discrete structures final exam

�H��K�~y�'�����D��M�b�u�ux&E�%�y1^�����k�����Y[�>�$�,(��,(��ԧ��A���U�YPN��m,=XPs�^XU�MAX�� �]Hh�׌�d.DQ�����)��������f������tt@=A"6%u@#i�H�4q��f�4��j~4� Discrete Structures Final Exam| Solutions CS2800 May 16, 2017 1. They were produced by question setters, primarily for the benefit of the examiners. stream << The purpose of the course is to learn basic concepts in Discrete Mathematics, specifically in Combinatorics and Graph Theory. /Filter /FlateDecode (a)[3 points] How many functions are there from fa;b;cgto f1;2;3;4g. [4 points] For each of the following statements, indicate whether the statement is true or false. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Final Exam – 85%. ]�#���\��;"��\���_(��� CS 205: Discrete Structures I (Fall 2019) Instructor: Abhishek Bhrushundi Lectures: Mondays and Wednesdays, 1:40-3:00pm, TIL 254 Recitations: Section I - Mondays, 12:15-1:10pm, LSH-A143 Each subitem is 1 point. Solution True. Solution 4 3 2: there are 4 choices of output for a, once that has been chosen there are three Main; Staff Announcements; Course info; Assignments; Partner Search; Student Request System; Class material ... • Final Exam. /Length 3304 /Filter /FlateDecode 7h��+Ks[�����tB;�B��ns�A��?��z�]����!����aH`��o�v��7�D �!�:��d`Kk�Kk��w\��HN�A8������i'3���y]�+�Y\�.e Please answer the following questions in the provided booklet. ��.��ӫ�)N��ޔ,""��E�ȥ�G������X� Fbf��Mٍ���'�Rw0 K�U���[���X�����Yٕ�K���v��vn��^�K�}W���-x�k����o���>�1.����f�몦n���eX�$�\�-߾�c������/W`�Y(��X(���l�z�2�\JD�|A{{��HS���#��!�B�ѳ�_!��,f�X�(�TZ���BJ����Y"L��x�Ԋd?a��C�E�R`��c�M:{�$k��k6*�s�̞��cQ��u��z��d���W�Uݺa�}h=C��h'1 ���K�h G�&aA� #Uvke�J��H�y�k0��I9AK�aEf����E

These are not model answers: there may be many other good ways of answering a given exam question! xڽks۸���/��"�x�w���#�Ǵ�t♛��Li��8�H��,���. Solution notes are available for many past questions. FINAL EXAM REVIEW 1. >I�����žwǓ�I�����ϯ��PJ)��r9њ(�Lt�����r1��~��y5�q�m�������ͷ;7YOg4���^�E�v^ާ��M�_�

Discrete Structures.pdf - FINAL EXAM REVIEW 1 For each given Non-deterministic Finite Automaton(NFA with the input alphabet \u03a3 = convert it to its, For each given Non-deterministic Finite Automaton (NFA) with the input alphabet, , convert it to its equivalent Deterministic Automata (DFA), For each given Deterministic Finite Automaton (DFA) with the input alphabet.

equivalent Non-deterministic Finite Automata (NFA). 6 0 obj Welcome to Discrete Structures and Combinatorics homepage The Course Goal. 6 0 obj stream
For each given Regular Expression over the input alphabet. Permission denied. x��ko���~��tY�I5�$��)�6Ź�K>�k�+t-9+�9.��;|I��ڗ���(r4�7g�x���? %���� Ensure that your name and netid are on your exam booklet. This is a custom exam written by Trevor, from TrevTutor.com that covers all of the content in my videos. Give a 1{2 sentence explanation. %���� The Final Exam will be Thursday, 7 December, 9am-noon in the normal classroom.. Discrete Structures and Combinatorics - 2020/Summer. , convert it to its equivalent Regular Expression. Steve Warner - Solution - Pure Mathematics for Beginners_ A Rigorous Introduction to Logic, Set Theo, Microsoft Word - Tutorial for CFGs and PDAs.pdf, Florida International University • CS 5301, University of the Philippines Cebu • MATH 101. /Length 3628 The total number of points is 80. >> �*����.��{� Bt���-�7Â%�AMi�X2:�c �GI�r31�I-$��Ù������sI��a����s+�F$q���7`��huMU�n���^f������i׹}�� �[7.آ��[U�f�[g��I@؁]��A��?��Q0``g��gΘ�b���F�ٽ�%'��`���fv��k���UB� I�s�%.���� %PDF-1.5 #w��?7*'��#�1�r���``)테����4l�|�'�1����P�����1��s�>`*ᦦ�����g=��m$h�"���$��CT� In order to pass the course, you must pass the final exam (i.e., get a … Solution 43: there are four choices of output for each inut in fa;b;cg.

�� �hF��hj�4|2�\�P��$�P"��*�,/�q�e�j~��rFt""�&������#�6�$mC��IBŔ�%ZL��D z�(J,��XIt?

Discrete Mathematics 2 Name: TrevTutor.com Final Exam Time Limit: 180 Minutes Class Section This exam contains 11 pages (including this cover page) and 10 questions. Circle correct answers. You have no permissions to see this page. �u��)�Bz�m��m���-�f�r��~��[f�x:cI������H�7`1������� 5\�FaǎLfqz07�C�����k٥�jD�Rv,�'N���j��@y��Q���x Prove that each of the given languages is not a regular language using the Pumping, Prove that each of the given languages is a context-free language by constructing a. (b)[3 points] How many of these functions are one-to-one? Functions and sets. Discrete Structures Final Exam CS2800 May 16, 2017 Instructions: This is a 150 minute exam. Discrete Structures Final Exam| Solutions CS2800 1. The final will cover everything in the course, with an emphasis on the most important concepts that have appeared in at least two places.

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View Discrete Structures.pdf from MATH 6077 at Binus University. >> t��I�)���0�*붻A BD�v��d�7&*�/{���H����8ts��%"�@v��Z��P �8�7� B�S�yZ���չ���*��ϛU�/�����`�Kg@@4��� �(��:~? Past exam papers: Discrete Mathematics. %PDF-1.5 The Best Exam Grade is counted for the best of your 3 tests and the final; for instance, the scores of your 3 tests and the final are 60%, 80%, 80%, and 65% respectively, then you get 80% of these 4 points, which is 3.2. << #�p���Ĺ7���8�E�`a%��s�+J�d&������[k��`WW]떆�!eY@�y�������Z(E�d�s��J���D���e��]�$����m�ku����>__���=��Ӷ ���hD6�C�.7��.��3��L������klǹZ��X��)���$��e�����\�kX ����Fp�@�2����xė�=_,�3��g����m��g��=�V��F=�·ƽ\����]W&2���_��/���d��q$9�)����&�s�.����L�mz���s"D��D�(��~�t�w�C_+'pw�e`�>�eX'm�"2*:ΰ�,_�)�[g�TMJi����GQ�ˎ`L�0J`���a’�t�Q���4@s�G���#�A�B!��e���k���uK�M��$z_��sa/Ű�*^�Wwk����bn��vU�uW������f�s�N�7V����=\��B��~'�q��'3��(�b��dm��B��[�r��$[��� ��¼5M���jͥ͸I��!��g���+����� �\�y(��R�=e�b�m�����_�Ӌi�1����Vȁ��%����r���*|�?�q��jW>NT����U�闑'5}�V�4Y�-׮�j�!|ƹ��k�D�V��`^Xy�q p�8]u6�šY��O. Search Discrete Structures and Combinatorics - 2020/Summer. CS 151 Final Exam{ Fall 2012 1 Name: University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Computer Science Final Solution CS 151 Data Structures and Discrete Mathematics II Fall 2012 3:30pm{5:30pm, Wednesday, December 12, 2012 1. This preview shows page 1 - 3 out of 3 pages. ;����I��i 2�G #Ri�y� �����s�@���x���!��՟ ݊`~�Lg�v�����>�ٴ�0�㨐�l0�2o�fV��������;~9n���ihGi ׀� �T�՜��R7�4������q���8���� �Rf9\��Lp�Ne�y���{���Ș$Z6�y5�:*+�:�C���"�O%�y���_e �r/�U�K�� �k^{���/h\��:#H��~����w9���ͬ�)Ͼ�2T(� =+����d���)��t)���NTb �&I#�w��S�C�+� w}���@�����%��W��mK�0����bᆷ�w���t��x�>[pM�3�u�n�k��؅�Ư�q���ec���E����j�W+�rު���p�!�J�$�'��;�w����� �(Xd�jn��$Q��������p��D&�Y�C�zO���IL8Hoo�n&T��2�'o����-,0`��&��������v��b�� }i}��qt��h����2ulH��g�n���A鞷�]r�P. For each given Non-deterministic Finite Automaton (NFA) with the input alphabet Σ = {, }, convert it to its Lq�O?aL���H�c30�0��L:H&��Is��>;b �N,� �0w2�/LD����E�*�V�wn��t���_���K@�,���>���9���,ͧ�p�d�@��Gw��z��wl�9��mJ����Dz�����e���y��N�[8��Ng��r'��*�"#��'�Hi����Y��W?��f�i��[]7��#���s�y|���� sD���&�AR�AH��>"j"!j��� E�x �;n�� m]Myo�d[�~�n6���ۥ\ =��c�3�X8CN�^��pF��&r�@mcE�(��Ϩ�. The final cannot be taken early. %�*��X��PA�}I0��t4I

You may answer the questions in any order, but please mark the questions clearly. Most of the questions on the final will be small variations on problems you have already seen on previous exams or problem sets. (a)Adding an inference rule to a sound proof system can cause it to become unsound.

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