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The Coordination Committee which I chair has agreed, having researched the matter, that the Law Society will lead the way in discontinuing the use of this outdated greeting. Kingsley Napley pro bono and responsible business manager  Linzi McDonald discusses the firm's recent work. Garrood, a member of the LGBT+ lawyers division of the Law Society, has heard multiple anecdotal reports of people ringing solicitors firms who have been automatically assumed to have a partner of the opposite sex. However, this greeting is not gender-neutral and was mostly used when men dominated management positions. Browse over 5,000 law jobs. I say “OK, but if 4% of the UK population is trans you may not hit the marker correctly and upset someone”.’. Rachel Reese, whose company Global Butterflies advises law firms on how to become more transgender-inclusive, says a large proportion of the generations born after 1981 do not see gender as a binary concept, but as ‘fluid’. When Lady Butler-Sloss (pictured) was first made a lord justice of appeal, she was a lord justice until 1994. Change the pronoun including by turning it into a plural: ‘Participants may only carry on the regulated activities if they hold a permit.’. ‘So if you are using unnecessarily gendered language you are going to be upsetting a large chunk of your workforce.’. LONDON: One of the UK's leading law firms has taken a lead to drop the use of the traditional "Dear Sirs" from its legal documentation in favour of a more gender neutral term "Dear Sir or Madam". Another victory over the scourge of gendered language in society, though, is surely no laughing matter. It brings you quick, access to the library catalogue and value added legal information sources. She goes so far as to say lawyers should reject documents presented to them for signature if the traditional masculinised approach has been used. The Register General’s present position is that any transgender man who gives birth – even someone legally recognised as male – must be registered as the child’s mother. ‘This is particularly important when their relationship is at the centre of their enquiry, for example when they ring solicitors for advice about a separation.’. But while amending a policy may seem straightforward, there are implications of decoupling certain terms from the sex with which they have traditionally been associated. Johnny Depp: the end for a Town called Sue? Does your household pay a TV licence? With immediate effect, the Society will cease the use of this salutation and we encourage our members to do likewise. He points to the NEC Contracts, a suite of standard contracts widely used within the construction industry. But the battle against gender-neutral language is surely a losing cause, reports Melanie Newman ‘It means you have to decide, often in your very first seconds of contact with a business, whether or not you are prepared to “out” yourself.’. In the United States, variations of this greeting include “Dear Sirs”. A further example can be found at Clause 13.4. This will alert our moderators to take action. While the British usage of the term stays “Dear Sir or Madam”. 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Arguing that ‘he’ and ‘she’ should be used interchangeably rather than replaced, he added: ‘Statutes and statutory instruments ought not only to be clear and free of ambiguity, but surely ought also to stand as models for the correct use of the English language… to prostitute the English language in pursuit of some goal of gender equality is, I suggest, unacceptable.’. Global Butterflies advises law firms on use of titles by receptionists and other staff, recommending an end to gendered forms of address such as ‘sir’ and ‘madam’. The guidance discusses the use of ‘they’ to replace ‘he’ or ‘she’ as a singular pronoun – a grammatical matter that has become somewhat controversial, as awareness of gendered language has entered the mainstream. On Friday, the Law Society of Ireland wrote to its members to announce a new policy of formally discouraging lawyers to begin letters using gendered language. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer said it has stopped using the phrase from this weekend. In 2017 HSBC announced it was offering customers a choice of nine titles, including ‘M’, ‘Misc’, an abbreviation of miscellaneous, and ‘Mre’, which stands for ‘mystery’. By writing ‘Dear Sirs’, some lawyers feel they are holding out against political correctness. For reprint rights: Inciting hatred against a certain community. LONDON: One of the UK's leading law firms has taken a lead to drop the use of the traditional "Dear Sirs" from its legal documentation in favour of a more gender neutral term "Dear Sir or Madam". I’ve lost count at this stage of the number of female solicitors who would burst into tears when they opened a letter that began “dear sirs””. Meanwhile debates currently raging online about when and whether a person’s biological sex, rather than their gender, should be considered relevant are already spilling into the legal profession. ‘The lazy and insulting – to me – use of “he” to include both genders as is the “convention” simply perpetuates unconscious bias in a very obvious way,’ she says. Taoiseach says Gardaí won’t be going to your home this Christmas, Mary Lou: Northern Ireland’s lockdown should not end so soon, Vulnerable British children being dumped in ‘disgusting’ care homes, FF’s new hate crime bill: An unbelievable mess, Collins & McGrath, TDs, “People shouldn’t be made to feel a burden”.

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