emigrant trail history

Dr. Henry C. Collins homesteaded in 1912 on Big Marsh Creek (then known as the West Deschutes and by the road viewers as the Deschutes). [3] In 1859, Louis Guinard built the Platte Bridge near the site of the original Mormon Ferry. The ferry was manned by groups of Mormons every summer from 1848 until 1852. In 1862 he organized the Central Oregon Military Wagon Road Company based in Eugene City.

The "Lander Road" was the first section of the federally funded road through the future states of Wyoming and Idaho. The Lander Road had good grass, fishing, water and wood but was high, rough and steep in many places. The trail meets the Sublette Cutoff near Cokeville and the rejoined trails follow the Bear River upstream and into Idaho, heading for Fort Hall. Oregon Historical Quarterly (6 issues, December 1976 to Spring 1978). The little used Honey Lake part of the proposed route near the present states of Nevada and California border was improved in 1859 under Lander's direction but did not go much beyond improving some watering holes—work ceased in 1860.

Thus, before the turn of the 19th century few whites had ventured into the vast territory west of the Mississippi River that came to be included in the U.S. government’s 1802 Louisiana Purchase. Immediately after crossing the Sweetwater at Burnt Ranch the trail crosses the continental divide at South Pass, unarguably the most important landmark on the entire trail. Bristow arranged for Susannah and their children to come with a wagon train from Illinois in 1848.

One month later, Colonel Philip St. George Cooke and the Mormon Battalion with wagons Kearny could not take across the mountains of New Mexico, followed a route south along the west bank of the Rio Grande from where Kearny had left the river, to a point just north of what later became the site of Fort Thorn. Play as an undocumented immigrant attempting to cross the Arizona desert and/or a border patrol agent attempting to secure the border. Ruts from the original wagons are still there to see and feel. Want to adopt this trail?

[13] Even after the Sublette Cutoff was established, settlers destined for Oregon who were low on livestock and supplies would bypass the cutoffs and make the longer trip to Fort Bridger to restock. [1] This new wagon route became known as Cooke's Road, or Sonora Road, as much of the central part of the route passed through what was then the northern frontier of the state of Sonora, Mexico. [20][21] The hill also features Native American pictographs. They decided to go on to Oregon on horseback. This route was slightly longer than the Sublette, but had the advantage of only 10 waterless miles rather than the 45 endured on the Sublette trail.[22].

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