death battle dc

He amplifies his strength and durability with Ki. "Dude, that amazing!" The powerful energy beam utterly vaporizes the building, leaving the structure as nothing more than rubble. countered the Amazon. "No, those all happened," confirmed Wonder Woman. Nor can we through power scaling, the theory that he can achieve the same feats as lesser Dragon Ball characters. No longer connected to its original owner, the Power Pole contracted back down to its original size. Goku draws from a finite pool of Ki energy. "Oh great," said Superman. "A magical weapon? Cyborg was currently sifting through terabytes worth of data at a relatively leisurely pace for him, gradually narrowing his search parameters until he found something they could all agree to watch. Superman flies up to meet him and connects a punch which sends shockwaves through the air, and sends Goku flying for several city blocks. "Doomsday clones made by Darkseid," explained Batman. Cyborg shrugged, still a little bummed that Goku lost. Bulma says the bomb could destroy the Earth, so this is likely measured in quadrillion megatons, assuming it takes 53 quadrillion megatons of force to destroy the Earth. Goku's abilities are tailored to his personal training and experiences. "It's not even from this world!" Now, do you all remember Superboy-Prime?" Boomstick: Scans of the bomb display a TNT measurement of 657. "No... Not now...". At the sound of those two letters, the whole room exploded into a frenzy. Also, any reference to the content being fictional will be rewritten for the sake of the story. That dejection quickly gave way to confusion when Bruce actually chuckled. MEEEE...HHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!". Vegeta isn't. If you had super-hearing, you could just make out the strained whisper of Beast Boy saying "Kaio-what?". Probably because I decided to re-watch and transcribe the Death Battle myself, rather than just copy and paste a pre-existing transcription and cram the occasional reaction in there. He'd come to that particularly troublesome bridge when he got to it. "Or maybe you're just not lucky enough," said Dinah, rising out of her seat. On-screen, Goku screams out Kaio-Ken times twenty, utilizing his maximum level of Kaio-Ken. "About time you ran out of hairstyles!" Boomstick: The Man of Steel can survive multiple supernovas, each with about 10 octillion megatons of force! Everyone in the theater responded with resounding agreement. Even if he did figure it out he would run the risk of teleporting him to a blue star, which actually increases Superman's power. "Hear, hear!" Wiz: And that is what Goku is all about. "He's so concerned with learning to fight, he hasn't bothered to learn anything that doesn't seem immediately relevant to combat. In short, Superman is as strong as he needs to be. According to Batman he can fly at least 17 billion kilometers per hour.

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