her boss, literary agent Victor Jennings, dead in a pool of blood in his kitchen. "The investigator continues to recheck the scene until the recheck is negative.". The officer's responsibility any dying declarations or utterances made by the victim, and to collect any evidence removed from the victim in the course of lifesaving activities. Is there any illegal behavior in your country that you think should be legal? Explain why it is necessary for the crime scene technician to be prepared to return to an earlier stage of the processing model? Describe the differences between class and individual characteristics of evidence.

Rechecks of the scene are continued until when?

Police: What makes you say that? Describe three critical mistakes that occur when using video cameras in the crime scene. Tread pattern: because, with even a partial tread pattern, it may be possible to identify the shoe's brand or model. What do you think about this kind of punishment? Want to see the answers and follow-up discussion? Lands [projections] and grooves [depressions]. I don't know how much help I'll be. What are the variations of the zone search and when are they used? Once altered or damaged, you cannot put the scene back in place and try again. Of the two methods to collect tool mark evidence (collection of the entire item or casting of the mark) which is better and why? Visual: the investigator continues to visually search for any new items or observations that may have been overlooked. What is the standard that the investigator uses when pursuing a solution to crime and why is this standard necessary? Exceeding probable cause. Police: Are you okay to answer some questions for me?

In an effort to see if Rob Budd might be telling the truth and that he is really Dalton.
Police: Was he carrying a weapon? Any good crime scene examination requires five key ingredients: what are they? The area within the initial responding officer's crime scene barrier should include three things: How might a natural or manmade barrier negatively affect what an officer includes in the initial crime scene boundary? What is the purpose of an evidence establishing photograph?

How would evaluating crime scene evidence involving a pistol differ from that involving a revolver? The technician is recorded by aiming an optical or laser instrument at an elevation rod held in place at the evidence item. In terms of the crime scene processing goal, why is the phrase "in as pristine a condition as possible" an important distinction for the crime scene technician? Depth of field is affected by the amount of light a lens allows into any exposure; the f/stop helps determine this variable. Want to see the answers and follow-up … Name the three general attributes that all crime scene report narrative descriptions should have. Chisum and Rynearson commented on this interpretive value of evidence when they noted that "the full meaning of evidence is a function of time and the item's surroundings.".

Movie Madness Can we ask Donna Cook, the patron interviewed from Duffy's to identify a photo of Rob Budd? If a person acts in self-defense and accidentally hurts someone, should they be punished?

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