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Torchy the Battery Boy was the British second television series produced by AP Films and Gerry Anderson, running from 1959 to 1961. Later, the toys want to use a banana as a bridge, but they do not have the strength to move it on their own, so Torchy visits the caves, where he finds Daffy the donkey. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Torchy's magic beam leads him to King Dithers, who lends him a. PomPom's mirror falls off the wall and shatters. Roberta Leigh loosely adapted her own stories from numerous episodes for the untitled strips, but many of the details were altered.[50]. However, when his battery dies, Pom-Pom steps up and flies him home to Mr. Bumbledrop. There, the toys spring to life and animals have the ability to speak. Flopsy, the ragdoll, complains about her lack of stuffing, so Torchy convinces Pom-Pom to donate some of her fur. Olwyn Griffiths (Torchy) loss of his beloved pet, Vote Now! Torchy repairs the rocket and plans a return to earth, but no one wants to go with him. Pongo finds her on the beach and harnesses the mule to his ship. Sunset falls as the toys return home from the beach, and they soon find themselves enveloped in pure blackness. Torchy learns that Bossy Boots has reverted to her horrid old self, and she's been refusing to feed her coins to Clinker, her money box. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Torchy appeared weekly from August 1960 to August 1961 across 52 issues of Harold Hare's Own Paper. [29], Complicating matters, the river flooded that winter. Combines elements of "Daffy's Birthday" and "The Obstinate Donkey.". Presumably, these were aired on London television in the proper chronological story sequence,[citation needed] but on DVD, the shows were presented in production order as two separate series. As Rag Doll dries her and rolls her fur into curlers, Torchy utilizes his beam to find a brass tray. As they repaint his house, Torchy, Rag Doll, and PomPom are slopping paint everywhere, so they recruit Daffy to use her tail to paint the house. Torchy, Flopsy, and Pom-Pom decide to visit the toys who dwell in the mountain's caves. Torchy did occasionally venture back to earth to contend with Bogey and Bossyboots (whose name, like PomPom's was condensed to one word). When Bossy Boots discovers Pom-Pom has returned home to Mr. Bumbledrop, she insists that he returns her ragdoll, Flopsy. There, Torchy is captured by Bogey, who ties him up, drags him to the park, and forces him to watch as he destroys the statues. To speed the process, Torchy inflates them with his. ( Log Out /  The toys are bored by the playground equipment, so Torchy finds a ladder and wooden plank to construct a slide. Pilliwig enlists PomPom and Sparky to star alongside him in a circus performance, which they decide to throw at night. Add the first question. Many of the featured stories were short adaptations of her scripts. They bring her back to Frutown, where Pilliwig is delighted to meet someone who will always laugh at his antics. Torchy gets caught in a hurricane that blows him back to earth. There are no bricks to be found, but he discovers an orchard filled with oversized fruit, so the toys hollow out pieces to construct homes for themselves. Pongo arrives at the castle and learns that Pollikan has the king’s crown in his beak, so he lures the bird onto his boat. The Battery Boy notices Pilliwig on the swing just moments before the vines break and the clown goes toppling to the ground, so he retrieves the scarf and uses it as a rope to hold the swing. Unfortunately, his battery wears out and he collapses in the garden, where he's found by twins Bobby and Babs. They soon discover that Pongo the pirate has stolen the treasures, along with the Pollikan bird. This FAQ is empty. For example, the deliciously bratty Bossy Boots gets what's coming to her, and although she backslides into her selfish ways, she tries to be a better person. Squish had not yet been introduced, so PomPom takes Flopsy's place, and she takes Squish's. Rag Doll is sad over the decaying state of her dress, so Torchy uses his magic beam to lead them to a pile of shiny leaves, which she uses to fashion a new. Daffy has grown weary of pulling the king's carriage, so she runs away on his birthday. When all of the toys come down with bellyaches, King Dithers informs them that they can remedy the situation by eating vegetables. Eventually, Torchy comes to their rescue. Mistakenly includes the first of two teasers for "next week['s]" story about Gluebells. Both series have been digitally remastered and released on DVD. Torchy appears on the front cover, and the comic strip begins its run regularly placed on page 7. The toys have tired of the native food in Topsy Turvy Land, so Torchy decides to stop at the moon and grab some cheese as he returns Mr. Bumbledrop home. The king takes pity on the girl, who vows to change her wicked ways. Torchy and Squish go in search of cardboard to repair the rocket, and they discover the Ting-a-Ling bird, who suggests that they dig at the base of a pepper tree. This seemed mostly like a way to pad the already-short running time. It is Topsy Turvy Land where grown ups become as small as toys. The naughty children playing in Mr. Bumble-Drop's garden tie their toys to the kite strings. Later, King Dithers gives Torchy a Penny Farthing bicycle. The sky is too dark for the Topsy Turvians to see what's going on, so Torchy uses his magic light to illuminate the show. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Torchy's battery is running low, so he returns to Earth with PomPom to replace it. The bird explains that he loves shiny objects and likes to hold them in his mouth, so the king invites him back to the castle to guard his crown and jewels. ( Log Out /  Torchy learns that the toys are frightened of something inside the cave, so he goes inside and discovers Sparky the dragon. Torchy appeared weekly from August 1960 to August 1961 across 52 issues of Harold Hare’s Own Paper. Numerous discrepancies in the spelling of names exist throughout the various Torchy materials. Directed by Anderson, it was a collaboration with author Roberta Leigh, with music scored by Barry Gray, art direction from Reg Hill and special effects by Derek Meddings. He occasionally returns to Topsy Turvy Land with naughty children in tow to teach them lessons about behaving.One of the greatest strengths of the first series is that it's serialized, with one episode picking up right where the previous one left off. Torchy, the Battery Boy, was created by Mr. Bumbledrop, a lonely old toymaker who spends the majority of his days tending to his garden, where the neighborhood children play. Rag Doll knits a scarf for Torchy that's too long. While visiting the peanut tree, Ting-a-Ling offers to ride along with Torchy and serve as his bicycle bell. Sparky is tired of living in the caves, so Squish and Torchy build her a house with a mound of logs that they found in the forest. Moments later, Mrs. Meaniemouth finds Torchy and decides to bring him home as a present for Bogie, despite Mr. Bumbledrop's pleas from a distance. Torchy and Squish play ball at the seaside. A mechanical boy with a magical flashlight on his head has adventures on earth and in Topsy Turvy Land, which is located on a distant star. The cover includes a small image of Torchy's head, with his light shining onto the banner headline: "Meet Torchy the Battery Boy Inside!". Rag Doll feels unwell, so Pilliwig brings her orange juice and sticky gluebell flowers. King Dithers cannot find his gold medal, so Torchy uses his magic beam, and they discover Pollikan, who has the medallion in his mouth. In Topsy Turvy Land, humans shrink to the size of toys, and various children are subjected to the same horrors that they unleashed upon their playthings. The toys race back to the castle for water and are able to put out the fire before much damage occurs. The first series had one song per show, but the second often has numerous tunes. The resident toys are no longer amused with Pilliwig's jokes, which depresses the clown. If you have followed my blog at www.torchythebatteryboy.com, you will know the effort that goes in to testing the performance of products. Torchy uses his magic beam to find a deck chair, which they fashion into a covered wagon so Daffy can keep her umbrella. "It was really quite frightening! I began watching the show for yuks, but I gradually found myself charmed by the ongoing saga.Frankly, I don't know that much about Gerry Anderson (I only saw the Thunderbirds movie once when I was a lad), and I was aware he left for series two, but I was unprepared for the immediate deterioration of quality - and it's not just the puppet work that I'm talking about either (although that's not nearly as good in the second series). The next morning, Mr. Bumble-Drop builds a rocket of cardboard, and Torchy flies off to retrieve the lost puppy and toys. Meanwhile, Pongo discovers he likes this strange new world and has no intention of ever leaving. British-Pathe production its contemporary young audience, There have not yet been any votes for "Torchy And The Broken Rocket". Ena kits a ridiculously large sweater for Pilliwig, which he's forced to wear after Torchy accidentally splatters his suit with paint. Torchy and Flopsy head off in the rocket and discover the Man on the Moon has overslept. Torchy feels isolated as all of the toys secretavely makes plans for his birthday. Ena volunteers to wash it, but she puts too much starch in the garment, which begins to dance on the clothesline, as if alive. The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. When Whirly gets a stiff neck, Torchy suggests that Sparky breathe on him to loosen it up. Whirly overhears his wish for a little brother, so Pom-Pom visits Mr. Bumbledrop and makes him build one. Unfortunately, Squish cannot resist going for a joyride, and he breaks the spacecraft. King Dithers volunteers to fly the rocket, and Polliken accompanies him, but the kooky king steers them onto the moon. Flopsy insists going to the beach by herself. Torchy uses his magic beam to converse with Mr. Bumbledrop, who instructs him to find cardboard to repair the ship. There was a pervading sense of sadness and isolation throughout the first series, but it's amplified tenfold in the second.And then there's the recycling. I eventually lost count of how many times they used the EXACT same footage of Flopsy singing "Topsy Turvy Land" on the beach, but by the fourth time, I was rooting for the tide to drag the shrill little dolly away her away to her death.I'm guessing that these stories hold up much better on the written page, and I think it's a shame that Leigh's tie-in storybook adaptations have been out of print for more than half a century.

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