dragon age origins boring

It reminds me of Baldur's Gate...good memories.Legolas_Katarn. Some sections just became a huge slog with the repetitive battles. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Those games actually have interesting and rewarding skill trees to explore. It is focused more on strategy and tactics than action. Dragon Age is different. It's consistent, it's satisfying, and it doesn't, ultimately, ask a whole lot out of you. Also Master Wade the armorsmith's character. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (The Fade isn't very popular, but I enjoy that sequence a lot, dunno why.) You can obliterate entire rooms full of enemies in seconds. This freakin shade world or whatever is so damned boring. Depends on your group in DA:O. I would say that only Dual Wielders and Rangers are optimal with auto attacks. I don't recommend this. Personally it seems like this type of gameplay would be better suited for top down CRPG. Loved the combat in 1, hated the combat in 2, hated the control scheme in 3. kB+M. If you want to build the strongest possible team, you'll never use an archer since mages are simply superior. It has a meditative quality to it: it allows you to shut off your brain for a little bit and just sort of cruise through some story, level up your character, feel that you've accomplished something and grown a little more attached to this world. after some time, i decided to play this game again, and quite enjoying it, except for combat. Yeah, it sucks because I really like the direction the story was going, but the gameplay just feels like a chore. One of the most powerful characters in the game, Shale comes with a rich back story, extensive voice acting, and a unique follower quest to explore. Much less strategic, less party members, less choice in character creation and abilities. They had eight years to imrpove the system used in games like Baldurs Gate and it isn't even as good. for 2. it is the worst part of the game, yes. It is like saying a pepper and an orange are the the same because they both have seeds and come from something that grows from the ground. Combat evolves but not so much: on normal difficulty, I've only died once and my main strategy consists on jamming on some spell buttons while my party members take care of the rest. I adore the game but if you aren't enjoying it that seems reason enough to stop. For example Mass Effect opens with an hour that is essentially a chore and leads to the best trilogy of gaming. It makes the game play like an MMO despite being a fully fledged out single player game. the cool downs for skill is too long , and the damage is not to make liking even with mods. Honestly this is boring Origins. I love Mass Effect 1, 2 and DA Origins and even DA2 was good. No reason at all to play games you don't enjoy. At first I enjoyed the game, but I feel like the story world and combat are just boring. Sounds like you gave it a fair try. I personally disliked DA3 fairly strongly; almost everything about it but the graphics are bland and boring, and you don't play the graphics. One of my favorite characters in the series is in this one (Merrill). Most of your complaints seem to be only relevant to Dragon Age 2 than DAO though. Insanely strong in Awakening however. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. That's cool. I do drop difficulty in the Deep Roads, though, just because that whole area is freaking interminable. But crank it up, and you start really needing to tightly manage what everyone is doing, and you'll need to be sharp with your tactics settings. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Tried playing the first 2 games recently and while the story and characters were pretty good the combat just felt so bland to me. Bioware has built a vast world that I can just sort of hang out in: talk to my squad mates, meet some new characters, establish some camps, get some new armor. How do I make the statues on the circle of magi work? My first playthrough was an elven archer, and it was really useful on the final boss because *spoiler* he flies away at certain points where melee attackers can't reach him. But I put in around 100 hours into the game in 1 play through so it didn't stop me from really enjoying it. I just want to run around and fight baldur's gate style. But it was not. DA2 is kind of butchered and brain-dead in comparison. Tried playing the first 2 games recently and while the story and characters were pretty good the combat just felt so bland to me. games like risen need a lot more combat planning than this]. Overall I find them decent, but I will confess I did mostly just keep her around so I would have somebody to loot locked chests and pick pockets. Another testament to why CRPGs are awesome. Frightening Appearance grants a bonus of 100 to amount of threat generated." Love the world, the scope, the story, and the characters. The combat is hard to get used to as it’s the older real time with pause but the depth of the story and characters is unmatched in DA 2 or 3. These games are more comforting than anything else: a way to fill up long winter months with something just exciting enough, a way to slink into a different world that's equal measures boring and less boring, just like the real one. I'm a programmer, and I have fun with this kind of stuff. That's reason enough to keep at least one rogue in the party. It's not specially hard or anything, it's just way too many fights that are way too similar to one another. The Carta Hideout is the headquarters of the Carta in Orzammar. Ive only played about 10-15 minutes, and its already putting me to sleep. Hopefully some of these kickstarter games and others like Chaos Chronicles will get it right. If there's any singular message I could send to Bioware, it would be, "Stop. With only four party members and three-ish classes, there isn't all that much variety in the strategies and tactics available to you. I’ve played about 30 hours (granted a lot is just having it open in the background) and I’ve reached the part where you return the ashes to the arl of redcliffe, and I’m just not enjoying it anymore. Dragon Age: Inquisition combat is boring me to death, any tips? But obviously if you aren’t enjoying it at 30 hours I’d say it’s not for you and I’d move on. Press J to jump to the feed. I stopped after a few hours. And no, I'm not just a COD player (never played a COD actually). If you are looking for an action game with insane combos and crazy moves go play an action game. maybe I will try a human noble ranger and see how that goes. Conclusion: spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate my ass. Dragon Age is different. If you're not enjoying it, move on. yeah early game mage blows but late game mage is insane. Enemies focus on the "tank" character who wears the most armor and uses abilities like taunt to draw aggro. Have yet to try out Inquisition but not sure I will now since a lot on here say its the worst of the 3. Gameplay, lore, and world/character building all tied together to make a wonderful game. It was so boring and repetitive that I immediately changed the game difficulty to easy after the first boss fight, just so I could spend as little time as possible fighting. So yes, I think if you think "MMO" when playing a single player game you can pause and make strategic decisions in.....ur high. Bioware has built a vast world that I can just sort of hang out in: talk to my squad mates, meet some new characters, establish some camps, get some new armor. None of that compares to how boring this current mission is though. its so ridiculously simplified and boring! Dragon Age Origins is still a fantastic game though. The past 3 to 4 hours have just felt like a chore. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Apparently in trophy section only 30% got past this mission, wonder why lol. I still liked the plot (which is a little unusual, many people didn't), but found the combat system and fight setups to be frustrating and stupid, gimmicky instead of strategic. Due to the engine it's more difficult to get people to do what you want, not that it matters because it is so much easier. 1: Tanking. 3: The best option for combat is usually to do a chain of a certain set of movies one after the other. It's the only part of DA1 I really don't like. The story missions have some writing in them, and some characters, but nothing ever jumps out like it does in the Mass Effect series, and ultimately the gameplay boils down to the aforementioned spell button jamming. It is terribly simplified compared to any of the old DnD games, that's for sure. Can't someone else pick spindle weed? For min/max, I think a rogue is the best character type, but for fun, active combat, mage is the best. I tend to gravitate toward fast-paced action games, so I actually had more fun playing DA II than playing Origins. I mean lelianna is nice to have and all , but I would never suggest making a main character a archer. Nothing outstanding. Risen is a excellent game for what it offers to its sub-genre. Like its just walking around killing enemies as you go until you either find an item or kill/find someone. Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I hope Andromeda is more exciting. The excessive story is killing me. Its like a terrible version of Baldurs Gate/Icewind Dale/Planescape/Etc. It isn't as action focused as DA2, but it doesn't have the tactical options of DA:O. I suppose, in some ways, it's actually a fairly realistic depiction of what it's like to be in charge: a whole lot of nonsense. One of the best RPGs ever made. Most of this Redcliffe questline was boring, but it got better later. There are some thick skulled people on the internet. Inquisition was a nice balance for me. A quote from taunt on the DA wiki "Immediately generates 300 threat on any target hit by the talent. You just discovered the combat system of MMORPGs. I am ready for the TRUE return of the RPG. Yeah I don't care for it. Fade Segment: oh god, end my suffering please! I was just surrounded and it just felt like a clusterfuck every time.

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