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Prophet Muhammad used to love musk and ambergris scents. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Abu Hurayrah reports that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: He who is presented with a flower of sweet basil should not reject it, because it is light in weight and pleasant in odor. This is because you will ass=associate that fragrance with bed-time. Lack of sleep can also trigger inflammation in the body, and the results can be seen after the first night of lost sleep. ‘Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) states: ‘I would put a lot of fragrance on the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) to the extent that you could see the shine on his blessed forehead and blessed beard.’. The life of the beloved Prophet was between two kinds of perfume; a moral perfume, which he carried in his heart and that flowed in his blood, which was the perfume of the revelation, the Sunnah (Prophetic tradition) and the Da’wah (call) to worshipping Allah The Almighty. The best quality sleep that helps our bodies rest and recharge includes longer time in deep sleep which helps with physical recovery and makes us feel more refreshed when we wake. Check out the October issue of Allure on the iPad to read "Bottled Seduction" now. Sheikh Ahmad ibn Ruslan said [65] : An actor who did makruh is not tortured but if he did not do that because the purpose is implementing shariah, he is given a reward.”. Our blood pressure lowers when we sleep which can help our bodies to recharge and reduce levels of inflammation. Copyright @ 2019 Islamic Reminder. You can apply your bedtime scent whenever suits you best. As well as wearing perfume, the effect can be enhanced by scenting the room with an oil diffuser in the same fragrance. Indeed the heart of men are determined by the smell that was smelled by his nose. Deep sleep helps improve aspects of memory and learning and as a result, both our working memory and our long-term memory can be improved by regular, good quality sleep. Some may feel that wearing perfume to bed is perhaps a waste of expensive fragrance, however this seems not to be the case. (Muslim). In that case there is nothing wrong with her using perfume, because the reason for the prohibition, which is that the fragrance might reach other men, does not apply. Make “Wudhu” and before climbing into bed, dust the bed three times with the corner of your clothes while saying “ Bismillah “. Some key fragrances have been found to help you fall asleep more quickly and sleep for longer with people commenting on feeling more energised after a sleep enhanced by fragrance. Ibn Hajar al-Haytami said in al-Zawaajir ‘an Iqtiraab al-Kabaa’ir (2/71-72): The ahaadeeth which count it as a major sin should be interpreted as meaning that this applies if the fitnah is certainly there; when there is merely the fear of fitnah, then it is makrooh, or when she thinks it will cause fitnah then it is haraam but is not a major sin, as is obvious. I am also a seasoned blogger who writes articles for Viora London and also The Gin Geek. Everyone who sees to her, his eyes have been fornicated. The brain fog you might feel when you haven’t had enough sleep is grounded in medical science as researchers have proved that sleep deprivation affects our ability to recall and retain information. The Prophet then awakened and asked her: "What are you doing, O Umm Sulaym?" Similarities between Islam and Christianity, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Hindu scripture, The Prophet Muhammad’s Favorite Perfume (Pbuh), Virtue of conveying teachings of Prophet(P.B.U.H), In Hardship and in Ease: How to Rely on Allah, Deadly Coronavirus – Here is How to Protect Yourself, Increasing and decreasing in the Measure and Weight. From Yahya bin Ja’dah, “In the reign of Umar bin Khatab, there was a woman who went out her home with wearing a perfume. Or, you could experiment with layering fragrances by spraying your bedding with a different fragrance to that on your skin and selecting moisturisers or lotions for your bath in similar scents. This can have less to do with the number of hours of sleep we have as the amount of truly beneficial sleep we manage within those sleeping hours. Lack of sleep can increase our stress hormones, making us feel less enthusiastic and less positive as a result. By: Moulana Muhammad bin Haroon. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to sweep His bed before going to sleep, which points towards the fact that a Muslim must ensure cleanliness. The Prophet was good and liked what was good, and he paid special care to perfume. [Bukhari] If one cannot find anything with which to cover the utensil then one should place a stick across the top of the utensil. Indeed, He likes not those who commit excess.} It has been used historically to relieve anxiety and research suggests it can increase the amount of deep sleep by reducing REM sleep and helping you to wake up feeling more refreshed. Our sense of smell is a powerful tool. Sleep patients using lavender have reported feeling more energised when they wake after smelling lavender while they sleep. I can see this being a calming ritual, especially if the perfume is a soft floral. And for me, it's impossible to think of the iconic stunner without remembering her provocative claim that she only wore drops of Chanel No. And a woman is not allowed to wear perfumes when she came out to the market or mosque. 1. He always had a fragrant smell about him, which corresponded with his pleasant speech, that the companion may associate and be pleased with him, the straying be guided by him, the ignorant and the seeker of knowledge learn from him, and the seeker of guidance be enlightened by him. Apparently, she wasn't the only one. So, she is the cause of eyes adultery and she is one of adulterers.” (Faidhul Qadir, 5 : 27, Makatabah At-Tijariyah, edition 1, 1356 H, Al-Maktabah Asy-Syamilah).

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