elements of sustainment

The PSAT assesses the capacity for program sustainability of various health programs corresponding to the construct of sustainability. Convergent validity was assessed by comparisons of a global measure of sustainment with current SAMHSA-funding status and continued operation in the same form. Heavy... 2. The majority of the measures require knowledge of external or bridging factors such as communication and partnerships with community members and politicians, and securing funding. Army.mil - The Army's strategy for the environment links three key elements of a long-range vision for sustaining the mission and securing the future. The most frequent terms include sustain, sustainment or sustainability, maintain or maintenance, continue or continued, and long-term or follow-up implementation [8, 9]. PubMed  The time period examined pertains to the duration of each stage. 2011;13(4):208–18. There are multiple explanations for the paucity of work on this topic [8, 24, 27, 28]. 2013;8:15. Combined use of a more qualitatively oriented measure along with a brief, validated questionnaire may be a method to consider for research or practice-based projects with greater resources. The measure demonstrates potential in identifying predictors of program sustainment and as a tool for enhancing the likelihood of successful sustainment through ongoing evaluation and feedback. The project continues to operate as described in the original application for funding. 1998;13(1):87–108. The psychometric functioning of the tool has not been established; however, they state that a score of 55 or higher offers reason for optimism. The Team Checkup Tool: evaluating QI team activities and giving feedback to senior leaders. Adm Policy Ment Hlth. NAS, KSD, MS, and JCM reviewed the measures and, together with KR, extracted the data and developed the tables. Implement Sci. Fires... 4. Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Mancini JA, Marek LI. NOT examples, What is everything that keeps the Army healthy, Defense Finance and Accounting Service is responsible for this (DFAS), What is managing money services for the DOD, What is Casualty Care, Medical Evacuation and Medical Logistics, What is integration, anticipation, responsiveness, simplicity, economy, survivability, continuity and improvision, Casualty Care consists of this. Google Scholar. Hunter SB, Han B, Slaughter ME, Godley SH, Garner BR. Staff feel themselves to be capable of implementing the project. 1999;6(1):1–55. Moore JE, Mascarenhas A, Bain J, Straus SE. https://societyforimplementationresearchcollaboration.org/sirc-instrument-project/. McHugh RK, Barlow DH. They emphasize the elements of continuity and funding as well as conceptualizing sustainability as a process with determinants and an outcome (i.e., sustainment). Kim MT, Han HR, Hedlin H, et al. Movement and Maneuver... 2. degree . Hodge LM, Turner KM, Sanders MR, Filus A. Scheirer MA, Dearing JW. The inner context, individual-level construct was found in five of the six measures reviewed. The resulting measure includes 45 items with eight subscales targeting routines and niche saturation across the subsystems. A further important definition along these lines is the definition by Shelton et al., “Sustainability has been defined as the continued use of program components at sufficient intensity for the sustained achievement of desirable program goals and population outcomes” [27]. Lennox L, Maher L, Reed J. Navigating the sustainability landscape: a systematic review of sustainability approaches in healthcare. MBQI strategies also hold great promise for facilitating implementation of evidence-based practices [35]. The Sustainability Model and Guide each consist of the 10 factors relating to process, staff, and organizational issues that play a role in sustaining change in healthcare. Brown TA. Sandoval JA, Lucero J, Oetzel J, et al. 2019;17:8. Psychological Bull. Inner context, organizational constructs were contained in all measures. Two sets of variables measuring characteristics of the funded programs and initiatives were included in the analysis to determine whether the association between sustainability determinants and sustainment outcome varied by one or more program characteristics and to assess the convergent and discriminant validity of the SMSS. A second issue with investigating sustainment is methodological difficulties. The authors read and approved the final manuscript. Although the SMSS was based on programs funded by SAMHSA, the instrument should have general applicability across diverse federal, statewide, and local prevention implementation initiatives. 17. Implementation Sci 15, 71 (2020). 2019;14(1). 2011;6(1):115. California Privacy Statement, Further, there are a limited number of measures specifically addressing sustainment versus similar constructs of sustainability. Within each of the eight stages, subactivities are operationalized and completion of activities are monitored, along with the length of time taken to complete these activities. Teletransmitted monitoring of blood pressure and bilingual nurse counseling–sustained improvements in blood pressure control during 12 months in hypertensive Korean Americans. An item to total correlation higher than .4 was considered acceptable [55]. Unlike the SIC, it measures characteristics of programs and their inner and outer settings that predict these outcomes and excludes earlier phases of implementation. 2017;12:110. Adm Policy Ment Health. Shelton RC, Chambers DA, Glasgow RE. Sustainment is considered to be the final stage of the process of implementation of evidence-based practices, policies, and programs (EBPs) [1, 2].Defined as “the continued use of program components and activities for the continued achievement of desirable program and population outcomes,” [] sustainment is considered to have occurred when, after a defined period of time, a … A cluster randomised trial of an intervention to increase the implementation of physical activity practices in secondary schools: study protocol for scaling up the Physical Activity 4 Everyone (PA4E1) program. Outer level constructs were contained in five of the six measures. Measuring an organization's ability to manage change: the change process capability questionnaire and its use for improving depression care. Model for the evaluation of implementation programs and professional pharmacy services. INU…, 1. In terms of the timeframe, the developers recommend repeated use of the tool for formative evaluation of quality improvement initiatives. Study participants were asked to indicate level of agreement with a series of statements using a Likert scale ranging from 1 (not at all) to 5 (all the time) for the four items contained in one subscale measuring sustainment outcomes and seven different domains of determinants of sustainment; lower scores on all subscales indicate lower levels of agreement, while higher scores indicate higher levels of agreement with the respective statements. J Contin Educ Heal Prof. 2006;26(1):13–24. A review and commentary on empirical studies of program sustainability. Strengths of the measures included, development by expert panels knowledgeable about particular interventions, fields or contexts, and utility in specific scenarios. There is a high level of networking and communication within the organizations responsible for sustaining the project. Psychometric theory. PubMed Google Scholar. Convergent and discriminant validity were supported, though predictive validity was not. The SIC yields three scores: (1) speed of implementation (duration of each stage), (2)] proportion of implementation activities completed within each stage, and (3) the number of stages (out of 8) completed. 2020;15(4). Am J Med Qual. Two constructs relate to the integration of the intervention, (i) institutionalization and (ii) routinization, and three constructs relate to the outer context (as defined by EPIS) [5, 7], (i) external support and communication, (ii) partnership, and (iii) financial resources and funding. Implement Sci. Another commonly used description highlighting the distinction was developed by Chambers [25] who refers to sustainability as the “characteristics of the intervention that may lend itself to be used over time” as compared to sustainment which is referred to as an “outcome—was the intervention sustained over time,” further saying that “sustainment is an outcome of a sustainability effort” [37].

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