cucumber vodka margarita

Stir the mixture gently, and garnish the drink with a wedge of cucumber and another of lime. Cut a slit in the lime wheel and slip it on the glass edge as a garnish.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ok, they’re basically the same drink except one is poured over ice and topped with club soda. The margarita cocktail continues to evolve, and bars offer the drink in a host of different flavors. Get yourself a cucumber and some vodka and let’s do this. Spread the rest of the toasted coconut on a small plate or shallow bowl.

In fact, the resulting cocktail even has its own name: the vodkarita. Saturday afternoons hanging in the backyard with friends are made for spritzers.

Total Time: Five minutes | Prep Time: Five minutes | Serves: 1. Store the bottle in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. Jenny Green has a Masters in English literature and has been a freelance writer since 2008. The usual margarita tequila recipe simply replaces the tequila with an equal amount of vodka.

Vodka makes a fine substitute for tequila in a margarita. Turn the glass upside-down and dip the rim in the liquid before immediately dipping it in the salt. Strain the cocktail into a glass.

Total Time: Ten minutes | Prep Time: Five minutes | Serves: 1.

As well as zing, the zest adds color, resulting in a lovely pale yellow-green cocktail. The secret ingredient in this cocktail is toasted coconut, but be careful to not spill the beans to your guests.

Done and Done.

Add vodka, lime juice, and agave nectar to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Drinkers could choose the alcohol they wanted.

Plus, you can use your favorite brand of vodka. As an alternative, dip the glass rim in water and then in demerara sugar before adding the ice and the cocktail.

The sweetness of the peach flavor contrasts with sour lemon juice, and the alcohol in the drink relaxes the body and mind after a long day. However, a little research reveals the drink isn’t as purebred as some believe.

In this great tradition of trying something new with an old favorite, one version of the margarita is the vodkarita. The tequila in a margarita can be subtituted with vodka, and the resulting cocktail is called a vodkarita.

Divide the mixture into two rocks glasses. Let sit for 5-7 days in your fridge. The result is the most refreshing, drinkable and totally versatile starting point for all of the summery cocktails you can dream up. Cut a diagonal slit from the center of the flesh side of the peach slice to halfway along to the skin. Vodkaritas are all about light, refreshing flavors. Pour the vodka, lime juice and 3 ounces of cucumber juice into the glass. Carefully grate off only the colored part of the fruit skins and not the bitter, white pith under the surface. Naturally, the drink tastes different from a regular margarita, but don’t let that put you off. The traditional salt-coated rim of a glass of margarita might make a peach-flavored vodkarita taste strange. Total Time: Ten minutes | Prep Time: Five minutes | Serves: 2. Some delicious orange liqueurs include Cointreau, Grand Marnier and triple sec. Total Time: Fifteen minutes | Prep Time: Fifteen minutes | Serves: 8.

On Friday nights when I’m hangry and ready to relax after a long work week, I’ll go for  the martini version.

Sparking water provides fizz and helps this drink taste like a delicious alcoholic soda, only much more healthy. What’s more, the results can be surprisingly tasty. Here are a few suggestions. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Add vodka, lime juice, and agave nectar to a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

Thread one or more small fresh strawberries onto cocktail sticks as garnishes for the drinks. To make a pitcher of vodkarita, pour the entire bottle of mix into a pitcher, and then stir in 2 cups of vodka. I’m super annoyed that I haven’t been doing it for years and I hate to admit that in the past I’ve actually shelled out cash for the pre-made stuff.

Chop the cucumber into a few pieces and put them in a blender.

The original daisy cocktail was forgotten as other drinks took its place, and now, the margarita is the star of the show. Squeeze the juice from the lemons into a small bowl.

For a real divergence from the regular margarita/vodkarita cocktail, go for coconuts. Squeeze the juice from the limes into a separate bowl. When the mixture is cold, pour it into an airtight bottle.

Shake the mixture vigorously for about 10 seconds. Strain into two tumbler glasses filled with ice.

Fill the shaker with ice and shake the ingredients for 10 to 15 seconds.

This variation combines the juices of two of the lightest, most refreshing fruits and vegetables you can find: lime and cucumber.

It’s hard to enjoy a cocktail if you’re worrying about your waistline, but sometimes you need to indulge yourself a little. If you’re entertaining and you don’t want to spend too much time away from your guests, pre-prepare the cucumber juice. It’s crazy easy – remove the skin and roughly chop a large hothouse cucumber and add to a glass jar with 3 cups vodka. You’ve been warned.

Your email address will not be published. Heat the saucepan to medium heat and stir the mixture until the sugar has dissolved. Top with 2 ounces each club soda. Cinnamon Pear Buckwheat Muffins with Pecan Streusel, Grilled Caesar Salad with Garlic Tahini Dressing, Jackfruit Taquitos with Southwest Dipping Sauce, Strawberry Shortcakes with Coconut Whipped Cream. Add 2/3 cup of lemon juice and 1 cup of lime juice. Strain vodka and store in the refrigerator. The blander taste of vodka compared to tequila allows for plenty of experimentation to create new vodkarita flavors. A peach vodkarita is a drink for sultry summer evenings by the pool or out on the deck. You might need to practice a few times to get the amount of salt just right. Leave out the syrup if you or your guests don’t have a sweet tooth. Your email address will not be published.

A bottle of vodkarita mix in the refrigerator is handy for making the drink quickly or surprising unexpected visitors with a delicious cocktail. Rub the rims of the glasses with the lime wedge, and then dip the rims in the toasted coconut. I use Kettle One and the result is a cucumber vodka martini that my husband dubbed almost “too drinkable.”  These babies go down real easy.

This recipe doubles up on the citrus flavoring by including both lemon and lime juice and the zest of both fruits.

Strain the cucumber pulp through a fine strainer into a measuring cup, pushing the pulp gently through the mesh. Strain into two martini or coupe glasses and garnish with cucumber slices.

They might say the classic margarita should never be tampered with. Chill the drink in the refrigerator until it's cold. Grate the zest from the limes to make 2 teaspoons of lime zest. Agave syrup adds a special Mexican sweetness for those who dislike sour margaritas.

Put the juice in your refrigerator and use it the same day. Total Time: Ten minutes | Prep Time: Five minutes | Serves: 3. Instead of moistening the rim of the glass before dipping it in salt, wipe the rim with a lime or lemon wedge.

Another type of daisy was the tequila daisy.

Put the peach pieces, frozen strawberries, vodka and crushed ice in a blender. CBS: How To Make The Absolut Lime Vodkarita, Shape: 10 Skinny Margaritas for Guilt-Free Sipping, National Geographic: The Thirst-Quenching History of the Margarita, Betty Crocker: How to Rim a Margarita Glass, Tastes Lovely: Refreshing Cucumber Lime Margaritas, The King and Prince: Peach Margarita Recipe, Spicy Southern Kitchen: Coconut Margarita, A Web Experience brought to you by LEAFtv.

Blend the cucumber until it turns entirely to pulp. Pour the cocktail into the glasses, and serve. Refrigerate for 5-7 days, testing for desired level of cucumber flavor every few days. Pour the vodka, triple sec, lemon juice and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Required fields are marked *. The juice from 1 cucumber is about enough for two lime and cucumber vodkaritas. If you’re only making one or two vodkaritas, this method might be more convenient. Remove skin from cucumber and roughly chop.

Yields roughly 2½ cups vodka. You’ll need a liquid to help the salt stick to the glass. Pour the liquid into a saucer or shallow bowl to a depth of about 1/4 inch, and pour a layer of regular salt about ¼-inch deep in a second saucer or bowl.

Shake vigorously for 10 seconds. So if you’re simply out of tequila and want to use vodka instead, follow a regular margarita recipe of lime juice, agave syrup and an orange liqueur, and add vodka. This stuff puts the store bought bottles to shame. Seriously, I’ve been prepping a fresh batch on Sundays for drinks the following weekend on the regular for a month now. Garnish the cocktail with a slice of fresh peach for a touch of decoration and as a nod toward a healthy diet.

A salt-rimmed glass adds a professional touch to a vodkarita, and sipping the drink through the salt brings out the cocktail’s flavors. A vodkarita doesn't taste the same as a margarita, though it has a citrus and sweet flavor if made with the other regular margarita ingredients: lime juice, orange liqueur and agave syrup. So bad. Blend the ingredients until the mixture is smooth.

There should be enough salt to taste it, but on the other hand, you don’t want to make your guests feel sick. Both brands I tried went promptly down the drain. Pour the vodka, lime juice, agave syrup and orange liqueur into a cocktail shaker. Remove the saucepan from the heat and allow the mixture to cool.

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