cumene hydroperoxide process

4. The production of cumene hydroperoxide by the liquid phase oxidation of cumene with molecular oxygen is well known. Die Cumolhydroperoxid-Synthese zeichnet sich im Vergleich zu anderen Phenol-Synthesen dadurch aus, das nur geringe Rohstoffkosten anfallen, sowie nur wenig Energie benötigt wird. A molar ratio of 1.1 to 1.5 to 1 (acetone to phenol), preferably 1.15 to 1.4 to 1, should be maintained in the cleavage vessel(s). Die Ausbeute dieser Reaktion für Phenol liegt bei etwa 85 bis 90 % und für Aceton etwa 60 % der Menge des Phenols.[2]. This recycle stream can vary in amount from 10 to 25 times the mass flow of the CHP feed stream. The overhead fraction from the second fractionator was substantially anhydrous, contained 0.25% of cumene hydroperoxide, and had a pH of 5.0. Molecular Weight 152.19 . Example A cumene oxidation product containing 23.4% by weight of cumene hydroperoxide, having a pH of 9.0 was concentrated in two stages, both of which consisted of a climbing film evaporator combined with a fractionator, in which the vapour and liquid phases from the evaporator were separated. With respect to energy consumption, a liquid circulation system requires some minimum amount of pumped circulation to both maximize the heat transfer coefficient (to minimize heat transfer area) and minimize temperature rise so that the reaction temperature can be controlled at the best operating point. NACRES NA.22 From the top of this fractionator a 2-phase distillate was obtained, the hydrocarbon phase, having a pH of 3.0 and containing 0.43% of cumene hydroperoxide being recycled, after alkali washing, to the oxidation stage. [2] In den Jahren nach der Entdeckung dieser Reaktion steigerte sich der Anteil des durch diese Reaktion erhaltenen Phenols auf bis zu 98,5 % der produzierten 8,7 Millionen Tonnen (2008).[3]. Water is the preferred severity inhibitor as it improves throughput. During the oxidation of cumene small amounts of dimethyl phenyl carbinol (DMPC) and acetophenone are also produced. These examples are not intended to limit the invention but are intended illustratively to exemplify the invention. These problems are avoided by inhibiting the reaction of reflux cooled reactor products in the transport line(s) 5. Phosphoric acid is often favored over aluminium halides. By the term fresh cumene is meant cumene containing substantially no water or acid, for instance having a pH not substantially less than 5. The process of claim 1 wherein said transportation step occurs through an inhibitive zone. Since the hydroperoxide is normally required in a more concentrated form, for instance where it is to be decomposed to phenol, it is then necessary to separate the hydroperoxide at least partially from the other constituents of the crude oxidation product. To use all functions of this page, please activate cookies in your browser. The process similar to that of Example 1 was conducted with additional acetone present in the feed. Cumene Hydroperoxide Concentration Step Loss in selectivity at this step is 0.1 to 1.2 abs. 2 is a schematic illustration of an embodiment of the inhibitive zone used to obtain and maintain the inhibited reaction conditions of the transported reactor products. The reactor was equipped with an acetone condenser. Loss of a water molecule from the hydroperoxide leaves an electron-deficient oxygen. In this tank the DCP is decomposed to phenol, AMS and acetone. All rights reserved. Es findet Verwendungen für: Anstatt das Benzol mit Propen zu alkylieren, lässt sich auch Ethen verwenden. 2,757,209 to Joris proposed a two stage process to reduce dimers and cumylphenols. No. Cumene hydroperoxide technical grade, 80% Synonym: α,α-Dimethylbenzyl hydroperoxide CAS Number 80-15-9. Additionally, overall energy consumption (distillation and recycle of DMK) and the production of the byproduct hydroxy acetone (acetol) and other unwanted ketones are all minimized with the use of water. uses cumene as the reaction medium, so we can call it the cumene PO-only process. Finally, an amine reaction product is present in an additional reactor wherein the DCP is decomposed. 15, 1950, EASTON US, pages 753-762, XP002033684 M KHARASCH ET AL : "The Chemistry of Hydroperoxides. 9. In 1942, Rudolf Yur’evich Udris (Russia) discovers the reaction of acid-catalyzed CHP conversion into phenol and acetone.1 In 1943, Mark Semyonovich Nemtsov, Rudolf Yur’evich Udris, and Boris Dmitrievich Kruzhalov with co-authors develop an industrial process for … The CHP decomposition is a very exothermic reaction which is normally carried out on a commercial scale in continuous stirred or back-mixed reactors. FIG. Other means for inhibiting the subsequent reaction of products exiting the reflux cooled reactor include the addition of a severity inhibitor to the reactor products. The process of claim 9 wherein up to about 3% wt (based on weight of total reflux cooled reactor products) water is added to said reflux cooled reactor products. If the pump is lowered in elevation compared to the liquid level of the reflux cooled reactor, the temperature requirement can be relaxed according to the amount of head pressure generated by the positioning as will be appreciated by one skilled in the art. However optimal conditions when coupled with other optimized parameters are from 45 seconds to 2 minutes. The delta T value was 9°c. Part of this fraction was returned as reflux to both the first and second stage fractionators, and the remainder was recycled to the oxidation stage. The sum of by-products which are component of phenol tar (AP+DMBA+DCP+AMS Dimer +CP) was 1.22g. The process of claim 1 further comprising the step of adding water to said reflux cooled reactor. It is preferred that the amount of water not exceed 3% wt (based on the weight of the total reflux cooled reactor products). U.S. Pat. With an accout for you can always see everything at a glance – and you can configure your own website and individual newsletter. 8. Main by-products are AMS dimers and various cumylphenols which generally have no or very little commercial value in the relatively impure state as found in the cleavage reactor. In fact the CHP decomposition reaction is carried out in a non-isothermal manner in accordance with this invention. Als Produkte erhält man dann Phenol und Acetaldehyd. Click for automatic bibliography These reactors are generally shell-in-tube heat exchangers and a specific heat exchange surface not less than 30 to 35 meter2 per metric ton of 100% CHP per hour. View Answer. Phenol is manufactured commercially by several processes. This would introduce vapor in the product stream making pumping the products to the next stage of the reaction physically difficult and extremely dangerous. That is, the reactor utilizes high temperatures to drive the DCP and any remaining CHP to AMS, DMK, and phenol.

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