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When it comes to major crossover events in DC Comics, most of the major events that fans identify with tend to be cosmic in nature. However, X-Men and Titans are alerted to the dangers by the Starfire, which leads to the team-up. The series everyone was waiting for, DC vs Marvel comics (1996) brings the two universe together and features one-on-one fights between our favorite characters like Superman vs Hulk! The next crossover saw the magical heroes of Earth facing one of the strongest, most powerful forces of the universe, the Spectre. Meanwhile, the former wife of the Atom and villain of Infinite Crisis, Jean Loring, was chosen to be the next Eclipso. One area of magic that has become popular over the years has been the supernatural threat of vampires. Major Events of the DC Universe. Laura Dern on Little Women: “It’s about being your most fierce, vulnerable self” Animal Impossible Will Find Out If Cats Always Land On Their Feet. DC versus Marvel comics: Every fan's dream, Amalgam comics: The literal amalgamation of both worlds, JLA/Avengers: Justice League goes up against the Avengers, Superman and Spider-Man: The crossover we all needed. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Please try after some time. Welcome to the DC Event Timeline. The most famous super teams of DC and Marvel, Justice League and Avengers, are brought together in this series to save their worlds. Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate become Doctor StrangeFate, Superman and Captain America become Super Soldier, Batman and Wolverine become Dark Claw and so on. Peter Parker soon joins him to foil Doom's plans. DC Crossover Event Mon-Wed at 8:30pm AEDT. In this series, both Animal Man and Swamp Thing emerge from the primordial forces of nature the Green and the Red to find the planet completely transformed by Rotworld. Soon however the world is on the verge of collapse, as the pantheon of gods arrives on Earth. Bloodlines (1993) – Takes place during Reign of the Supermen, DC Universe: Trinity (1993) – Takes place during Reign of the Supermen, The Trial of Superman (1995) – Takes place simultaneously with Underworld Unleashed, Underworld Unleashed (1995) – Takes place simultaneously with The Trial of Superman, Batman: War Crimes (2005) – Takes place during Countdown to Infinite Crisis, Forever Evil: Blight (2013) – Takes place during Forever Evil. Having grown tired of his usual way of causing chaos, Eclipso launches an all-out war against the planet, using the black diamonds to possess multiple heroes on Earth. Yet there is an entirely other aspect of the crossover events in the DC Comics universe. John Constantine and Deadman had to travel to the afterlife to try and bring Andrew back, while Madame Xanadu brought the Justice League Dark to Gotham City, where Batman helped fight off an army of vampires. 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The yearly Arrowverse crossover event has become a staple of The CW, but we've never seen one as epic as Crisis on Infinite Earths. Crisis on Infinite Earths is the crossover event between every DC superhero series on The CW. FOX8 . In Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour, new team leader Wonder Woman discovered to her horror that she had been marked as a child by worshippers of the god Hecate. Before the Spectre tried to destroy magic altogether, the powerful Spectre-force found itself bound to the all-powerful King-Angel Asmodel, a renegade angel who used the Spectre-force to freeze hell and release demons on Earth. The story focuses on the release of the powerful demon Neron, after five of The Flash’s Rogues set off explosions across the city, inadvertently taking their own lives with them and releasing the demon in the process. The series revolves around evil space tyrant Darkseid seeking the power of Dark Phoenix to breach the Source Wall. To prevent total destruction, the Spectre and the Living Tribunal create a merged universe. This is a list of all DC events and crossovers in chronological order. RELATED: 5 DC Villains Jean Grey Would Defeat (& 5 She Would Lose To). From War of the Gods to Underworld Unleashed, here are the 10 best magical crossover events in DC comics history. Captain Marvel Vs. Wonder Woman: Who's Had The Better Costumes? RELATED: 10 DC Stories From the 80’s That Still Have Impact Today, Ranked. A one-stop shop for all things video games. In JLA: Zatanna’s Search, the world was introduced to Zatanna, a young woman born with the ability to summon magic by speaking backward. Yet there is an entirely other aspect of the crossover events in the DC Comics universe. The next magical crossover delves into the realm of the Amazons, who utilize magic and supernatural creatures for their adventures. One of the most well-written crossovers ever, The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans series (1982), features epic cross-character interaction, like Wolverine fighting DC's Deathstroke and more. But fans have always wanted to see the best of both the universe in the same comic. I am an author, blogger, and gamer, and not in that particular order. Here are the ten best magical crossovers in DC Comics. It is a story of mutual collaboration against evil. DC's Generations Event Reveals Villain, Dark Knight Returns Crossover PlayStation 5 Review: A Platinum Trophy of Its Own The Elder Scrolls 6 Confirms Controversial Feature The events are placed in the same order they appear in the DC Master Reading Order. Once again, this storyline involves the evil villain Circe. The event saw the teaming up of heroes from Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and Batwoman. Here, Doctor Doom plans to unleash a radiation that will make his nuclear reactor the only remaining source of energy. From surprising tie-ups to collision between the two worlds, here are the best Marvel-DC crossover stories. The first of the crossovers actually introduced one of DC Comics' most powerful magical based heroes: Zatanna. But rather than a battle, the teams have to find near-all-powerful 12 artifacts like the Spear of Destiny and the Infinity Gauntlet from both the worlds to save their respective universe from Krona. Legends Of The Dark Knight: First 10 Story Arcs (In Chronological Order), 5 Ways Homelander In Amazon's The Boy's Is Comics-Accurate (& 5 How He's Different). The new Eclipso escaped Arkham Asylum and convinced The Spectre that magic was against the laws of God, leading to the Spectre to believe destroying magic was the being’s next mission. After I, Vampire protagonist Andrew Bennet was taken out, the Justice League dark was left to fight the forces of Cain and the Queen of Blood. This crossover was Amazon’s Attack, a crossover that saw Circe manipulate a recently resurrected Hippolyta to attack the United States in an attempt to begin a war with the world of man. The goddess of magic and chaos, (amongst other things), Hecate used these marks to take over not only Wonder Woman but several others as well. crossover events | DC Jump to Navigation However, rather than battling each other, they pit their heroes to see which universe can survive. The event concludes with a massive battle on his moon base, with his original host Bruce Gordon playing a major role in taking down the demon. In this article. Their need to topple each other's universe has given us some memorable superhero stories. This has extended to DC Comics as well, when the hit series I, Vampire crossed over with the actions of the Justice League Dark. It turned out that despite her magical power, she was unable to locate her father on her own. Record . History Talk (2) Share.

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